I didn’t ask for a DS Lite

I think the Goonfather is obsessed.

After completing his collection of all the main gaming consoles, he is now working on his handhelds collection.

And I have, by default, become his hapless accomplice.

Three months ago, in early May, he bought a Nintendo Wii, apparently for my birthday (which is on July 23rd).

And he said I won’t be getting any more presents in July because the Wii was my present.

I protested, of course.

I said, “How can I not have any presents to unwrap on my actual birthday? That’s damn sad lah! You must buy me another present in July!”

“Cannot lah!” he said, “You know how expensive your Wii is? I am broke!”

“I didn’t ask for a Wii for my birthday and I didn’t ask for it NOW. So that’s your problem. Wahahaha. Anyway, you’re playing with the Wii more than me lor,” I retorted.

“T_T” he said.

So when July came around, he asked me what I wanted.

“I need iPod Nano, Nike+ shoes and the sensor thing to train for my race in October. Or, if you’re feeling rich, I need a white MacBook.”

So, on July 23rd, he gave me a white Nintendo DS Lite.


He gave it to me on Monday night. I didn’t play with it right away because it was already quite late.

On Tuesday, I still didn’t touch it because I was busy in the day.

On Tuesday night, HE came back from work and hogged my DS Lite for the whole night.

I swear the Goonfather buys me all these expensive gadgets happily because it’s a great excuse for him to have something new to play with.

Men are kinda sneaky that way. It’s like a guy buys his girlfriend a box of chocolates and then, “Oh! You’re on a diet? I’m so sorry!! Never mind, I’ll eat them for you.”


(Note to the Goonfather: The next gadget you buy me had better be a white MacBook!!!)

But that is not to say I don’t like my Wii and my DS Lite. I love them!

Ideally, I wanted a MacBook to bring out on shoots so I have something to do during long waits. Sometimes I want to blog at shoots because by the time I come home, I’m too tired to write already. (Don’t ask me to mobile blog, that’s like, duh.)

But a DS Lite is also really good at whiling away the hours.

I’m also going to become smarter because my current favourite games are Brain Age and Big Brain Academy.

I just love mind games. (Except when I’m the victim, hahaha.)

And, because Brain Age has a sudoku section, I have also become a sudoku addict, which came as a total surprise.

I never gave sudoku a chance because I hate maths, I hate statistics, I hate numbers. When I see a puzzle filled with nothing but numbers, I’m running the other direction screaming in stark, raving horror.

But since my favourite game has a sudoku section, I gave it a try and discovered that sudoku has nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with logic. Duh.

I love logic puzzles!

So I’m like totally addicted to sudoku now that everyone else is already sick of it and the fad is dead. Haha.

The Goonfather thought I would like Nintendogs.

He actually wanted to buy me a DS last year because he thought I would love it. But I was, like, NO I DON’T LIKE HANDHELDS I’M A PC GAMER DON’T TRY TO CONVERT ME!!!

But he got me Nintendogs for my DS Lite, anyway. So I have a mini schnauzer. I love schnauzers!!!

But I can’t really get into Nintendogs. I think my schnauzer has starved to death already.


Nanny Wen needs to come nanny my schnauzer now.

So, anyway, I have to officially revoke my “PC Gamer Only” status now thanks to the Goonfather. He’s turning me into a Nintendo fan girl.

And he is damn happy because his collection (which includes my presents) is getting big.

And I’m kinda happy also because the next time we go out, I don’t have to keep complaining that he’s anti-social when he whips out his PSP when we’re at Starbucks or something. I can whip out my DS Lite! =D

But my first love will always be PC games. I’m just waiting for the next MMORPG to get addicted to!

26 thoughts on “I didn’t ask for a DS Lite

  1. Avatar

    Sudoku’s nice. It replaced my craving for minesweeper. Heh…

    Anyway, try out Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! I can lend you since it’s rotting at a corner and it’s too brilliant to be sold.

