Doggies and a dorky me

I visited SPCA for the first time in my life today.

But I’m not as lousy as the taxi uncle who took me there. I almost wanted to strangle him.

[Conversation with taxi driver, translated from Mandarin]
Me: SPCA, please.
Taxi uncle: Where is it?
Me: Er… I think Mount Vernon Road?
Taxi uncle: Where is it near?
Me: *wtf* You don’t know where SPCA is?
Taxi uncle: What SPCA?
Me: *incredulous* You don’t know what SPCA is???
Taxi uncle: No.
Me: It’s the place where they keep animals. People throw their pets there when they don’t want them anymore.
Taxi uncle: Dunno. Just tell me the road.
Me: Mount Vernon Road.
Taxi uncle: Near which major road?
Me: *wah lau!!* I don’t know. Do you have a street directory?
Taxi uncle: Yes. Slowly look and tell me the roads around there.
Me: *trying to find SPCA in the damn book*
Taxi uncle: Maybe I should stop here and let you find.
Me: No, no, don’t stop, I’m in a hurry. Uh… it’s near Bartley Road.
Taxi uncle: Where’s that near?
Me: *wtfbbq!!* Paya Lebar Road.
Taxi uncle: Ok. Hang on to the directory and let me know when we’re near.

Anyway, I managed to reach there on the dot.

I make it a point to be punctual for shoots. I try not to be too early because Singapore productions never start on time; people are always late, and I’m sick of being professional when nobody appreciates it. But I still have to be punctual to keep a semblance of professionalism. I just don’t want to overdo it, which sometimes gives me panic attacks when I cut too close to the call time. Haha.

I’m now acting in an episode of Stories of Love, season two, and there’s a dog in it, so we have a few scenes in SPCA.

Gosh, it broke my heart to see all the abandoned animals. Especially this one.

I love schnauzers. They’s so cute and loving and I think they have the most heart-wrenching puppy eyes of them all.

This schnauzer looked sad most of the time. I wish I could take him home.

Another schnauzer!

I’ve been told that schnauzers are a breed that need the most attention and they’re also one of the most loving dogs around. It must have broken their hearts to have to part with their original owners.

My role in this one-hour drama is a university student and the best friend of the lead character.

I was actually up for the leading role, but because the filming schedule clashed with SNAP, I wasn’t able to commit to all the filming dates. So they gave me a supporting role which requires fewer days.


But I like this character I’m playing because it’s a personality I’ve never played before, so that’s interesting!

I’m this bubbly, outspoken, dorky-looking character to contrast with the leading character, who is sweet and shy and pretty. (Will try and get a picture of her tomorrow.)

Ok, I think I do the dorky thing very well because the Goonfather just walked past my computer while I was editing the above photo and he said…

“Eh! Why you wear specs? You look like a goondu.”

Thanks, hor.

I don’t want to look pretty all the time. I mean, I want to look pretty when my character is supposed to look pretty. But I like looking different, even ugly, if the role calls for it.

But I want to play leading roles. Because it’s sad when you go to work and then your scenes are done early because you don’t have that many scenes and you have to go home early. Leading actors get to work all day, which is what I want.

I know that sounds crazy, but having to go home when everyone else is still working is like having to leave a party when it’s just starting to get exciting.

And don’t suggest that I hang around to watch them after I’m done with help cheap levitra, because that’s an even bigger evil. It’s pure torture having to sit there and wait and watch while other people are working.

This episode will be aired on September 13th. Will post a reminder nearer to the date!

If I can remember. lol.

Apparently, I was in World of Laughs last night, but I’m so busy these days, I totally forgot to watch it. Gah.

Life is stupid!

I think ghosts don’t like me. Life has sucked since the Hungry Ghost Month started. I better go to the temple and offer more joss sticks or whatever it is they like. Then again, maybe it’s not them because life started sucking since a week ago.

Let me dig a hole and hide inside.

