My ass got fined

I got my first ever speeding ticket for travelling at 90kmh on Nicoll Highway.

I’m so not happy because I think the speed limits in Singapore are ridiculous.

If every single person really were to travel below the limit all the time, we will have massive traffic jams 24/7 and Singapore will suffer a drastic decrease in productivity.

The majority of Singapore drivers are already driving slow enough! Why is our country rewarding slowpokes and penalising productive people?

In the first place, even 90kmh is too damn slow already. It feels like crawling. It feels like I can run faster than that (of course, technically, I know I can’t). 70kmh, which is the limit for Nicoll Highway, is worse. My granny can run faster than that.

I’m not saying remove speed limits. Of course, there has to be a limit but the current limits are total bullshit lah.

I don’t care about the money I have to pay for my fine. Or the demerit points. It’s just money and it will come back. Demerit points will expire.

But I can’t do it too often or my license will get suspended and I’ll go bankrupt.

So that means I have to be a “good girl” and drive slowly and hold up traffic on the roads.

I shall have a bumper sticker made that says:

“If I’m driving too slow for you, don’t blame me. Blame the papparazzi hiding in overhead bridges taking our photographs.”

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    I feel you.

    Uncles/aunties driving 70km/h on right-most lane. Motorbike driving 50km/h on right-most lane. Giant cement truck driving > 100km/h at right-most lane!

    It’s a crazy world on the roads out there.

    P.S. How did you get summoned? If it’s speed camera you might just be let off with a warning these days.

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    “Giant cement truck driving > 100km/h at right-most lane!”

    Hahaha… this is damn funny and damn true.

    Like I hinted in my last paragraph, I got caught by police who were hiding in the overhead bridge with speed cameras. I heard they station there once in a while to catch speeders.

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    I last time also ganna something like that. I was doing 97km/h on Lorine Rd which is having 70km/h speed limit.

    The TP was telling me that i was driving too fast. Huh? 97km/h too fast meh?

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    Sorry I was too late on this. The following areas are known speed traps:

    1. AYE (towards City, outside Jurong Country Club) – Police Van with camera at Bus stop.

    2. PIE (Jalan Toa Payoh towards Changi Airport) after flyover at old Police Academy – Camera on Overhead Bridge

    3. Nicoll Highway (either direction) – Camera on Bridge before / after (depending on direction of travel) SunTec City.

    4. KJE (towards Tuas) bend under bridge of CCK Way exit – Patrol Car.


    5. AYE (Towards Tuas Checkpoint) after exit to Jalan Boon Lay – Police Patrol Car completely shutdown at bus bay. (people tend to speed up to try and beat the light here.)

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    I encountered TP once along KJE doing 130 when the limit was still at 80 km/h.

    We pull alongside and ended up chatting. I was told that 130 would land my ass in court and if under 100 will warrant me a warning only. 101 to 120 and it’s a fine and demerit points.

    At the end of the day, he let me off with a ticket at 105 km/h, $200 and 3 demerit points.

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    DK: Yah lah… it’s too fast if it doesn’t adhere to their stupid tortoise limit. Haha.

    xizor2000: Thanks for the warnings. lol.

    JayWalk: How come my 90kmh is $150 and 6 demerit points? Why you only got 3! Not fair leh.

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    As understand if the speed exceeds 30 than the limit, the attendance to court is needed. But if is doubled the speed exceeds, then have to retake the licence again as it will be “gan tong”… My hubby experience it before. Lucky managed to appeal and lessen the penalty..

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    xizor2000: Yeah, ok. But then JayWalk’s difference is 25kmh, while mine is only 20kmh. So I shouldn’t get so many demerits. :(

    modchip: Erm…. I think when you’re behind the wheel, you’re not supposed to be admiring the scenery. You should be focused on the road, on vehicles around you, checking the rear view mirror once in a while, checking blind spot, etc. :P

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    Hmm…seems like the driver that used to panic and curse and swear has become a super confident driver that just got caught for speeding. :D

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    Actually hah in Spore, we need a lot of laws not only to maintain order & peace but also the ‘kopi lui’ collected from e.g traffic offences are used to maintain the roads, greenery etc etc, Spore no natural resources leh, so on behalf of our ‘Gov’ I thank you for the ang pow.. happy national day. lol

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    I’m a driver myself, and obviously also get annoyed by slow drivers and low speed limits. Anybody would be pissed getting fined and demerit points, so I understand the need to rant.

    However, to be fair:
    The speed limits on Singapore’s roads are pretty much in line with most other countries, and I’m pretty sure you know that speed limits are there to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.
    If you were travelling at 100 kmh in a neighbourhood and a child fell off from the pavement onto the road, how long do you think it would take you to bring your car to a complete halt?


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    Think about how many people break the law for speeding even at ‘reasonable’ level ? Many will think it is ridiculous but to gov, it all seem real way to make easy money. They even outsource some of this task for cost cutting, and sure make more money because these contractor company don’t give a damn for whoever speeding . Meeting quotas for them to catch offenders are more important to get incentives.

