Bad experience at Superdog

Last week, I brought The Goonfather to Superdog at VivoCity because I had tried it once and loved it. The Ripper hotdog was crunchy and juicy. The bun was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The sauce was yummy.

But my second trip turned out quite disastrous.

  1. We were overcharged because the counter girl thought she was damn smart.

    We had used two discounted-meal coupons in our order. We also ordered two individual items. But the counter girl didn’t key in the items as that. She split up the items in the discounted meals and keyed in everything individually.

    The Goonfather told her that the tally wasn’t right because of that. She insisted she was correct. They had a ten-minute discussion which I didn’t hear because I was waiting at the seating area. Finally, he gave up arguging and sat down to work out the sums.

    After a while, he figured it out and brought the receipt back to explain. The manager said he would check it out. It took a few of the staff 30 minutes to discuss and check, after which they came back and refunded us $1. *lol*

  2. They used the wrong bun on the wrong hotdog.

    We ordered a Spicy Italian and a Ripper. The menu specifies that the Spicy Italian comes in a soft bun. And I know the Ripper comes in a toasted bun.

    When our order arrived, the Spicy Italian was in toasted bun.

    The Ripper was in a soft bun.

    Both wrong.

    I know the hotdogs actually look quite delicious in the pictures. But read on.

  3. The Spicy Italian was charred and didn’t taste good. It was dry and tasteless.
  4. The toasted bun was dry and hard throughout, unlike the first time I had tried it.
  5. The Ripper tasted wrong. It wasn’t crispy, crunchy and juicy like the last time. It tasted more like cheap canned hotdog.
  6. The Ripper’s bun was coated with sauce when it came. By the time I was done with my meal, my fingers were disgustingly sticky. Aren’t they supposed to put sauce on the dog and not on the bun? (On the plus side, the sauce still tasted as good as before. Haha.)

I’m totally mystified. How could things get so bad so fast? Perhaps it was “one of those days” for the restaurant.

We also had a burger, which was quite nice but not spectacular.

But our overall experience was disappointing. After my first time, I had thought I’d found another nice fast food which isn’t too expensive. I love fast food and was looking forward to becoming a regular customer.

But after this round, The Goonfather swore he would never step back there again. Haha.

Oh, well. There’s always McDonald’s.

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    I’ve given up looking or eating hotdogs in Singapore. Most of them that I’ve eaten are plainly horrid! I really miss those yummy hotdog stands you find in Australia or States. Just give me one with fried onions, a nice fat dog and a soft bun and I’ll be in heaven! Sadly, such simple ‘angmo’ meal is hard to find in Spore. But I found an american diner in HK that serves pretty good hotdogs and burgers. If you and goonfather come, I’ll bring you guys there.

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    must be becoz they lose in the argument and they ‘sabo-ed’ your dogs!

    anyways, the one in chinatown is nice. look out for the angmoh selling hotdog on the streets in chinatown.

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    Hey!! Maybe its just one bad experience. Why not pop over again and give it another go? Maybe it might be better ;)

    I should give that place a try tho, its been a while since I ate really good hot dogs

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    I went there before when Vivo just opened and I love the hotdogs!
    But it seems to have gone downhill from your description.

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    Or you could make your own hotdogs – get nice sausages from the deli and nice bread from the bakery, and make up your own sauce… Yummy!

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    Actually, I’ve just had a thought. For someone who is so damned slim all the time you certainly spend a HUGE amount of time looking for food to blog about. I can’t do this sort of thing any more, not and stay fitting into my clothes, anyway…

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    there is a 1904? at suntech food corner, i think this is a franchise from malaysia. super dog service can be pretty bad at times with 1/2 trained students.. and sometimes the ice tea tastes like water… but overrall i would still eat there..

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    Carl’s Jr. anything if you asked me LOL… But did tried “Dog that is super” thou again not that super, just okay for my taste… hmm… maybe I’m not so much a hott doggie kinda person. IMO…

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    Monster: I used to love Viking hotdogs, but I think they’re gone now? Yeah, it’s quite hard to find nice hotdogs in Singapore. But that shouldn’t bother you, should it, since you don’t stay here now. Hehe. :P

    arachno: Well, no harm trying also lah. The food is quite cheap and I did have a good experience the first time I went, so maybe you’ll be lucky! Just don’t order the Spicy Italian!

