Thousands of sweaty women

I have been hearing guys talk about how they love sweaty women. There must be some weirdass synchronocity at work because, suddenly, all the guys I know are talking about liking the scent of women’s sweat and how sweaty is sexy.

So, in response to such greater, mysterious forces, I give you sweaty Sheylara and sweaty Wen.

Are we now suddenly more attractive in your eyes?


Men are weird.

To take this even further, me and Wen have signed up for a sweaty women’s event.

Cool or not??

Haha. Ok, it’s actually the Great Eastern Women 10K Race and I’m feeling very proud of myself for signing up for such a scary event.

Of course, I will be far from proud when I come in last at the race, but we still have more than three months to prepare so I can maybe train up enough to come in second last, instead.

I only ran 10km once in my life, when I was in secondary school. I clocked 72 minutes and that was like during the peak of my fitness level.

Last year’s top runner for the Women’s 10K clocked 38 minutes. WTF are these people even human??

Actually, I didn’t sign up for the race to attract guys lah. I signed up to force myself to run more often. Not wanting to embarrass myself coming in last is a great motivator.

Wen and I have been slacking recently, not running as often as we originally planned to. Partly because of my filming commitments and partly because she recently started her internship at Nuffnang, it’s harder for us now to plan our running schedule.

But now that we’ve signed our souls to the devil, we can’t slack anymore. I hope I can regain even my lousy 72-minute timing in three months’ time. Then at least I know I won’t come in last for the race. (Last year’s last placed runner clocked 127 minutes.)

So. If you guys come and cheer for us, you can feast your eyes on literally thousands of sweaty women. (There were 3629 participants last year.) Is that an appealing thought?

Haha. I’m joking. Don’t come. I don’t want anyone I know to see me crawl pathetically to the finish line. If I can even reach it.

I just hope they don’t try to sell me insurance.

20 thoughts on “Thousands of sweaty women

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    As a guy still with NS liability, i have no choice but to make sure i train enough to pass the 2.4km run. But i really dun understand why anyone would want to subject themselves to the torture of training for a 10km run. Running/jogging for the sake of fitness i can understand. But 10km???? It’s so unnatural…just what r they trying to proof har? Lemme guess….that only those extremely suay ones ( and mind you, there has been quite a few lately ) will konk-out????

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    Actually I know a few people who run 40+km runs on a weekly basis, and they are not preparing themselves for any race. This I would consider crazy… 40+km… WTF???

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    jiejie QY

    thank you for visiting my blog . Misha will “support” you from HK ook? remember to run fast fast so that you can win :)

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    You’re my hero! 10 KM??? Oh my, I would have fainted, died, and whatever by the time I reached 5 KM. I’ll definitely come in last!

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    Fish : it is a test of what are your limits , 难道you wanna wait till your 40 or 50 then find out your limits ? let 10km be the 1st step =p next step = ahm 21km or standard charter’s 42 km , do it progressively ! longer runs like that carbo load !

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    sweating is defintely uncool, you both look pale and sick with so much wastage of water … why do u want to run 10km? u know u can do it and u have done it b4.. i have no choice to go for IPT and ICT every year to be totured.. why toture ur self?

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    Actually, there’re quite a few runs organised for this year. My company posted a few and is willing to sponsor 1/2 of the sign up fees.

    Mizuno Wave Run
    10km Competitive, 5km Fun run
    Sunday 22nd July 2007
    Bedok Reservoir

    Singapore Bay Run 2007
    21km, 12km, 6km
    Sunday 26 Aug 2007
    Esplanade Drive

    Shape Run 2007
    10km, 5km (women’s only)
    Sunday 9 Sept 2007
    Esplanade Bridge

    GE Women 10K 2007
    10km Competitive, 5km Fun run
    Sunday 21 Oct 2007
    Esplanade Drive

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    I’m tempted to say: “Run Yun, run!” but I would never be that corny…
    Good for you to get fit, but don’t get any thinner. And sweaty women don’t do it for me.
    Men aren’t weird, they are stupid

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    mkb: Haha. Ok, you’re one of them too. :P

    Larry: Eeew…! That just proves that men are weird, coming up with all sorts of fetishes!

    Fish: Er… it’s a sport mah. Some people actually enjoy marathon running. Anyway 10km is considered chicken feed to runners and it’s just another form of exercise. Like tennis or scuba diving or mountain climbing or whatever.

    arachno: Hahaha, those are true blue marathon runners. I think it’s also a bit crazy, but I can understand because sometimes running is fun. Er… sometimes only lah.

    Steffi: Ah… really? :P But I was just joking lah. The race starts at 7.30am and there will be thousands of people there.. too crowded and too early, lol.

    misha: You’re welcome, dear. And your blog is cute. :) Thanks for your support! I will try my best but I won’t win because I’m not really a runner… just joining for fun! ;)

    modchip: Haha. Need a fan?

    Monster: lol. It’s really not that bad. My regular jogging route is 4km. So I just need to x 2.5. Ok, I guess it’ll be tough but I think it’ll be fun!

    Chenghao: Heh. Well said.

    chak: It’s called exercise lah. Running is a good way to keep fit. I find that after I started running regularly, I’ve been feeling good, not so much aches and pains every day and never fall sick. So since I’m already running regularly, joining a race is just another way to do it. It’ll be fun to run with thousands of people! ;) Actually, I think people look good after a run because got natural flush on the cheeks, no need to use blusher. lol.

    Alvin: Wah, cool! Thanks for the info! Will check them out. ;) You and your wife joining any?

    starmist: Haha… what run are you taking part in?

    Ruok: Erm…. I know. lol.

    Jesta: Hahaha. Thanks for the enlightening assertion! :) Anyway, I can’t help my size so stop harping on it! :P And for the record, I don’t run to lose weight. I run to keep fit!

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    haha… i signed up for the run with a few of my gfs too…. such a coincidence… one thing i can be for sure is that wen and ya will be much faster than us…. see ya then :P

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    YEAH! I saw your blog entry. Was going to ask you about it this Sat if you’re going to the cats’ place. Are you? :)

    And nah, I don’t think you will lose us. We are really slowpokes. And you diver leh… how to fight your stamina? lol.

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    yeah… diver is use oxygen tank one… :P yep, should be gg to their place this sat… ya guys gg right? see ya den…. :)

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