  2. Avatar

    i’m oso a pc gamer… never had the chance to play handhelds though. dying for the next mmorpg to come out too… looooooong wait.

  3. Avatar

    Yay! Next time we can play DS Lite together!
    The game Alvin recommended is super addictive, cooking mama is fun too!
    But I also like Bomberman Land Touch! :D

  4. Avatar

    Whew! So you finally have a DS, and it’s white, like mine! Now you can train your brain as I suggested in one of your past post. And maybe, someday, we can play together via WiFi, sounds good to me! So… what online games do you have right now? :D

    @The Goonfather: Very good choice man!

  5. Avatar

    Wa Nintendo Lite.. I want but sadly no $$, can I ask your for a loan (whimper).

    QY, pardon me for asking but have u been staying late at night.. u got eyebags liaoz.. :(

  6. Avatar

    Yea… the next MMORPG….. The Agency!!

    Wah! so many NDS kia? Time to ditch my psp for a new black NDS! NOT!

    Starstruck: The answer is Sudoku.

  7. Avatar

    nadnut: It’s quite complicated, isn’t it? There are training and guide books to read in the game, but I lazy to read. haha.

    xinyun: I have that game, but I don’t really like it. I mean, it’s cool, but I can’t really get addicted to it :P

    misha: Wow, that’s a lot of games for a little girl. How do you choose what game to play when you play your DS Lite?! Thanks for your good morning wish! Good morning back to you! ;)

    Alvin: Wow, what’s Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!? Never heard before.

    cowgoesmoo: Dowan lah. You sound like a hustler. No way I’m playing with you! Hahaha. I am the REAL noob. I’ve only been playing Sudoku for about a week. :P

    Kay: Haha. Maybe I’ll get tired of it after a while too. I mean Brain Age. Don’t think I’ll get tired of DS Lite. There are so many games to explore!

    hersheys: Cool! So which MMORPG are you eyeing next? I’m thinking maybe Warhammer.

    Minou: Yay! Ok tell me what games you like to play. I must go practise first… dowan to get trashed by expert! Hahaha.

    modchip: Wheee! I think white is the nicest! :) I’m not sure what you mean by online games. You mean DS online games? Or what?

    Mince Pye: Funny you should mention that game. Just last night, I was at Ice Cream Chefs playing my DS Lite while eating ice cream, and the ice cream guy walked over to chat with me and he recommended me the very same game. lol.

    Starstruck: Do you have any friends who have the DS Lite? =) Anyway, I have permanent eyebags. Haha.

    The Goonfather: Warhammer!!

    Shell: Ahhh… don’t tear your hair out, dear. I lend you play next time we meet ok? :P

  8. Avatar

    yup, will definitely play warhammer online when it’s out. but the launch date keeps changing.

    my friends are interested in age of conan… so might try that if it comes out b4 warhammer.

    i m so sick of wow (2.5yrs and counting) now, that i have started playing d2… but the graphics cannot make it, haha.

  9. Avatar

    Actually Elite Beat Agents is the SA version of the game Alvin suggested.
    Play the Japanese version! It’s more corny and I think the songs are nicer!

  10. Avatar

    …You mean DS online games? Or what?

    Yeah, I mean DS Online Games… Do you have some? :D

    And I agree, white is the best color (but in theory not) for the DS. Even my PSP is white! I just love white. :D

  11. Avatar

    hersheys: Haha. MMORPGs hardly stick to their ETA. I don’t really want it to come out so fast anyway. I need to save up money to upgrade my computer before I start on my next game. Have you ever tried EQ2? I still like playing it, just that I’ve stopped for a few months due to lack of time.

    Minou: Oh I see. Ok I going to stun the copy from Alvin. Hahaha.

    modchip: Er… I don’t know what games are online games. lol. Why don’t you name me a few of your favourite ones?

  12. Avatar

    ..name me a few of your favourite ones?

    Super Mario Kart, CastleVania PoR, Final Fantasy 3… Metroid Prime Hunter… errr… Tetris! :D

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