Cry and the world laughs at you

Yesterday’s shoot lasted 16 hours. 10 am till 2 am. Surprisingly, I wasn’t tired at all. Even couldn’t sleep after getting home.

This project over.

Kids drama project still not over.

I’m depressed.

I hate unprofessional people.

They’re everywhere. Like tapeworms in your intestines.

Why are the unprofessional ones getting all the breaks?

Life is unfair, so stop procreating and causing more pain and unfairness in the world.

Have an event job coming up. We’ve had two rehearsals but I still don’t know how much we’re getting paid and the first event is in two days. They keep saying they’ll e-mail us the contract but I’ve waited 2.5 weeks.


I’m fed up and mad at the world.

I want to throw a tantrum but the sensible side of me knows it won’t help anything. It’ll just make people think I’m a either petty or a crazy bitch to stay away from.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!


So what can I do?

I don’t wonder why so many people jump into MRT tracks.

12 thoughts on “Cry and the world laughs at you

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    yeah, quite terok hor how this **L*3 job is being coordinated. was discussing with the “troop” during first show to ask for half before 4th show. everyone agrees in principal and nominated “M Chief” to be spokesman. dunno if he brought it up yet though….

    …or was it something else that got you so pissed?

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    Cry for now, when the time comes, kick them in the face (in a “metaphoric” way). Ohhhh… sweet revenge… make them suffer! >:D

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    There’s this saying that I always remind myself of:

    Accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and to have the wisdom to know the difference.

    Or if you really feel like you can’t change anything at all, put it all in perspective. Is your life really that bad compared to millions of others? ;)

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    Holy cow.. u work from 10am to 2am & still don’t feel tired, I think they have found another power puff girl for kids central.
    Kinda sad I can’t do anything for your depression like maybe pop a pill or soemthing.
    I share your woes but Just gotta live with all the inequalities in the world, warts & all.. I always feel there is hope or even a silver lining, don’t u .. at least u are given opportunities, looks, lots of blogger buddies or even a Wii, many others may not be so lucky.. think of the worse situation & compared with yours, it may not be that bad after all.

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    Keep track of all paper trail with this event organiser.

    If they decide to stiff you on the pay, at least you have black and white to take them to task.

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    That’s the real world. The world is never fair. For every job there is, there always more unhappiness than happiness. That’s the price one pay to do what one like.

    What we can do is to throw away all unhappiness after 12am. New day = New worry = No more yesterday unhappiness.

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    guess its just me being old but I am one of those who pull a eight to fiver type and am so beat that I am yearning to pop to bed and never wake up.

    yeah I do get fed up but until I can get another avenue for money, I am going to stay in my dead beat job. on a lighter side, cheer up, what doesn’t kill you will make u hang in there..that rainbow will pop up again ;)

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    We all have depression every now and then.
    Thats where positive thinking comes in.

    Everytime you feel like a small fly, tell yourself “It could have been worse”. Think about the countless of aspiring actresses who never even make it to the screen. At least you have, and even have some roles in local movies.

    Banana and Chocolates contain stuffs that are anti-depressant by nature.

    And if all these doesn’t work, there’s always the Goonfather you can take it on.


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    fish: Er… it was something else that got me pissed lah. This event is only a minor annoyance. I was told we would be signing the contract at the first event since they were too busy to email us beforehand. But first event over liao… still no contract!! So, did M Chief say anything yet? :P

    modchip: Well, will I ever get a chance to take revenge? :P I could remain an underdog forever.

    mooiness: That’s a very nice saying, but I think it’s impossible to apply. As for putting things in perspective, I do that, too. But I do it both ways. I compare myself against others more unfortunate, and I feel blessed. But I also compare myself against others more fortunate, and I feel sucky. lol. You can’t just compare one side and pretend to ignore the other. Maybe you can, but I can’t. =(

    Anyway, it’s not really about luck that I’m whining about. I’m kinda more miffed that hard work and dedication isn’t rewarded, while there are others who don’t have to lift a finger all their lives and they’re constantly showered with all the good things in life, like people born with silver spoons in their mouths.

    Starstruck: Hahaha power puff girl? Anyway, I believe in silver linings because I’ve encountered them so many times in life. But still that won’t stop me from feeling depressed from time to time. It’s not that bad, because I eventually come out of it. All I have to do is bury myself into books and games. :P But thanks for your concern, really appreciate it! =)

    Shelly: Hahaha. Aiyah, please don’t take my rants personally. I won’t condemn people who have children, lol. It’s more of a personal campaign to stop people from making me have children. Haha.

    JayWalk: But there’s no paper to trail leh… The only paper I’ve received from this company up to today is the script for the event. Hahaha. We’re still waiting for them to give us the contract to sign, which has been promised since 3 weeks ago.

    bigmac: Yeah, I think I know the realities of the harsh world more intimately than most people. But knowing that won’t stop one from feeling crushed by it. And, actually, my pursuing my dream isn’t the cause of my depressions. In fact, I was way way way more depressed during the few years when I wasn’t pursuing my dreams. Well, maybe I’m just a sad person no matter what. Hahaha.

    Jason: Thanks for the encouragement. Well, I get depressed from time to time, but I just use it as an excuse to indulge in games and books. And I eventually come out of it and eventually, something will happen again to make me feel happy about life. It’s a cycle I’ve been through countless times. Sigh. But I guess that’s what makes up life. ;)

    Ruok: Hmm. Well, they’d better not be Xander because their client is Microsoft. If they pull a Xander, they’ll never work again in the industry. lol.

    Shingo: Thanks, mate! So I should stuff my face with chocolate banana cakes whenever I feel depressed? Hehe.

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