Fashion Diary #11: Sally Dally

Day 11

Name of outfit: Sally Dally


Destination: Photoshoot by Justyn Olby

Notes: This is another photoshoot outfit. It’s kinda blah because the previous two outfits were rather full-on, so this is for variation. It’s perfect for the crazy hot weather these days and I think it’s great for picnics and BBQs.

But I think it makes me look rather blah and I don’t feel very me in this for some strange reason. Maybe it’s the funky disappearing back.

25 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #11: Sally Dally

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    Mumma — licious, agree with modchip, the face.. it just melts your heart and stops it beating. No doubt also the class act by the famed photographer. QY, where does your looks come from papa or mama :)

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    modchip: Aww thank you for being sweet. I’m not quite sure how my face shines though. I don’t really see it shining. Haha. But thanks.

    uglyfatchick: Hah, yeah, I don’t really like the way it turned out after I saw the pictures. :P

    Alvin: Funny meh? Nowadays clothes got the stupidest words and phrases lah. :P

    chak: Hmm… not really the look for this? :P

    mkb: Haha, no I don’t get bored or annoyed with people commenting on my legs. I just feel unworthy because I don’t think my legs are all that great. :P But, thank you. ;)

    Starstruck: Hehe thanks! I’m glad you like this picture, too. I should do more photoshoots with Justyn! ;) Your question is very cool. Nobody ever asked that before! I think I look more like my mama — inherited most of her features, the good and the bad!

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    I wanted to leave a comment about the sexy back the moment the pictures loaded. Until I read that it could be the reason for you feeling blah. LOL.

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    I gotta say that it’s the shorts that do it for me… THEN I found out that they had a hole in them… :o)

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    haha.. the good (No need to ask lah), the bad (???.. curious), but heh.. can post your mama photo for comparison leh, let us be the judge but of course if goon papa allow lah.

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    Shell: Hahaha. No, no, the back is not the reason for feeling blah. It’s a reason maybe I’m not comfortable wearing it. Back feels cold. Haha!

    Jesta: Yeah, want to contribute to my Feed The Struggling Artiste Fund? I’m so poor all my clothes have holes. Haha.

    Starstruck: Well, I think I have many flaws… but I don’t want to point them out because that would just bring attention to them, lol. Unfortunately, I can’t post my mom’s picture. She hasn’t been with us since i was very little.

    misha: Thank you, cutie! ;)

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    I was trying to look for the alleged “hole” in your shorts that Jesta mentioned… But the only thing I found out was that you have no visible panty line and that the shorts are actually quite short to the point that a bit of your buttcheek is peeking out…

    OMG. I am going to steal your legs the next time I see you. (Although I don’t think your slim legs can hold up my body weight.) Hahahaha.

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    Shell: I was the photographer, so I made sure that the hole didn’t show: It was a very dark secret, until I posted about it… As for VPL – THAT is a cardinal sin in my personal philosophy of photographing models! Thankfully QY is a wonderful dresser and manages to avoid such faux pas

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    Starstruck: Nah, no worries, that was a long time ago anyway. ;)

    Owls: Haha. Thank you. I guess I look older when I don’t smile? :P

    arachno: I guess you’re right. ;)

    Shell: Wah rao, can don’t scrutinise my picture until like that? I scared! :P

    Jesta: Thank you, my dear.

    uncle sha: Haha! How can you have a beer belly? You’re so active and sporty! Anyway, thanks for the compliment!

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    bigmac: Thank you! ;) Well, I think the bunnies are trying to eat my shoes. That’s why my right foot is nervously cosying up to my left foot!

    Edric: Haha, Justyn didn’t take any back view shots, so no funky back to show, sorry! :P

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    hm, i actually like these pics & this outfit the most..less is sometimes more at times. the other 2 outfits were a tad like cosplay costumes :P and it shows ur figure the best :) (alamak, me chabor leh)

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    Cool, glad you like it. Well, I can understand why you would prefer this outfit. Not many people like the cosplay/harajuku kinda weird dressing. I used to also prefer less is more fashion. But I dunno why, I think I’m going through a phase now and I suddenly like really weird, radical dressing. Haha.

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