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    Correct. I have seen entire columns of lorries, trailers, vans, and coach buses doing 80 on the AYE. The TP just accelerated peacefully past ALL of them without doing anything. He did look at the trailers and then his speedo so he is aware all these jokers are speeding.

    But unless he’s Jacky Chan in “The Police Story”, I doubt he’ll dare stop the whole lot of them.

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    think you exceeded by slightly more than 20km/hr. anyway, if they nvr stop u and just took a pic frm overhead bridge, maybe u might wan to consider putting someone else who dun drive often as driver. as least save ur demerit pts. :p

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    to the person who said putting someone else for the offense, this is to let everyone know that for speed camera that are taken off bridges, your beautiful face could be feature in the pic.

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    im a lousy driver. so 90km sounds very fast to me. haha! once i was driving and suddenly i realised that i was doing an 80, and i got so scared!! haha!! my first instinct was to step on the brake HARD. lol.

    but i didn’t, otherwise i wouldn’t be here typing this comment.. heh.

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    70 km/h limit wouldn’t be so bad really, if we’re talking about city roads.

    But Nicoll Highway is a friggin’ SIX lane carriageway (3 lanes each direction) that is practically straight throughout its 5 kilometer stretch, AND it only has traffic lights near the ends.

    Heck, the bloody North-South Highway is only TWO lanes wide in some places, and the speed limit there is 110 km/h!

    (BTW, 70 km/h is approx 45 mph.)

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    I think if you’re on PIE or all the highways, better to stick to their speed limits, especially on flyovers or bridges.

    I once got “warned” for going 95km/h on PIE when the limit was 90km/h. Har?!? Like wtf man. 5km/h is like an added walking speed to my already 90. wtf man. what’s the difference.

    On the AYE however, the spped limit’s usually 90, and imo there are much mroe speedsters on the AYE than PIE.

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    Minou: Haha. I still panic and curse and I still got lost a lot. =P

    TP: Wow, you must have graduated with a Degree in Stating The Obvious.

    Starstruck: That actually makes me feel better. Haha. Ok lah, treat it as my contribution as a citizen of Singapore. lol.

    malique: But limit on Nicoll is 70kmh mah. I guess I was just unlucky. I bet even if I were driving at 80 also will kena.

    skarekrow: Yeah, like I said, I believe having speed limits is reasonable, but the limits themselves should be reasonable too. I don’t expect to drive 100kmh on neighbourhood small roads.

    bigmac: Yeah, that’s how Singapore gets rich. Introduce a zillion laws and fine people every day. :P

    Yuwen: Ok, will do!

    lancerlord: I didn’t really look at the ticket clearly and it’s not with me now. I thought it said I was driving at 90kmh but I think it says exceed 21-30kmh. Well, I usually do that, follow cars in front. If no car on rightmost lane, I won’t drive there. But that day Nicoll Highway really very empty, no car to follow. Haha.

    xizor2000: I’m not really afraid of TP. And I wear my seat belt all the time! :P The scary thing is hidden cameras!

    Jesta: Guilty as charged.

    darkelfin: Cannot lah. I don’t like to impose on people. You want to volunteer? Hehe.

    ha ha: Thanks for visiting my blog! ;)

    Jason: Do they really bother to check the face in the picture when people pay fine?

    Daphne: I think it’s a matter of getting used to it. When I first drove after having stopped driving for many years, I was even scared at 20kmh. Hahah.

    Mince Pye: Yeah, yeah! I dunno why they won’t increase the Nicoll Highway limit. I think they forgot? Cos last time, Nicoll Highway used to have many curves and bends as construction was under progress, so maybe that’s why it was fixed at 70?

    khairul: Well, I drove on Nicoll Highway again recently and stuck to 70. I was like a snail can? I had to drive on the leftmost lane because all the other cars on the other two lanes were definitely going more than 70 and just zipping past me. The only vehicle that didn’t zoom past me was a freaking bus. Haha.

    Derrick: Eh… kena caught on speed camera lah, where got chance to pout? lol.

    saltyhead: Aha! Hello there! How did you find my blog and make the connection? Actually, I thought you looked familiar too. But I still don’t know who you are. :P

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    Hi hi, I used to work for yc and moblogs that’s why. I haven’t been in the country much the past two years so I don’t think you’d see me around. Maybe I have a familiar face? I don’t know.

    I don’t think you’d know who I am either, I’m not a celebrity like you heh heh ;) but all you need to know is on my blog I’m an open book.


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    Cool, so you’re a photographer! You take some very nice pictures. :) I guess I don’t know you after all, dunno why I thought you looked familiar. ;) Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

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    Amazing! I think all the traffic lawmakers go to the same school. They make the same stupid traffic laws all over the world.

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    i’m guilty of driving at 100km/h along Nicoll Highway many times. Each time i would be on the lookout for those bastard TP.

    Anyway, if they are really on the stakeout for speedsters like me, it would be too late by the time i notice them :p

    Hate road hogs who hog the extreme right lane of the expressway at 80km/h and 90km/h too when there the road in front of them is clear. No matter how many times you horn or flash your high beam at them, they just refuse to budge. So you have no choice but to overtake them from their left.

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