Having a bad face day

You’ve all heard the phrase “bad hair day”. Maybe even used it yourself.

But have you experienced a bad face day? And I don’t mean like when you have a giant zit blossom overnight right in the middle of your nose. I mean like everything seems normal but you just feel that you don’t look right.

I get a bad face day once in a while.

The other day, The Goonfather was driving me to a wardrobe-fitting session. I made some finishing touches to my makeup while sitting in the car (usually do that to save time). Fiddling with lipstick and gloss, I dabbed and blotted and dabbed and blotted and dabbed.

Finally, I gave my verdict. “I’m having a bad face day,” I told the Goonfather.

“What’s that?” he said, keeping his eyes on the road like the good driver that he isn’t.

“You know, like bad hair day? Except that what I’m having is a bad face day.”

He pulled his eyes off the road for two seconds to examine my face.

“You look great as always.”

“No I don’t. I’m having a bad face day.”

He didn’t argue back but shrewdly decided to go back to being fascinated with the road.

I continued frowning at myself in the car mirror.

Well, I don’t know, it just happens. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I think I look great. The next day, I do everything the same. Same makeup, same hairdo. But I look in the mirror and I think I look like shit. Something is wrong but I can’t pinpoint it. And I can’t make it right no matter how I try to fix my makeup.

And I don’t think it’s the makeup, anyway. I think it’s me. So I conclude that when something like that happens, it means I’m having a bad face day.

Or maybe what I have is a borderline personality disorder.

Who knows.

Have you ever had a bad face day?

29 thoughts on “Having a bad face day

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    I see your “bad face day” and I raise you one level – “bad body day”!

    Some days, I feel super conscious of everything from hair, oily face, BO, breath, dry skin etc, whether real or not.

    On a day like this, I usually wish that it would go by faster and that I don’t have to interact with anyone before I reach home.

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    people say i have a bad face day whenever i don’t smile.. that’s worse right? haha. anyway, i think it’s a psychological thing when we think we look like shit even though we actually don’t (according to friends.. even tho we don’t really believe them).

    sometimes i feel like shit when i think i look bad in a certain top, or when i have a breakout, or even worse, when i do something embarrassing in front of someone i like. then i will have this black face the whole time.

    ok, enough about me. for me, when i have a bad face day, i will try to smile. the funny thing is, a small little action like smiling, really brightens up one’s face. so yup, try smiling, but don’t go overboard, in case you scare some people off=)

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    You’ll always look good! No, you don’t have a bad face day! I do have bad face days but I see kids so I don’t give a damn!

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    Trust me, your bad face day is better than my “bad everything, everyday” bit…you should be so lucky… ;)

    but yeah in honesty, I agree with the other comments..what bad face?

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    LOL yep been in your shoes sometimes…. but as snowbiscuit say its quite a psychological thing playing in our heads, actually evrything is okay somehow or rather something just amiss or doesn’t look right “bad hair day” “bad face day” and mine “bad body day”

    And no worries no matter how worse u look its not as bad compared to me and some here (no offence to other commentors) :P

    And that was a nice gesture from goonfather to break your “bad face day” thinking but guess the impact wasn’t powerful enough LOL…. (but totally farni the way u describe him)

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    Starstruck: Haha, thanks. That’s one kick-ass video. Must have taken the artist really long to make. Well, plastic surgery has its uses, and I wish I could redo my face. But I’m scared of pain. And I have no money anyway. :P

    yh: Heh. Isn’t that the duty of guys to say those kinda things anyway? lol

    kate: Haha. “Ugly shit days” works too.

    mooiness: Hmm. Yeah, now that you mentioned it, I suppose I have bad body days, too. That’s when I just wanna stay home and stop existing.

    bigmac: Um… lots, I think? I love sweet stuff! Dessert! Ice cream! Chocolate! Yum! :P Gizmoz looks really fun! But have to say that it also makes people look a bit retarded. haha. Have you got a gizmoz? Lemme see! ;)

    snowbiscuits: Oh, I think I’m the same. I look like an ogress when i don’t smile. Haha. But when I have bad face days, I think I look disgusting when I smile, too. I think maybe I need to buy one of those giant sunshades to hide half my face in when I have one of those days. :P

    Monster: Thank you, dear. I suppose that’s one good thing about your career!

    Jason Ho: Lol… don’t be too harsh on yourself. :P

    Jzin: Haha. You too. Don’t be too harsh on yourself! :P

    nadnut: Wah, can’t be all the time right? You always look good when I see you. :P

    arachno: No lah, that’s not my bad face look. When I have bad face days I don’t even feel like taking pictures. And if I do, certainly I won’t post it up! lol.

    skoolchild: Maybe it’s psychological but it stinks all the same. I feel particularly concerned about this because of the nature of my job. I have a responsibility to look good all the time so, when I don’t, it’s kinda like I’m not doing my job well, you know? lol. Weird, I know.

    modchip: Um… interesting analogy. :P

    HORNY ANG MOH: Eh… no lah. Bad face days happen whether or not it’s the time of the month!

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    Well, you find bigmac in Macdonald brochure together with FrenchFry And Coke. That’s my gizmos , haha…. As fat as BigMac burger.

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    Yeah totally understand your position and especially happened on the day of your shoots; auditions; or interviews….. places to hide no where to run….. Its not weird, at least not to me :) .Hence kudos to actors and actress as well as models… And I know its not easy even if you happen to be in your lowest mood at the time of your shoot if it calls for a happy mood you have to discard all feelings and act as thou nothing happens and act that part ….. Anyway hope that “bad face day” dun happen to you often kekeke….

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    Lalla Mira wrote a comment on Fri, 28 September 2007
    Huh? Who’s the Goonfather?

    Goonies family ? Where Goonmother, Goonsister, GoonBF, GoonFriends…. haha

    … remind of Simpson Family.. One big happy family

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    bigmac: lol, you’re funny! :P and sweet, as well. ;)

    skoolchild: Thanks! That’s very encouraging to hear. :)

    Lalla Mira: The Goonfather is my significant other. Get along with bad face/hair/body, huh? Yeah, that would be good to do, but it’s so difficult! :P

    I use Photoshop for everything. I just created the “watermark” as a separate file and then copy and paste it into every photo I post.

    uglyfatchick: Haha. We can commiserate together.

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    Reading your blog post I was not 100% sure you had the same thing as me but in combination with your answers in the comments section I am quite convinced. I get it too, and looking in the mirror is almost like seeing a deformed version of myself and I do not want anyone to look at me.

    It used to happen very often, now I have not had it for months I think but this morning when I looked in the mirror I was horrified by what I saw. I do not understand what is going on. My boyfriend always said it is all in my head but I can clearly see it. And if it is psychological, what causes it? It is not like I woke up with an unusually bad self confidence or anything, I really did not see that horrid reflection coming.

    My best guess is that dehydration of the different skin layers causes it, at least partially. It is so confusing.

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    I wanted to add this…

    Borderline Personality Disorder? I have never read that would cause something like this.

    My boyfriend thinks I have Body Dysmorphia, I was doubtful because I thought that was more severe. But I found a post just now suggesting people suffering from it have good and bad face days, I have not read the entire post yet but I wanted to share with you to see if you recognize yourself in the description:


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