Facebook is my surrogate game

I had planned to reactivate my World of Warcraft account last week, after meeting up with some long-time gamer friends. I even bought The Burning Crusade (WoW expansion pack).

But installing the game killed my computer. For a few frightful hours, I wasn’t able to boot up Windows. I thought the end had come.

Fortunately, the Goonfather managed to save my PC, which is now still usable, but barely. I have to buy myself a new machine soon because this 4-year-old junkheap seems bound to meet its maker in scrapyard heaven just about any time without notice.

So, I’m buying my new computer next weekend. In the meantime, I can’t play WoW. =(

But I can play Facebook!

A little background:

Last week, I attended a Singtel Moblog focus group where we generally discussed what we liked and didn’t like about blogging platforms and other Web 2.0 gizmos.

There was a point during which everyone shared which communities they belonged to. Like Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, and so on.

I told everyone I have long been resisting Facebook, even though it seems to be one of the most popular sites now, even though I keep getting invites from friends to join them in there.

Today, I finally decided to get an account because not being able to play WoW is making me hyperventilate and I have to do something to take my mind off my restlessness. Also, the Cowboybar crazies have been waxing lyrical over Facebook, so much so that it became like a mystery I had to solve: Why the hell is everyone and his grandmother in Facebook? So good meh?

I’d been assuming that Facebook is just a more classy Friendster. I already have Friendster, which I find boring, so I don’t need more rubbish like that in my life.

Was I ever wrong.

Facebook blew my mind when I signed up today.

People should be more communicative, you know. I mean, I’ve been getting rubbish template e-mails like, “Hey, Sassy Wong added you as a friend in Facebook! Join her!”

Who the hell wants to join anything with a lousy message like that?

The e-mails should be more like, “Throw a cow (or a fish, or a chicken) at your friend, Sassy Wong, in Facebook! After you’re done doing that, have a refreshing cocktail while you deface her profile with graffiti! What are you waiting for? Come in now and get free gummi bears to spit at your friends!”

Really, if I had gotten an e-mail like that early on, I would have been a Facebook member on the outset.

As it happened, I didn’t find out that such a cool thing existed until today. And I spent the entire afternoon and a good part of the evening exploring the third-party applications in Facebook and throwing cows at friends.

It’s surprisingly fun!

Anyway, if you’re in Facebook, add me ok? Search for my name: Shen Qiaoyun. Shouldn’t be hard to find because there aren’t many Qiaoyuns around. If you add me, and you have some funny name I won’t recognise, please identify yourself or I won’t add you back if I don’t know who you are!

See you in there!

18 thoughts on “Facebook is my surrogate game

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    Hi QiaoYun,

    Maybe just do a reformat and install the windows again can save you buying a new notebook.

    Well for my personal view, I think that so long as there’s no hardware problem and I’m still comfortable with the notebook speed. Just reformat and install window again will solve the problem. There’s no need to spend on a new notebook.

    Maybe try to use the restore CD is you have. ( Sometime the notebook vendor give it to you. ). You can save the trouble to Manually install window again.

    But if you still want to buy a new notebook and scraping the old wan, PLEASE DONATE to me. I will be grateful to you. I’m still using a donkey years, P3 notebook at home.

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    CrashWire: Haha. But the applications are fun. Without them, Facebook is just another Friendster.

    abraxis: No. iMac is simply too expensive.

    mooiness: Cool :)

    JokeDiary: It’s not a notebook I’m replacing. It’s a PC. Actually, my current one still can be used lah. But it’s like 4 years old and it’s due for an upgrade. It’s been giving me so many problems and scares that I’m sick of it.

    I was planning to get a new PC early next year so I can play WarHammer Online. It’s the life of a gamer, can’t run away from it. :P You know it’s time for an upgrade when a new game comes out and you want to play it without having to turn all the graphic effects off. Hehe.

    Shingo T: Um… I’ll be joining the horde this time round cos my friends are there, lol.

    nadnut: Aww, c’mon. :P It’s fun. I know you’ll love it! You’ll regret not joining earlier once you do! lol.

    darkelfin: Comex is too damn crowded lah. I was planning to go there before dinner today. But one look at the amount of people at City Hall MRT station and Citylink Mall threw the idea out the window.

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    … why does everyone tell me that. So many people who I’ve complained about the uselessness of many applications to ask me to stick to Friendster.


    One of your newly-added applications just spammed my email address. What fun.

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    LOL, ok PC. Ya agree, all the new games are getting more and more power hungry every version being release. That’s why I can only play old game. haha. I bought Total War: Medieval 2. After half an hour installing then it tell me my graphic card not good enough. super TL. ended my friend play. I can only play Total War:Rome.

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    CrashWire: To each his own lah. Sorry for the spam. Haha, will try to remember and not spam you next time. :P Anyway, you can configure your account not to receive any spam mails from Facebook mah.

    JokeDiary: Oh, that sucks, not being able to play a game after installing it!!! I feel for you, man! OMG.

    Iva & Pearly: It’s fun because of all the endless numbers of applications you can add to your facebook account. It’s kinda hard to explain, though, you really have to try it for yourself. :P But just a few examples: You can do quizzes and compare results with your friends, you can adopt pets and kill monsters to level up, you can send friends virtual presents, you can become vampires or school bullies and terrorise your friends. Well, and many other things I haven’t even explored yet. :P

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    I definitely agree with you. I was so hesitant to join facebook before because I was not so into it. I could not even handle my friendster account and probably visit it for like twice or thrice a year…lol….but I found out that facebook was different from all the rest because of their spectacular applications that you will truly get so addicted to death….this game http://apps.facebook.com/realmofempires is really best I have ever tried

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