Miss Teen USA 2007 — what did she say??

This video is almost painful to watch. But people are intrinsically quite evil and sadistic and masochistic, which is why there are countless versions of this little clip in YouTube and millions have watched it.

My long-time gamer friend Swordplay sent me the link today and I responded with a “lol” after watching it.

It’s a 48-second clip of Miss Teen USA South Carolina answering a question at the pageant. And it’s an answer that will make your eyebrows twitch uncontrollably and make you go “huh?”.

Now, I feel quite evil perpetuating this girl’s misery by posting it on my blog, but you have to admit it’s quite funny.

It’s also painful, because she reminds me of me.

I’ve taken part in many beauty pageants and talent contests in the past and I’m sure I’ve said my share of bimbotic, senseless, incoherent words. I’m sure I’ve appeared totally idiotic during screen tests and screen interviews.

There have been countless times when I’ve gone “WTF did I just say/do??” and hit myself on the head repeatedly after an audition.

So, while I laugh at this unfortunate beauty queen, I’m also laughing at myself. Sometimes, I’m thankful that I’m not famous because if I ever am, I’m sure all my embarrassing past mistakes will start popping up in blogs, in YouTube, everywhere, because people are, intrinsically, evil and like to laugh at other people.

19 thoughts on “Miss Teen USA 2007 — what did she say??

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    I’ve seen this and it was indeed painful to watch. BUT there’s a big difference between being nervous and being dumb. I think she’s dumb and ironically, she answered the question by being dumb. Ow, my head is spinning.

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    Q: “Recent studies have show that some Singaporeans can’t locate Singapore on a world map? Why do you think this is?”

    A: “I personally believe that Singaporeans are unable to do so because reading world maps is not part of our O-Level syllabus, and hence world maps are not provided in the exams and our education system over here, such as in Malaysia, in Thailand, should help Singapore, should help Malaysia, should help Thailand, by putting in more world maps and ASEAN maps in our social study textbooks so that it’s not all Singapore maps and photos of MRT/HDB flats so that we’ll be able to build up our future and lives not revolving around MRT/HDB flats”.

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    hmmm..she is a blonde isn’t she? okay okay..that was real nasty of me…I couldn’t help it… ;)

    interesting to note tho…these teens have been trained from young, groomed from young to answer questions like this and she can’t pull it off…which makes me wonder, how did she become Miss South Carolina anyways?

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    Don’t worry. You will be famous and then those of us with the collections of embarrassing photos etc will become VERY rick selling them to the highest bidder…

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    OK… I just managed to finish downloading the clip and that is VERY bad. Poor thing. Having to THINK. Dreadful. Next question should be: “100% of beauty pageant contestants can’t answer questions without referring to ‘our future’, ‘Mother Theresa’ and ‘Nelson Mandela’, why do you think that is?”
    PS: QY, I’m sure that you were NEVER that bad…

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    she looks so confused that she almost lost composure! oh noesss… thats the last thing a beauty queen shld do! hahaha

    in malaysia, the beauty contest organisers let u compose ur answers and memorise them sometimes.

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    Reminds me of those game variety shows that we used to watch on Channel 8 with the most overly used phrase by the participants…

    … “er….. 有没有暗示?”

    Sigh…. all the memories…. *sniff*

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    mooiness: Heh. But sometimes nervousness does make people say really dumb things?

    Miss Loi: Hahahaha. That’s a very funny localised spoof! I wish I’d thought of that myself! ;) Thanks for the entertainment!

    yh: Yeah, can’t have everything in life, can we? :P

    modchip: Honestly, I don’t know. I wonder if she knows herself.

    Jason: That’s okay. Like I said, everyone is evil. It’s just a matter of whether you dare to admit it or not. Haha. Yeah, interesting to know how she got the South Carolina title.

    Jesta: We need you to sign a Photographer Release form asap. Anyway, I maybe didn’t give out dumb answers like this, but I’m sure I’ve had equally cringe-worthy moments, too. Just that I try to forget them. Haha.

    Starstruck: Um… yeah, that was kinda the general idea, maybe?

    naeboo: On the contrary, I think she kept her composure pretty well. Although there was a tinge of confusion, she did keep her smile throughout. :P

    JayWalk: Haha. I wonder what would happen if beauty contestants asked that.

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    Frankly, I do not know what she saying though what she say is very similar to what our MIW’s style. The style of ‘saying thing which as good as not saying at all’. Probably because of that, she worth a millions now like MIW.

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    MIW = MenInWhite that appear only fulltime during Election period. Also commonly refers to minister and MP, and often dress in pure white to symbolize angellic task when they out to gain popular contest.
    To majority, they seem to be more involve in devilish task such as increasing burden on public financially, asking money to gain moral authority etc. and most importantly telling you to believe in them because you have no choice, and telling you what to do when they themselves doesn’t do it.

    Unlike MIB (MenInBlack) who kill rebellious monster and aliens that threaten mankind, our MIW destroy opp party that threaten their regime, buy supporter votes , kill the citizen financially, become aliens to majority of Singapore, and soon grow to be a monster of expensive look-alike whitish angels.

    those MIW boogymen are very real, just make sure they don’t appear in your dream otherwise your sweet dream will soon turn to nightmare.

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    The most funniest thing about this is she was just doing what she was told to do. She was told to say something about South Africa and kids and education.

    So much for following direction.

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    @Sheylara: Heh, its been more than a year, and I can safely say there has been minimal (if any) embarassing moments of yours out there in cyberspace. Unless of course, you count those LIPS and RB vids:)

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