The Simpsons have a new family member!


I dunno what’s her name but I think her hair colour is all wrong.

Ok, I’m rushing off to watch movie now. Not sure what we’re watching tonight cos I’m not the one booking the tickets. Maybe The Simpsons!


13 thoughts on “The Simpsons have a new family member!

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    DK: It’s at the VivoCity Golden Village ticketing foyer

    Starmist: Hehe, I took this picture a couple weeks back. But last night I was at VivoCity GV again, there was a queue of people waiting to take photos on this couch, lol.

    Monster: I’m so envious! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    hersheys: Haha… good idea. (Picture taken at VivoCity Golden Village.) :P

    Derrick: lol

    Steffi: Hahaha, that’s true.

    The Goonfather: Hahaha. So mean lah you.

    modchip: Yeah. ;)

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    motd: Sorry, I don’t know. I haven’t watched it yet, lol. I ended up watching Transformers that night. But I have some friends who say it’s really good. The jokes are good and it’s like laugh all the way.

    lancerlord: Hahaha… I think Homer ALWAYS looks stunned anyway :P

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