23 thoughts on “Doggies and a dorky me

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    Hmm.. the Goonfather and the Goondu…. nice ring to it. No?

    Anyway, while we can’t expect the cabbie to know every road, surely Bartley Road is considered basic knowledge?

    Cut him some slack lah. He is probably a reluctant cabbie as a result of layoffs from his previous company? We see that a lot these days.

    Anyway, you should have ask him to radio back to control centre for directions. Cabbies used to do that but I think in future, everybody will have some sore of a GPS device liao lor.

  2. Avatar

    JayWalk: Business is business. I thought cabbies are supposed to have a good knowledge of roads and landmarks before being granted their licenses. I pay money for a service and I expect to get my money’s worth. I mean, it’s really ridiculous for a cabbie not to know SPCA and Bartley Road and I had to ASK him for a street directory. Most cabbies would whip it out on their own accord when they don’t know a place.

    I don’t think I should cut a person slack when his unprofessionalism could result in MY getting in trouble in MY job. Anyway, I only grumble about it in my blog. I never lodge a formal complaint or anything. Isn’t that enough slack already. What else do you expect me to do? Send his family a food hamper and a cheque?

    nadnut: Haha. Thanks! :P

  3. Avatar

    well… use a GPS phone man. hahha u can order him to turn left turn right. Taxi cab drivers are suppose to know all the roads, but hey new cabbies have to start somewhere right ? the MOST impt thing is that they must be polite when they duno the direction… u know. at least ask the passenger nicely

    u look great anyway with ur specs. I always felt schnauzers look like cute old man… (not lustful ah peks type k) . Probably from their “beard”

  4. Avatar

    Used to keep schnauzer.
    Very playful and look like a childish grandfather due to its beard.
    Their big eyes just melt everyone’s heart.

  5. Avatar

    Speccy has a different sexual appeal ok? I like! *heh heh*

    Screw cabbies who have no sense of direction and don’t know their roads. But at least he was honest. I ever encountered an asshole who didn’t know my destination and didn’t even admit to it, causing my cab fare to shoot up so high!

    Anyways, me saw you on “World of Laughs”. Good performance, although the scenes were so darn short. The scene where you were running away with a guy and you trip and fall into his arms… CLASSIC! You are TRULY a damn convincing damsel in distress. :p

  6. Avatar

    I would have agreed with you totally under normal circumstances. Just look at the cabbies in London (UK) where their road knowledge test is probably the world’s most stringent.

    The truth of the matter is that over the past 10 years, the number of layoffs were really that bad. You would be surprised how many cabbies these days hold degrees or even MBAs!

    Still that is NO EXCUSE for not knowing roads as major as Bartley Road and it is obviously a sign where the taxi companies have lost control over the QC of the intake process. Also perhaps the influx of new cabbies have been so great that their current intake procedures are no longer adequate? Oh dear, I am starting to sound like an ISO9002 auditor liao.

    Anyway, I think I concede is the service attitude of this particular cabbie which I thought was unacceptable.

    OK, so the cabbie suay suay doesn’t know the place, albeit major. It is ABSOLUTELY wrong that the customer has to do the finding out. It is the cabbie’s onus to figure out the destination. Be it, pull over to the side and flip the street direction, or radio to fellow cabbies for directions, or get on the phone and ask somebody or simply pull to the nearest shop/petrol station and ask for directions.

    The passenger should not have to work for the cabbie. Who is paying who?

    Anyway, at the end of the day, there is a small consolation. The cabbie in question now knows where SPCA and Bartley Road is and we hope that the next passenger heading here would benefit from your earlier efforts.

