My neopets got ousted by Xbox 360

First of all, the Goonfather is totally nuts.

It’s not enough for him to own a PS3. Not enough for him to own a Wii. He absolutely must own an Xbox 360, too.

So he went and got one about a month ago.

He doesn’t even have enough time to play one gaming console, let alone three. Minus working, sleeping, eating and socialising, he only has like four hours a week to play games.

So, I don’t really get it. What the hell does he need so many consoles for?

He now calls himself PSWii60. (That’s what you get when you stick all the consoles together.)

He was so excited over owning the latest console of every major console manufacturer that he even dug out his old (now obsolete) Sega Dreamcast to display together with the new collection.

From left to right, we have: Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Sega Dreamcast. One from each console bigwig.

Which is really dumb, because the Dreamcast is not even in use and is only taking up valuable real estate.

Real estate, I might add, which belongs to my neopets.


We have this row of shelves, you see, three shelves lined up together to form a long row. My 28 neopets used to live on top of all three shelves. I lined them up nicely from one end to the other end.

But NOW, the Goonfather has usurped two of the shelf tops to display all his beloved consoles (plus remote controls and game software), leaving only one shelf top for my neopets.

My poor neopets from the two usurped shelf tops were forced to flee to the third shelf top to be unceremoniously dumped with the rest.

What a tyrant the Goonfather is.

I need to find a new home for my neopets.

In the meantime, I have to pose for pictures with the Xbox 360 to continue the old tradition as with the PS3 and the Wii.

Because the cables from all the consoles are snaked around one another all over the place, I didn’t want to mess with them, so I couldn’t unplug the 360. Which meant that, to take a photo with it, I had to go squeeze into the awkward corner where the Goonfather had placed it.

As such, the poses I could do with it were severely limited.


That’s about the extent of my creative photography for today.

Anyway, the Xbox 360 is not as cute as the Wii and not as sleek as the PS3. I don’t even know what to say about it.

So, I’m just gonna say this: My neopets are unhappy!

24 thoughts on “My neopets got ousted by Xbox 360

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    misha first .. misha first

    happy 07/07/07 to jiejie QY

    hehehe .. xbox .. it is ok .. misha has xbox .. ps3 .. wii .. nintendo .. gameboy .. what ever? no more hehehe

    the more the merrier :)

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    I’m with the Goonfather on this one. I can’t claim to own all the consoles – I do have a horribly expensive PC, pretty much just for gaming, a PSP and a PS3 – but I do tend to buy first and worry about the time to play with them later. Nowhere in the Man Manual does it say we have to make sense…

    Besides neopets v consoles – the consoles win every time!

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    misha: Hi cutie pie! Happy 777! Although now it’s already past 777. :P Wow, you have all the consoles too? You lucky girl!! :)

    Hmm, you tagged me? Haha, ok I’ll do it just for you because you’re a sweetie! Give me some time to pass up my homework, ok? ;)

    Jesta: Hahaha, well, when you put it that way, it makes sense. I used to collect drama serials in VCD. I have somewhere between 50 – 100 boxes (each box is an average 20-episode serial). And to date, I’ve only watched maybe 10% of it. lol.

    Kev: Nooooooooooo the neopets are mine! MINE MINE! Heheh. :P I used to be super super addicted to neopets. I still play the flash games once in a while now when I’m bored.

    Tommy: Great idea! But I think the Goonfather will accuse me of trying to burn up his consoles by blocking the ventilation with my neopets. lol.

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    Hmmm…. You must have been one die-hard neopets fan and true blue digital denizen of Neopia! I always find the strange and exotic foods that you can feed the pets pretty fun.

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    Well… with that kind of position (blocking the air vents), it gonna kills the 360 very soon. Mine one died after only 3 and a half months of usage with complete open space around the console. I want the PS3…

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    Tsk life is unfair I only have a PC.
    I’ve never owned a console in my life.

    All I want is a PSP rarh!

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    Wah… The Goonfather sibeh hardcore siah….

    I only have my Wii sitting pretty in living room but I have no access to the TV!!?? day time the kids watch to program. night time grandparents watch variety shows, serial dramas and news.


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    Use 3M tape to stick your neopets all over his consoles avoiding the ventilation area.. Like on his on/off power switch? Well if there is extra, you can always stick it on his console controllers.. ;)

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    Haha, me and the Goonfather are the same, except that I still do not have the PS3… but I got the original xbox, xbox360, wii, ps2, psp, ds, gba sp, gbm, dreamcast, & ps1. And also a few hours a week for playing.

    I don’t know why I wanted to buy all these, it’s just satisfying just seeing them and thinking that I have worked for all of them through my own ‘sweat & blood’. :D

    BTW, you the The Goonfather share the same room?

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    misha: Ok dear, thank you! You stay cute too! ;)

    Walter: Yeah, I was quite a Neopets addict some time back. I could spend like 10 hours a day on Neopets, half the time making Neopoints and the other half socialising. Haha. I also created a guild website with a daily updated newsletter for my guild. That really took a lot of time!

    Wilson: Wow, your 360 died so fast? But still under warranty so can be repaired for free, right?

    yh: Heh, if you really want it so much, I’m sure you can have it someday. Save up or make extra money or something for it. The sad thing for me is I don’t even want these consoles. Other things I want I can’t get. :(

    Jaywalk: Hahahaha. That’s damn ultimate! Got Wii cannot play. :P I think that’s worse than no Wii. lol. I pity you.

    jeremy: Haha… how silly would it look with all the Neopets stuck all over the consoles?

    The Goonfather: They’re nice! Hehe! :)

    modchip: Ok, you can be best friends with the Goonfather. Hahaha. Yup, we live together.

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    :-O The Goonfather is so lucky! He has the consoles, and he has the hot chick, all in the same roof.

    @The Goonfather: Can we trade our lives for one day? lol.
    @The Goonfather (Again): Get Gears of War! It’s soooooo freakin’ good!

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    @Sheylara: Hehe, how ironic:) The console that “usurped” your Neopets’ real estate in 2007 later became a source for your success!:) I think the Neopets won’t mind so much now…

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