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    Practice makes perfect… My cliche for the day. :o) Anyway, I’m sure that you will be able to join the ranks of the acting talents that have made it in the music biz… like Bruce Willis :oP

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    modchip: Thanks! :D

    Jesta: I don’t know if you mean to be sarcastic or not. But in Singapore, artistes are sadly required to be multi-“talented”. If you can only act, nobody’s gonna bother with you. I mean the people who matter who doles out the jobs.

    misha: Not really learning to sing… yet. Just practising only. :P We can sing together if you ever come to Singapore! :)

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    Coolman, you got the musician look as well, paste it on an album & it should sell well. BTW, how did u learn to handle the guitar, do tell

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    I tried learning the guitar on my own…decided that I didn’t like it, lol! It didn’t feel comfortable. Hand and fingers were hurting the next day.

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    No pain no gain – you’ll really have to endure finger pains when learning to play guitar. I myself learned to play it by myself, took about 1 week, now my fingers are immune to the pain. Currently, I’m now a bass player. :D

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    JayWalk: Haha. I was thinking of making a very crude MTV but need more time to do that! :P

    arachno: Thanks! ;) I’ll definitely have a video some time but not so soon. Hehe.

    Starstruck: Thanks for the compliments! I actually learnt how to play the guitar from an aunt when I was very young. I also took a year of classical guitar lessons at a music school. But guitar playing isn’t quite a passion for me, so my skill never progressed and I’m still a lousy player. Haha.

    Steffi: Yeah, it hurts. You have to keep playing diligently for weeks before your skin hardens and the hurt stops. :P

    modchip: Not only when you’re learning to play, when it also hurts when you start to play again after not playing for a long time. :P

    fish: Er… dowan lah. My guitar playing sucks. I’m actually better at singing, even though my singing also sucks. Haha.

    Ruok: I never said I don’t like singing. I said I “don’t really like singing that much”. It means I like it but not enough to pursue it in favour of acting. If I’m given a choice, I’d rather act.

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