13 thoughts on “This is a Lexus?

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    I did a search on the net. Wald Lexus is kind of a collaboration between Wald and Lexus, but the pictures I see online are all sedans. lol.

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    Lol I think I can answer that. It’s actually a Toyota panel van with the Toyota emblem yanked off and replaced by another possibly yanked-off Lexus emblem. Lexus’d rather kill themselves than suffer the indignity of making a van

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    It’s called being really, really, really sad… Since no-one believes that you would have a Lexus van, then why bother?

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    Maybe this van and license plate is Made In China, hahadhha. In china, even a brand and packaging can be copied !

    I won’t be surprised to find many Sheylara in China.

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    I’ve seen a Mugen Hyundai.

    I’ve seen a Nismo Toyota.

    I’ve seen a Ralliart Swift.

    I’ve seen a TRD Lancer.

    And last but not least, I’ve seen an inverted Lexus emblem on a Yaris.

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    A Giordano is a Giordano lah. Nothing wrong what. Why bother buying a pair of Giordano & then ripping off its label to replace it with a Versace logo, a fake logo at that? LOL!

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    modchip: Yeah, that’s the most probable explanation.

    misha: Hehe. Thanks for the info! I also only saw sedans when I googled it, but was wondering if I’m missing something, lol.

    Kai: Wah, cool, you can recognise a van just by looking at its back? Champion! :P

    Jesta: I don’t know. The owner is either very delusional or has a highly developed sense of humour. :P

    bigmac: Hahaha. I hope I don’t see any imitation Sheylaras around!

    crazyhamster: Yup, like I said, funny or delusional. lol.

    Miss Loi: Ok, all those combinations don’t mean much to me, lol. I’m not really knowledgeable about cars. But I guess it’s common practice for drivers to stick all sorts of funny, irrelevant emblems on their cars. :P But I think it’s very funny to see Lexus on avan, hehe.

    Derrick: Some people are just bo liao! Hehe!

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    That is actually a Lexus. When Toyota bought them, they added the logo to every car that had a Lexus built engine. Even the Toyota vans. Its name recognition.

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