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    Wah.. QY, I for one like u with the specs.. very “xiao jie” leh, like someone u can bring home to see
    On your taxi incident, my take is the taxi uncle was trying to get your attention.. typical delay tactic to get ot talk to u mah.. “mei nui” onboard lei.
    On pets, yeh.. I dogs of all sorts, their looks just seem to make your feet jelly. Just yesterday, saw an Alaskan dog (Really BIG) at a jewellery shop, at first the way it was sitting there & I mistook it for a statue till I got a shock when it turned its head to look my way.. yikes,

  8. Avatar

    It’s sad how some people would choose to give up some wonderful animals. Sad to see them living in cages all their life…well some. I am considering adopting a dog if I come across one I like to take home. Nice that you mention this…

  9. Avatar

    Saw “The Trainee” in your earlier post. Good job! Things are moving well for you with all your involvement. It’s a big change from the last time you were lamenting about stuff ya?

  10. Avatar

    Had no idea a babe could look that dorky. LOL! Anyway, that cabbie’s not as pathetic as the one I got. Didn’t know where was Goodwood Park Hotel or Royal Plaza on Scots or Grand Hyatt hotel. And Far East Plaza barely rung a bell for him either. Definitely not the person to ask for directions!

  11. Avatar

    It’s a pity you have to “let go” of that leading role. Well, on the bright side, it means that your acting career is heading towards a better future. Ganbatte!

  12. Avatar

    Jayson: Wow, those are very nice pictures, indeed!! I hope you take more animal pictures in the future!

    jitsion: Thanks for visiting my blog! =) Actually, I don’t blame cab drivers for not knowing roads. But I was pissed off that day because he didn’t volunteer to check his street directory. Instead, he kept asking me stupid questions, expecting me to direct him. Then, when I asked him whether he had a street directory, he still didn’t check it himself… I have to check for him. lol.

    bigmac: Aww… yay! Another schnauzer fan! I didn’t fall in love with them until I actually met them and got a chance to interact with them about 2 years ago.

    Shelly: Heheh, ok. =P But not everyone can carry the speccy look, and different frames look good on different people. But I do agree some people look really cool with their specs if they choose the right design.

    Wah… I hope you didn’t pay the cabbie the full fare. Sucks to be taken on a wild goose ride!

    Hmm… did I look silly in World of Laughs? Haha. I hope I can get them to give me a copy of the segment since I missed it on TV.

    Miss Loi: lol. yeah. Sometimes, burning joss sticks are the only solution, right? Haha.

    JayWalk: Yeah, I know there are many unlucky, reluctant, high-educated cabbies on our roads. But, like you said, the cabbie shouldn’t have made me do his job for him. And all the time wastage just addded to my lateness, which could potentially affect my career. Maybe all cab companies should install GPS in all their cabs.

    Starstruck: Haha, you sure it makes me look “xiao jie”? Ok, I don’t think I look ugly, but it does make me a look kinda dorky wat.

    Uh, and I don’t think the cabbie was trying to come on to me. He looks like an anti-social blur uncle who would just rather spend all his days sipping coffee at a coffee shop with his buddies, if he has any. lol.

    They put an alaskan in a jewellery shop???? lol.

    modchip: I don’t see any resemblance, but thanks, if that’s a compliment. Heh.

    Mother: No lah. People already complaining that I seem to be losing weight. Hahaha.

    iva: It’s nice of you to consider adopting a dog! I hope you find one soon! It’ll be a really lucky dog. ;)

    Dennis: Thanks! Actually, things haven’t been moving well for me. My career hasn’t really progressed at all in the last three years, lol. But thanks for the concern!

    Derrick: Haha, thanks for agreeing that I look dorky. Ok, I think your cabbie really takes the cake, man. Where did he come from, the middle east? Must be a foreigner if he doesn’t know the most famous buildings in orchard road! lol.

    darkelfin: Wah… you ish jin witty leh. *clap clap*

    Steffi: Thanks for your support! Well, like I said to Dennis, I don’t think my career is progressing at all. But I don’t know, I’ll just live one day as it comes. :P

  13. Avatar

    oohh!i love the schnauzers! they’re so cute! i love animals and i think that its perfectly beastly that people abandon them for no good reason.

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