Behind the scenes of Microsoft media event

I was a photo opp today.

What’s a photo opp?

Short for photo opportunity, it means I was a decoration piece for photographs. You know, like how, when you go to the zoo, you get to take pictures with a pony or a snake or Ah Meng, and then bring the photo home as a souvenir?

Microsoft hosted a media party today to introduce some new products, not the least of which is Halo 3.

When I arrived at Fashion Bar, where the event was held, the product models were rehearsing their parts in showcasing cool stuff like keyboards and mice.

Master Chief was at the back, being helped into his armour.

Since no one was free to take photos for me, I took it myself.

I must say my photography (camwhoring) skills are improving quite drastically.

Today’s job was easier compared to the other Halo 3 launch events I’ve blogged about.

Well, it certainly doesn’t take very much to be a photo opp. Even a pony or a snake or Ah Meng can do it, right?

First, we paraded and preened to impress the press.

Then, we marched on to the photo corner, where they’d set up an instant shoot-and-print service.

Interested parties came forward to pose for pictures with the three of us exhibits, and then the photos were immediately printed out and stuck on Halo 3 photo frames for guests to bring home.

Pretty cool, eh?

We were there for two sessions. First session was for press, second was for retailers.

In between sessions, we took photos for ourselves. Aren’t the models’ costumes cute? Of course, the models themselves are very cute, too, which is why I arranged for this group picture to be taken.

Events like these are really quite fun. Of course, I would much prefer it if there were actual acting involved. Well, I did try to act like a badass UNSC Marine while parading around, so I guess that’s better than nothing.

After all these events, I’m getting quite hyped up about Halo 3 myself. I hope Microsoft gives us a copy of the game when it launches because I want to play it! ;)

37 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of Microsoft media event

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    You have all the consoles so of course (at least) you get the chance to play it! I’m stuck with my dear ol’ PC and honestly, I’ve never even owned a game console in my entire life.

    Like I said, all I have is my PC.

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    uglyfatchick: If you read my previous blogs about the Halo 3 launch, you’ll see very clearly that our tops are see-thru. Haha.

    yh: Well, sometimes it’s a good thing to have only a PC. My life was so much simpler when I only had a PC. Now I can never decide what to play with the very little time I have. :(

    JokeDiary: Haha. Of course. Customer is king, wat. ;)

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    You all looked gorgeous… However, sadly, the rule is generally the greater the hype the lesser the game. Halo 3 looks likely to be another run-of-the-mill shooter in the single-player mode – more of the Doom 3 clones. The best shooter on the market at the moment is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Play it if you are an FPS fan.
    Where Halo 3 is likely to shine is in the multi-player battles, so get it if you have broadband.
    Then, I HATE FPS on consoles… Need my mouse and keyboard

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    Halo, Halo, Halo! Hey, I just got the original Halo for the original Xbox just 2 weeks ago for USD0.92. What a sweet deal! I’ll play that first before I play the new Halo. :D

    Just curious, I always see you guys write this word — “liao”, what does it mean?

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    haha.. Q.Y, why u look kinda oldie among the group photoshoot girls leh. otherwise .. u do look like u can kick some ass :0
    For curiosity, do they pay u well for such cameo shoots?

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    Cortana: Halo… it’s finished.”
    John-117: “No, I think we’re just getting started.”

    See you next briefing………. :-D

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    misha: Wow, cool! Your dad is a Halo fan, too? :)

    Jesta: I can’t say if you’re right or not, since i don’t play Halo. But Halo 1 and 2 did break sales records. And, reading the previews, Halo 3 seems set to surpass its predecessors because the gameplay is way more interesting. But I won’t argue this point too vehemently cos I’m totally out of the FPS scene. :P

    JokeDiary: Heheh, you mean you always do that kinda thing? :P

    modchip: Wahahaha 92 cents? Might as well give away free, lol. “Liao” means “already”. It’s a Hokkien word (a Chinese dialect). I guess Singaporeans prefer to type “liao” cos it’s shorter.

