An excuse to have a Wii party

It seems that I’m recognised as a gamer more than I’m recognised as an actress because I keep getting interview requests as a gamer, but no one ever wants to interview me as an actress.

The media loves Sheylara the gamer but doesn’t give a hoot about Qiaoyun the actress. *sob*

Some time back, I was interviewed by The Straits Times and Playworks magazine as a gamer. Recently, I was interviewed for a TV programme about gaming. It’s not out yet, though. Will update when it is.

For part of the interview, the TV crew invited itself to one of my Wii parties.

I wish they could have focused more on me as an MMORPG gamer because that’s really my main passion. But I guess it’s more visually exciting to watch someone prance around with a Wiimote than to watch someone stare at a computer screen.

So I invited my friends over and ordered tons of delicious junk food.

Major droolage! Fuel up for the coming major exertion!

Except that the boys were really boring and chose not to exert themselves, preferring to sit on their lazy bums to play Monkey Ball.

I can imagine they’d be lying down on the sofa to play less intensive games like, say, Ridge Racer, on the PS3.

They were asked to ham it up a little for the camera crew.

So they put on bigger smiles.


Anyway, the main event was the interview.

I had to answer many questions, some of which were about my personal gaming experiences, while others were commentary-type questions that made me feel like I was doing a GP essay.

This is my “Waiting for them to Finish Setting Up the Lights” look:

“Animatedly Answering a Question” look:

“Are You Taking My Photograph?” look:

Through the director’s monitor:

I don’t really like being interviewed, actually. Especially on video. I take a long time to come up with good answers. I’m not very good at talking, preferring to write.

Anyway, the ordeal ended and the camera crew left and we played Mario Party 8! We had to take turns because that game only accommodates four players.

I can’t remember why I was grimacing and why Wang Wang and Minou were looking at me grimacing. But I think I grimace a lot when playing the Wii. I scream and giggle a lot, too.

Maybe that’s why I won the girls vs. girls match. I think the girls were unnerved by my periodic hysterics.

When we played, the boys ate. When the boys played, we ate!

Such decadence. Such fun!

I sold my Wii after this party because I simply don’t have time to play it anymore and, like I said, my main passion is in MMORPG. So the money I got back from the Wii sale will finance my new graphics card! Wheee!!

But I hope we can still have Wii parties in the future. My Wii was sold to Minou and Kerrendor, hehe. And two other couples in our group have Wii, too. *hint*

A big wet smoochy thank you to Wang Wang and Morte for letting us crash at your place, and to all my friends for the fun!

21 thoughts on “An excuse to have a Wii party

  1. Avatar

    My exams end tomorrow :D
    And and and,
    finally I’m going to get my PSP.
    Maybe PSP Lite omg this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    hmm.. i guess girls do like ‘wii’.. :P

    hey.. i never know you’re an actress.. ?? (well i’ve been here for just 2 days.. lol.. XD)

    nah.. forget the actress part.. :evil:
    what mmorpg did you play.. ?? :D

    /me currently playing raising force online..
    (hmm.. makes me wonder where’d you live.. ??)

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    I think that the problem is that you are a cute female actress among a horde of cute female actresses… Whereas you are a cute female gamer among, well, a horde of blokes who look like me… If I was filming a special on gamers I know where I would go, in fact where I DID go when I was writing about female gamers…

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    Yeap, like the other posts say, girl gamers are hotter.

    I did try playing the wii a few days ago though. Can’t seem to find any enjoyment in it…but could be that my friend’s ‘stick thingy’ is always running out of battery. I am considering an xbox 360 though and as usual, sticking to my trusty PSP :P

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    I guess why is there so much hype around is that when peeps mention gamers others will say its a boys thing and no doubt that female gamers are in te rise but seldom heard of so girl gamers seems to be of a higher priority in compared to actress for news-maker to boost their viewership, and taking fact that you are quite a hottie yourself it adds to the package (no offence QY am taking this from a gamer POV).

    I believe if they are doing another one on MMORPg girl gamers they might look you up again :)

    Ha ha so did you stress that you are more of a MMORPg lass then a console lass to the producer during the interview? :D

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    Well… I played with the Wii for the first time last night at a friend’s housewarming. I must say that for a simple game device it is a great social tool. Had fun playing tennis doubles. I’m giving some thought to getting one for when friends come round, but it’s not for serious gamers.

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    You sold your Wii?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I didn’t know!!!!!!!! Wii is so fun!

    QY, it’s our pleasure to have you all at our place! Was fun! And thanks for the pizzas! I’ve never tasted such nice pizza b4. The Pizza Place’s pizzas are really heavenly!

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    yh: Oh, grats on your new PSP!! Have you gotten it yet? Addictive, ain’t it? ;)

    tone: You’re right. We don’t need no excuses to have a Wii party! ;) Thanks for dropping by!

    zield: I’m playing World of Warcraft right now. Also kind of still thinking of going back to EverQuest 2. I have too many MMORPGs but too little time to play. :(

    modchip: Ok… if you say so. :P Thanks, though! ;)

    betshopboy: lol, are you sure they ALL rock?

    Jesta: Yeah, yeah, that’s the sad reality of life. Well, it IS sad, don’t you think?

    About the Wii, yeah it’s a great social gaming tool. I had lots of fun whacking my friend Morte on the shoulder repeatedly with the Wiimote while we were playing tennis doubles. :P

    On eating so much and being slim… I DON’T KNOW. lol. Ask my genes.

    Jason Ho: If you’re a PSP fan, shouldn’t you be getting a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360? I mean, if you ask the Goonfather, he will say a PS3 beats everything else hands down. For me, Wii is still the best. :P

    skoolchild: Yeah, I know. I’m only popular as a gamer because girl gamers are rare. If every girl starts playing games, then I’ll be relegated to being a nobody again. Hahaha. Yeah, I did stress to the producer that I”m more an MMORPG player. But they wanted to focus more on the Wii because of the way the program was angled.

    Minou: That’s not my fault! Who ask him to stand right in front of me? :P

    Derrick: Ultra? Um… that’s like DOUBLE the price can?? *boggle* I wish I could afford also. Haha. While we’re at it, why not get TWO ultras, huh? :P

    Stan: Yeah, I know, I kinda miss having a Wii… but I really stopped playing it for so long. When I have time, I’d rather play WoW. Hehe.

    arachno: Hmm, I suppose it can be a good thing depending how I look at it. Yeah, sometimes it’s better to look on the bright side of things. :P

    Wang Wang: Haha.. the wii belongs to the two cats now. Maybe we’ll still have a chance to play Mario Party together! ;)

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    hmmm okay noted hope they will do one on female light and hardcore MMORPg players in comparison to male players and maybe how some can stand tall as they trash some guys online LOL…. I bet you’ll trash my butt anytime at WOW…. :P

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