    Jzin: Haha. If they really did that, I think their business no hope liao. :P Ang moh selling hotdog? Ok, will look out for it if I ever go to Chinatown!

    JokeDiary: Um, yeah, that was quite pathetic. :P

    Jason Ho: well, I would try it again, but only if I’m alone, cos I think the Goonfather hates that place now. :P If you want really good hot dogs, I recommend Ethan’s at Chevron House (used to be Caltex House) in Raffles Place. It’s at the basement where all the food is. Well, it’s like double the price of Superdog but it’s good.

    JayWalk: Um… I LOVE McDonald’s. It’s my favourite fast food restaurant. Haha. Well, ok, I love Long John Silver also.

    misha: Thank you, dear! *hugs*

    Minou: Well, maybe the restaurant really having an off day that day. Maybe you can try again if you feel like it. And let me know how it goes. :P

    Jesta: Well, I don’t love hotdogs enough to go through all that hassle. :P And I don’t go around looking for food to blog about. I go around looking for food to EAT! Haha.

    CrashWire: where got people go Ikea eat hotdogs one? Anyway the hotdogs there suck. I don’t like that kind. :P Swedish meatballs is what’s happening there!

    modchip: Eew, yeah, thanks for the disgusting description!

    chak: 1904? That’s the name of a hotdog outlet?? lol.

    yh: Hmm. I like shriveled hotdogs. :P I always buy cheap franks from the supermarket and then pop them in the microwave oven. Microwave until they split opn and get all wrinkled. Hahah.

    skoolchild: I’m not much into Carl’s Jr. I think it’s a guy thing!

    Jaschocolate: Hmm, ok. There are people who like burnt stuff, as a matter of fact. Like when we go eat claypot rice, the Goonfather is always scraping the burnt bits to eat. :P

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    just happened to chance upon your blog.and a post on well…hot dogs
    after reading throughly.
    i decided to ad and correct some wrongs.

    the chicken ripper, like all the other hot dogs, come in the soft bun.not the toasted bun.
    the toasted bun is only used for the german bratwurst – or whatever you call it and the spicy italian

    but when u use the coupun the spicy italian’s bun will be changed to the soft bun.
    so in a way u gained, as if you look at the main menu u have to pay more for the spicy italian with the hard bun

    and well..i guess the kitchen must have been really busy to be so inaccurate with the sauce huh.

    but stil…
    i love the sauce.

    try chili bacon cheese dog next time wont you.

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    someone: Do you work at Superdog or know someone who do? Thanks for the clarification, anyway. But I coulda sworn the first time I ate the chicken ripper, they gave me a toasted bun cos I remember being impressed by the crispiness of it.

    Yeah, if I go there again, which I probably would but only if the Goonfather weren’t there (haha), I would try your recommendation. Thanks! ;)

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    I know this might come in a little late. But I do agree with someone.

    And anyway aft reading your post, I realised, you made a mistake there too (: Not trying to go against you though. Just maybe let you realise that they don’t take all the blame, somehow.

    Here’s what you said,
    – “The menu specifies that the Spicy Italian comes in a soft bun. And I know the Ripper comes in a toasted bun”
    -“It took a few of the staff 30 minutes to discuss and check, after which they came back and refunded us $1. *lol* ”