    Starstruck: Er… maybe because they all younger than me? How I know lah. :P No, I don’t think we’re well-paid. Actors and models in Singapore get paid peanuts compared to the rest of the world. Even Malaysia production houses come to Singapore to film TV commercials because they can get cheaper models here.

    john 117: See you, Master Chief! *salute*

    uglyfatchick: Haha… funny. :P

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    modchip: Haha. That’s great! You used it right! ;)

    SGDaily: Cool, thanks for featuring my blog! :)

    peapilot: Wow, you know her, too? She’s also one of the Halo 3 Marines when we do the outdoor events.

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    Saw you and the gang again for the halo 3 event @ vivo city miss the one at tampines mall… a job well done thanks to everyone…

    Hmm… nice seeing you behind the counter helping out and so “qiao” you were helping to collect the tokens (majong chips) for the right line where I queued. :)

    (so embrass that you girls shouted louded than most guys in the crowds *pat on the back* thumbs up) :)

    hope to see you and the gang in the next two events………

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    You are most welcome :D

    say hi to you (ha ha ha me SHY) anyway you are busy and dun wanna disturb you mah :P

    Yes today going down shortly…. see yah there hopefully…

    Felt glad for you ladies and guys and all for today event as the 5pm one is right around the corner at bugis so need not rush too much… but bet the crowd there gonna be huge….

    :) enjoy yah :)

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    skoolchild: Er… ok. I can understand shyness. I’m shy too. :P Yeah, I suppose they made me quite busy these two weeks with the token redemption and sorting out of e-mails. I don’t even have the time to look up from the printed e-mails to say hi to people. lol.

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    :) okay so now i know one more thing about u “shy” :D

    Ahem… have to disagree on the part = “I don’t even have the time to look up from the printed e-mails to say hi to people. lol”

    why because even you did not greet others, you greeted me :P

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    Doubt that you will remember with the believers around hmm… maybe I’ll email you the photo to your gmail since I can’t link the pic on your blog :)

    Oh yeah :( sad tot at the launch day believers can snap a group photo with the female marines (you) Masterchief sgt johnson and all. But didn’t happen….

    Oh sorry to heard that but hope your shoot went well, anyway saw one of your colleague marine went to collect the goodie bag and game. She is the one that sometimes wear specs (paiseh dunno their name only urs LOL). The launch was great everything was pretty smooth and kudos to the event organizers and every parties doing their part.

    Hey, does goonfather like HALO3 or FPS games? Was wondering how come didn’t see him inany of the events?

  14. Avatar

    skoolchild: You can’t link the pic on my blog? WordPress commenting allows URLs wat?

    Anyway, yeah, the female marines weren’t needed during launch. I think they felt that Master Chief was enough of a draw for fans. :P

    Thanks! My shoot went very well on that day and I quite enjoyed it. Wow, can’t believe you spotted her. It must have been quite crowded that day with lots of queues, right?

    The Goonfather does play FPS and he does like Halo, but he hates crowds and attending events. He’d rather just stay home and play his games. Heh.

  15. Avatar

    yeah tried it maybe I didn’t something not of normal… Anyway will email some of the pics with you in it to your Giga-Mail shortly…. (hur hur hur now engrossed in HALO3…sorrie)

    Izt?…. I think with you ladies around I bet the crowd will be more… as you ladies can help with some of the gaming explanation of the game at the game booths to passerby and photo ops :D (actually the last part is more for us guys LOL)

    Oh that’s nice. Actually it was luck I was in the queue to redeem my goodie bag and saw her buying some accessories at the body length away g3 booth…. :) one single line LOL as Sgt. Johnson have always remind us… but was very long broke into too parts and the second one extended all the way outside suntec at about 1pm plus… amazing….

