Attitude cat in da house

We were at this 24-hour coffee shop late one night for supper.

As the Goonfather ordered roti prata at a stall, he asked me to go sit down first. “That yellow table over there.”

I said okay and walked to the yellow table.

Ten seconds later, I walked back to the Goonfather again.

“There’s a cat sitting on the chair at the yellow table,” I informed him.

He looked over and considered the situation briefly. “Never mind, just sit down.”

So I went back and sat down opposite the cat, thinking it would bolt.

It didn’t!

And then the Goonfather came back and sat down beside the cat.

The cat looked calmly at him and then turned its head away, its body unmoving.

Of course, I took pictures.

It’s very nice to have a cat for a supper companion. The cat stayed with us throughout our meal and allowed me to stick my camera right in its face.

I think the Goonfather rather enjoyed it, too.

16 thoughts on “Attitude cat in da house

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    Maybe the cat is a fan of yours. Of course, he’s a cat and cannot talk. Did he meow at you ? If so, she want your autograph and your hug as well. Yap, ‘dirty’ old cat !

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    modchip: I like kittens. Especially very little ones. They’re too cute for words!! :)

    mooiness: YAY! I’m happy to find a fellow lolcat fan! ;)

    arachno: Yup, the cat was really cool, just kept staring at me while I took pictures of it nonstop.

    bigmac: Hahaha… funny. No idea what the cat was thinking, really. But I felt like it was saying, “I’m da boss here. No one’s gonna make me move from my seat!!”

    Starstruck: Hehe. :)

    nadnut: Thanks! :) :)

    misha: Haha. I think the cat likes the Goonfather more. :P

    Jesta: Thank you. DUH!!

    xiriss: :)

    uglyfatchick: Eh… I got different reaction. When a cat looks like that, I don’t dare to touch it. lol.

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    In ur seet??? Greyee might flip over and die…Seet is his last name….and he’s afraid of cats… so afraid!!! I’m getting over my fear of them…slowly…very slowly…

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    Looking at the last picture, the cat if able to speak singlish will say:

    ‘See what ? Never see pretty ‘cat’ before isn’t ? Stop staring at my ‘naked’ body, you lecher !

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    Last time I was in Singapore we went to a Buddhist temple and we were swarmed by cats with no tails. There must have been 50 of them. All were cute as hell and all were very friendly. The monks feed the daily so they hung around the temple. It was so cool!

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