The things I do for free tickets

Honestly, free movie tickets aren’t that big a deal. It’s like, what, less than 10 bucks a ticket. Big deal lah.

But these particular tickets are a big deal because they’re also admission tickets to what I think will be one of the coolest community events this year — Nuffnang Singapore‘s first sponsored bloggers’ gathering!

There will be food, goodie bags, a movie screening of Rush Hour 3 and prizes for “most patriotic blogger”. ALL FREE! Best of all, attendees will be celebrating National Day with some of the most prominent bloggers in Singapore. Sounds good or not?

They have sort of a campaign going on now. 200 movie tickets will be given to Nuffnangers who post a blog titled “The things I do for free tickets”.

But I did better than just write a silly blog.

I went personally to the Nuffnang office to hound the hell out of the big boss himself.

There, I found Ming gleefully holding more than $2,000 worth of movie tickets in his hands.

Because he’s such a nice guy, he gave them all to me.

Wahahahaha!! All mine!!

That means everyone must now bribe ME for the tickets!! Bwahaha.

I’m just joking, of course.

Seriously. Don’t run off and hound Ming because I don’t want to be responsible for 500 bloggers suddenly turning up at his office to demand for tickets.


If you haven’t already, hurry up and write your “The things I do for free tickets” post and e-mail Nuffnang your link. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy post and you don’t even have to mention the word Nuffnang, but you’ll stand a better chance of getting a ticket if you manage to impress or humour Ming.

Ming should be quite an easy guy to humour because he has space invaders on his office wall.

I don’t know what’s the connection but I’m sure you can figure something out.

Ming was quite stressed because I wouldn’t keep my camera after camwhoring with the tickets. I managed to get this picture of him looking very stressed. Hahaha.

I think his stressed look goes very well with his avant garde wall background.

Anyway, the event is on National Day so there’s not much time left. Post your entry to secure your tickets quick!

For more info on the event, read here.

9 thoughts on “The things I do for free tickets

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    misha: Oh, I wish I can really give you because that would mean you’re coming to Singapore! :P

    modchip: Eh, don’t call me that leh, makes me sound like some ticket seller. Hahaha.

    Derrick: And that’s gonna help… how?? lol….

    The Goonfather: You want to paint space invaders on your wall too? :P

    marina: Haha… yesh I’m crazy. Scared or not?

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