    I see so he got the halo3 game already? how about you beside Wii-ing around and MMORPg u into FPS games?

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    skoolchild: Long comments are great. I love reading comments, so bomb away! ;)

    Heh, take your time with the photos. One needs to feed one’s addiction when a new game comes out… I know that as well as any serious gamer! ;)

    Anyway, yeah, I was disappointed that they didn’t want the female marines around at the launch. What to do, they want to cut budget. So, you got your 4-piece believer kit and the premium goodie bag, eh? Great job! ;)

    Nope, I don’t FPS. Honestly, I suck at it, heh, and it gives me motion sickness. I prefer MMORPG cos of the roleplay element. :)

  17. Avatar

    Ha ha thanks for the encouragement :) … Just completed most of the game with a few friends in coop mode…much like MMORPg but only limited to four players ..

    time to prep the photos for you :) pardon my poor shooting skills, haiz… wish my future girlfriend will be as understanding as you… LOL den must find one that is a part gamer likewise…

    CUT BUDGET??!!?? They must be kidding… I think the overall event cost more, anyway you ladies and the troopers gang should be deployed that day as it will make the whole event look badass :) Yeah I did and yeah the goodie bag is grabbed and cool using it now, hey I believe you ladies also have the kits too right? so why not collect the goodie bag?

    Not to worry each of his/her own. I sucks at FPS too but have followed the HALO series and would wanna see it to the end..

    There are also roleplaying games for consoles I believe,
    trusty bell/eternal sonata is one very beautiful; kawaii and fun rpg game on the xbox360, might wanna keep an eye out for that.

    okay check your mail when you hab the time should be sending them to you later after work :)

  18. Avatar

    skoolchild: Wow… so fast almost completing the game? You damn good!! :P Thanks for the photos! Although I haven’t received them yet. Hahaha. Well, it’s not that hard to find a gamer gf these days. I mean, more and more girls and playing game. Er… if you find a non-gamer potential gf, just buy her a Wii or DS lite to convert her. hehee!

    Yeah, well, I dunno what’s up with the cut budget thing when they already spent so much on the event. Anyway, it’s over already. Hopefully they’ll have another event like that soon and I get to work with them again! ;)

    We only got 3 out of 4 pieces of the kit. Cos they only printed 200 of the t-shirts and those were snapped up by believers so fast you wouldn’t believe it. We got the others cos they made more of those.

    Yeah, I know there are roleplaying games on consoles, but I just prefer playing the PC. I wanted to play Kingdom Hearts on the PS2 damn long ago, but could never find time for it cos I’m always stuck to my PC. Hahaha.

  19. Avatar

    Thanks but not really fast lah the four of us die quite frequently took us three days of play for 4hrs to 5 hrs each to complete :D

    I no good but luckily got three very good halo players, my thanks to them. It’s hard as they are hard at gaming LOL ……
    and having a BF seems to be a de-focus…. And thanks for the suggestions will try too if that she is not too up tight or game fearing…..

    yeah hope so too nice having you ladies around to boost gaming events and especially nice to know that you are also a gamer too….. at for me LOL

    Haiz…. wasted or else you could have gotten the goodie back and its not bad at all :) Oh woah Kingdom hearts yeah one very cute and beautiful game… played one and two and damn nice lor :) if you have time later dun give this game a miss funny at times too… will bring back alot of memories if you into disney fairtales :D And oh yeah its not port to pc or I’ll see quite alot of female gamers enjoying the game…. :)

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    skoolchild: Well, I think that’s pretty fast. But isn’t it a bit anti-climatic? You wait so long for a game and then you complete it in 15 hours. Still got replay value?

    Don’t think I’ll ever have time to play Kingdom Hearts. Heh. There will always be newer games and newer consoles coming up to grab your attention first. :P

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    Sad……I am sitting here crying because you get to go to all these places and do all this cool stuff and I get to sit here and read about how I was not involved…or invited for that matter. HA

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