Waking up for nothing

Saturday, woke up at 6.50 am for nothing because my brain was messed up and I showed up for a shoot one day early.

Sunday, woke up at 7.20 am because the Goonfather said he’d drive me to work, meaning I could wake up later because I wouldn’t have to factor in “getting lost time”.

I arrived at 8:50 am, 10 minutes early. But I ended up having to wait 4.5 hours for my turn because they took forever to film the first scene. I was supposed to have finished work by 12:30 pm, but I didn’t get to start work until 1:30 pm.

It’s not normally a big deal because Singapore productions are mostly never on time so I’ve gotten used to long waits. In fact, 4.5 hours is not the longest I’ve had to wait.

But it sucks to wake up early two days in a row for nothing. Waking up early is a big deal because insomnia keeps me awake in the nights.

So I staged a protest today by waking up at 12:08 pm. Yay! Self-indulgent, lazy, sleep-in days for the win.

12 thoughts on “Waking up for nothing

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    Haha, the dog pic representation is pretty good, ah ha.. now I know how u got those eye bags, hope this events don’t happen too many in a row or u will look like Panda liaoz.
    It is a norm to warn a freaking 4.5 hr for your turn to act !!! they better pay well man.. my hats to you, I think u have mastered perserverence to the highest level :)

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    i feel for you too. but I feel for everyone on set as well. we need to finish this and move on quick ! Really bored with it already

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    saltyhead: Hehe, thanks.

    uncle sha: I had lunch, posted my blog and then took a nap. lol. Totally decadent!

    Starstruck: Hmm… I have permanent eye bags. No amount of sleep can save them now! :(

    misha: =)

    arachno: Haha, I tend to overcompensate for lack of sleep by sleeping too much when I can. :P

    …: Oops, I didn’t realise you were still reading my blog. lol. Well, same same, I feel for you too. Will miss you guys after the production, but I won’t miss the production. lol.

    Alvin: Well, it’s a trade-off. I quit my day job and gave up regular income. So, sure, I can slack off once in a while but I’m poooor. :P

    modchip: Yeah, but I hate sleeping at night. :(

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