Saturday morning idiot

I am such an idiot. I went for a shoot one day early.

  • I woke up at 6.50 am for the shoot, after only four hours of sleep.
  • I wasted a lot of petrol getting lost because the location’s in the stupidest town ever built in Singapore.
  • I tore out $3 worth of parking coupons.

All that for naught because when I showed up at the location, NO ONE WAS THERE.

I was about to make a phone call when something made me whip out my callsheet to have another look. It said 26 August. I remember tearing out 25 August on the parking coupons.

So, I kinda gaped stupidly for a while as my mind went blank and my eyes widened into a sleepy stoned stare.

I checked my callsheet again. 26 August. Checked my organiser. I had marked the shoot for 26 August in my organiser. Checked my phone for today’s date. 25 August.

I must be going senile.

I think it’s a combination of several factors that made my brain cross-wire.

  • Too many shoots/jobs happening concurrently these two months.
  • Too many last minute date and time changes for shoots, jobs and appointments.
  • Stress resulting from my computer conking out two days ago.
  • Desire to have this 4-month-long shoot over and done with.
  • Last minute audition call.

After realising that I had turned up on the wrong day, I went back to my car and sat in there for 10 minutes, trying to figure out how I could have done this incomprehensibly moronic thing.

I’ve known for a week that the shoot was on Sunday but my mind kept telling me Saturday. I even went into a panic yesterday because I thought I only had yesterday left to finish learning my lines.

Early this week, I had even mentally mapped out my weekend.

Saturday: Collect runners’ kit for Run For Hope race, then go check out Odex burning event.
Sunday: Go for shoot.

But, yesterday, three things happened.

  • I received an e-mail informing me that the shoot time has changed from 1 pm to 9 am. (But in all such correspondence, only the date and not the day is mentioned, and I’m not very good with numbers, usually.)
  • I received an e-mail informing me that the runners’ kit collection is postponed to next week.
  • I received a phone call asking me to attend an audition on Saturday.

I think my brain cross-wired everything and elevated my shoot to Saturday because a void was created by the postponement of the kit collection. And the audition call came in and confused everything.

I need to get a new computer and clean up my desk.

All this clutter and dysfunction is shorting my brain.

Maybe I need a new brain, too.


17 thoughts on “Saturday morning idiot

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    well hey look, I’m pretty sure we in some periods of our lives have done really really moronic things. I would love to name some in your blog but that would not bode well on me (I gotta keep whatever reputation I have now)

    Anyhoo, take it easy, I know you are having a shitty time right now (heck, so am I), so what you can do? Just sit there, laugh at how silly you are, go for a nice breakfast, hit the gym a little and if it doesn’t go well..go shopping, your day will get better… you’ll see ;)

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    QY, bad days like this happen to the best of us.. , i can understand hw u feel, it sucks BAD :( , maybe when u cool off & look back, it may even tickle yr funny bone hehe.
    I like the the way u swear leh.. can be very arty with words ( incomprehensibly moronic thing, clutter and dysfunction is shorting my brain..) sifu, my respect to u lol

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    LOL, I had similar situation, but it’s at the wrong location instead of wrong date. I was suppose to meet my girlfriend wanna be at taka but I waited at Isetan scott. waited for nearly an hour then she page me ( No mobile phone 10 years ago ) then I realize I’m at the wrong place. Rush there and she was about to leaves when I reach. She would have left if I reach just a min later.

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    Been there, seen it, done it… *sigh* seems to be a problem that gets worse with my advancing age.
    As for the computer: I’d suggest a Mac, except that I know that you HAVE to be able to play those MMORPGs…

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    hi there :)

    don’t worry, you are just too tired.
    i was in your shoes too, kept reminding myself to bring my mobile phone before i head out to work, but still i forgot about it… had to rush down from office to get it, but forgotten to bring my housekeys and then back to office again to get my keys.

    it’s just one of those wierd days :)

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    Jason: I wasn’t exactly too heavily bothered by what I did. Actually more stunned and amazed. And then annoyed that I woke up early for nothing, cos morning sleep is extremely important to me since I don’t get enough at night. :P

    misha: Thanks, dear! Busy is usually good. :)

    Starstruck: No lah, it wasn’t too bad. My funny bone was already tickled the moment I realised my mistake. :P And thanks for the compliment! ;)

    yh: Oh, you can’t believe how many times I’ve done that, except mine is taking wrong direction on MRT instead of bus. I’ve even made mistakes while correcting a mistake. Haha. Once, I ended up changing trains like 4 times because I kept getting on the wrong one absent-mindedly. 20 minute journey become hour-plus journey. lol.

    modchip: Ah?? This kinda story makes you smile? lol. I hope you’re not a sadist in the making. :P

    abraxis: I would love to have a shiny white iMac, but cannot play MMORPG. :( If I were rich, I would buy an iMac AND a PC. :P

    JokeDiary: Haha… was that a girl you were going after? Or the other way round? :P So did she finally become your girlfriend?

    Jesta: You know me too well, hehe. And you know what, you need to play MMORPGs to prevent senility. The reason I’m getting senile now must be because I’ve quit MMORPG for about half a year already. lol. Time to re-activiate my accounts! :P

    xinyun: OMG, that’s gotta suck, back and fro for stupid reasons. Happens to me once in a while, too. :P

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    abraxis: That’s true. But then, I can get a more uber gaming machine for less with a PC. Mac is too expensive to buy for gaming! :P

    chak: Brain swapping is a serious business. Make sure you don’t get conned and kena pig brain or monkey brain.

    modchip: Yeah, any time you feel any sadist vibes start resonating in you, please delete my blog off your bookmarks. lol. :P

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    That problem oso got happen to me before…I kept thinking that its December 9th! I got so happy that my friend is back from Japan then when i go to my msn, i saw the computer time indicate that it was “December 8″… I feel that sometimes i rush then i’ll be mixed up. So i guess that you rushed yourself to much. Take it easy and that thing won’t repeat again…:)

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