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One of my scenes got postponed today because the director didn’t like the location, so I’m home early!

Which gives me time to make a little plug here. Bwahaha.

A short film I acted in last year is still making rounds in film festivals all over the world. Cool!

Right now, it’s in Portable Film Festival. It’s an online film festival so you can watch it online!!

It’s only about eight minutes long and is quite enjoyable to watch (not because I’m in it but because the film is well-made and the story is interesting and funny).

If you’re free, please rate and comment on it (needs registration, but it’s quick and painless). And be kind! =)

Okay, back to learning lines for tomorrow’s and Wednesday’s shoots. No rest for the weary.

21 thoughts on “Watch me online

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    modchip: You’re welcome. But I should be thanking you for watching my shows! ;) And don’t expect too much. This film is not very flattering on me. Haha.

    Wind: Aww, thanks. :) You mean I’m really good as a chao ah lian? :P

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    Hi QY, first of all thanks for the short film clip, really hilarious (lol), but why your part also so short hah, really wanted to see more of u in action leh. U really can act the BAD ASS GIRL man .. plus smoke to boot. (Do u smke?, u look kinda different too..)

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    The main character in the film is the guy. I’m just a supporting character. Yup, actually I look different in different shows. And most of them don’t flatter me because I’m always getting character roles instead of glam, cute roles! Haha. =P

    Nope I don’t smoke. Doesn’t my smoking look fake in the film? i tried to take lessons but without actually lighting the cigarette. I thought I had it nailed. But on the actual shoot, with a lit cigarette, I was totally coughing away and couldn’t suck in the cigarette smoke properly without killing myself, haha, so I ended up with a lame ass smoking scene. :P

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    Hey, you chewed gum! You should be procecuted! Lol. Anyways, I observed the fake smoking, you don’t exhale it either, it cuts at the precise moment. :D

    I just wanna comment on those second robbers, their voice acting is kinda awkward (Just my opinion ok!) :D

    I hope you post more of these stuff. It’s fun to watch. And am very thankful that subtitles were included.

  5. Avatar , maybe bigmac is just a simple non-artistic burger.
    Can someone please tell this burger what this short film is all about ? Am using dialup so pretty expensive to watch pretty Sheylara on the video.

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    misha: Yep. I always look different on TV. :P

    modchip: Haha. Good one. Actually, I don’t think it’s illegal to chew gum now. It’s just illegal to import and sell, unless you’re licensed to sell medical gum. But I dunno, everyone has a different version of the actual law and I’m confused. :P

    Well, I will most more videos as they come. ;)

    bigmac: Um the film is about this newbie robber trying to rob a convenience store, only to found out that the store has no money and the store assistant (me) is totally not afraid of him. Well, I can’t tell anymore without giving spoilers. :P

    Peter: Hey, thanks for the heads up! Appreciate it. :) Have updated my links.

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    Loved it. Very good short film. Registered and rated it. You really do have talent my dear… just practice your smoking :oP

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    Jesta: Thank you! =) You aren’t seriously asking me to practice smoking, are you? That’s as good as asking me to become a full-fledged smoker. Smoking is supposed to be addicted right? Once I start, I can’t stop? lol.

    fish: Awww. =)

    starmist: Haha. Yeah, that film was made so long ago, when I was still using the name Serena.

    JayWalk: Glad you liked it! That’s my real voice. Dubbing is seldom done these days, unless it’s to dub different languages.

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    Don’t smoke too much though. It is very addictive and once hooked, it become your best buddy. Better to ‘eat’ more junky bigmacs than harmful smoke.

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    Always bring along bottle of water, when you want to smoke, just drink more water until you forget about smoking.

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    bigmac: Yeah, I know smoking is harmful. But they also say second-hand smoke is more harmful right? I hang out with many smokers and always kena second-hand smoke. Sometimes I think I should just pick up smoking since I’m already getting harmed by it. At least it will make my smoking scenes more convincing!

    JayWalk: I didn’t know you like lians. :P

    Jayson: Haha… I didn’t notice the colour processing until you mentioned it. I think whenever I watch a fim with me in it, I am too busy scrutinising my own performance. lol.

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