    This’s what I feel,
    – The menu at Superdog doesn’t specify that the Spicy Italian comes in a soft bun. (But I know that the coupon does, so you might be referring to the coupon, not the menu?!?!)
    – Plus, the picture in the menu shows the picture of a hard roll as well. So well, I’m pretty much sure that it did not specify soft bun (:
    – Refer back to your picture on the Ripper. (It shows the burnt marks of the bun, which meant it was toasted) Uh huh. So maybe it just didn’t taste as cripsy as before. See, can’t say that they didn’t toast it, huh?
    – I realise, that every bun they serve in Superdog are ALL toasted. Just a matter of whether your order specifies HARD ROLL, or SOFT BUN. So uh, if your hotdog came in a soft bun, it doesn’t mean it’s not toasted /: So i guess your ripper was served correctly. Except maybe the sauce was really a little too much.
    – Yknow if your order is served and it’s done wrongly, I’m sure you can bring it back to the server/cashier/manager and they’ll get it replaced. No need make a big hooha.
    – Who doesn’t get their hand sticky after eat hotdog? Especially when the Ripper served @ Superdog contains their whatever sauce it is. Come on, there’s always the tissue paper and water tap! You can’t blame the sauce! (And besides, you had more than what an ordinary customer is supposed to get, look on the bright side luh)
    – There there dear girl, when you do a business, I’m sure you want everything to go on smoothly, and check to make sure everything is correct before you take the next action right? Plus you wouldn’t want any incidents whereby your customers might cheat your money or something. So see, even you explained that they discussed and checked! They just wanted to make sure everything fits in correctly. I mean they’re running a business yknow? Come on, time is not the matter! And at least they bothered.

    If you find me naggy, I’m sorry.
    If you find that I sounded like a bitch (yes I’m female), I’m sorry.
    If you managed to survive reading all those, congrats.
    If you didn’t bothered, and jumped to end straight away, I suggest you should read it.

    Give them a chance! You should go back again. Who knows I might recognise you if I was there at same time during your next trip? (Or maybe you pray very very hard that I won’t)

    K I’m done. Bye and takecare.

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    lol nubcake. you dont know how to eat hotdogs ah. pls lah. 1dollar also so.. kayekau! what the…. -.-” bet you never made any donations before -.-

    sigh.. lol@you.. seriouslyyyy.

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    PASSERBY: Thanks for the clarification. Well, I didn’t really read the menu. I only read the discount coupon and it didn’t say anything about the bun. :P I think my confusion was on the hard vs soft bun. I just assumed hard means toasted and soft means not really toasted. So I guess that’s my mistake. But what’s a fact is that the bun wasn’t toasted as well as the first time I tried.

    As for the sauce, well, I admit the sauce will drip off the sides when you start eating a hotdog. But that day, the sauce was squeezed on the outside of the bun instead of just on top. I thought that was very messy presentation.

    So, I guess you work there? :)

    anon: If you actually understand English and bothered to read my blog carefully, you would realise that I wasn’t fussing over $1. I was objecting to the way the shop did business. Let me give you a simple analogy:

    You have a discounted coupon saying: Buy a burger and a drink together for $2. (If you buy them individually, they’re $1.50 each.)

    So you present the coupon to the counter staff and she keys in the burger and drink individually and ignores your coupon. And asks you for $3.

    That is what happened and the reason why we asked the counter girl to recheck the order.

    You mean you would just let it pass?

    I can’t. And it’s not about the $1, either. I’ll give you $1 for nothing if you were so hardup for money and begged me for it.

    It’s about business ethics. Don’t give out discount coupons and not honour them when your customers use it.

    I hope my explanation wasn’t too difficult to read and understand.

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    Uh no I don’t.

    Anywayyyyy, I think you’re quite interested in food huh.
    But you’re still like, slim and all. K that’s good.

    Oh bother.

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    PASSERBY: Yes, I love food! It helps if one exercises quite regularly to neutralise the evil effects of food! :P Anyway, good on you for supporting Superdog. I will certainly go back again because I do quite like the Ripper!

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    Just to let you know, you could request your bun well toasted the next time you order. I’ve heard from a friend of mine that some customer don’t like their bun too crispy. Long live hot dogs^^

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    Gee, everyone, including business have bad days. Give it one more chance. If the service is just as bad, then don’t do back.

    You’re a tough one, Q :)

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    @Sheylara: Hmm, I guess the subject of hotdogs does arouse deep passion in some people:) Anyway, I’m a 1901 fan, coz Superdog unfortunately isn’t halal…

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    @Sheylara: Well, 1901 isn’t as fancy as Superdog, but you can check out this link when you’re free:

    It definitely cannot compare to Superdog, but there’s not a lot of Halal hotdog places here anyways:)

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    @Sheylara: Actually, the franchise does have branches here. One of them is at Compass Point (kinda far from where you live…)

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