Help, I’m a scatterbrain

I think I’m getting more stupid as I grow older.

I’ve been planning to design and print some personal name cards for some time now and finally got on my ass to do it. The print shop said to submit in PSD format and I can specify pantone colours if I want exact shades.

So, today, I went to the shop with my PSDs and a sheet of paper listing the pantones I used.

“Ok. Your PSD is unflattened, right?” said the guy when I handed him the stuff.

“Er… I flattened them,” I said, “You need them unflattened?”

“If you want me to pick the specific colours.”

OKWTF. How dumb can I get???? It’s not like I’m a newborn with no common sense. Walao.

I just never thought of it until he mentioned it.

I find myself getting more and more scatterbrained with each passing year. And my memory is dying on me.


A few weeks ago, I was walking to my car after an audition. I held a file with one hand and a handbag with the other hand. When I got to the car, I had to make an urgent phone call, so I tried to multi-task.

I slung my handbag over my shoulder, placed the file on the roof of the car, used my right hand to unlock the car (wasn’t using remote control) while dialing the phone with my left hand.

While I talked on the phone, I got into the car, started the engine and closed the door.


Walao for the nth time!!!!

I only realised it when I reached my destination, by which time the file had totally disappeared. I was searching for my file and couldn’t find it. It took me 20 minutes to realise what I had done.

Terrible right?!

That’s not the worst of it. I’m so forgetful that I can’t remember names and faces, which is like the number one sin on earth. I have on a few occasions tried to introduce myself to people I’ve already been introduced to briefly before. So embarrassing can?

I try very hard to remember, but when, let’s say, you’re at a networking party and you meet five different people every ten minutes, there’s not enough time to stick it into the memory.

And I totally have no short term memory to speak of.

My memory is so bad that driving is a stressful event. I can never remember how to get anywhere and I always get lost. Singapore roads are super confusing, especially one way streets.

Sometimes I prefer to take public transport even though I have a car available to use.

I’m such a dingbat.

(Actually, Nanny Wen is worse than me in this department, hahahaha, but I’m bad enough lah.)

I need some serious help. How can I regain my once normal memory? *sob*

19 thoughts on “Help, I’m a scatterbrain

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    Did I mention that I had ever searched for a pen/pencil that I’ve stuck behind my ear?

    Happened a few times too.

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    I too have difficulty remembering people’s names…that’s when “brudder” comes in really handy. :P

    And i’ve lost count of the times i have told myself to remember to remove the cashcard from my bike’s IU…only to walk off without doing so once i arrive at the destination. Luckily, only 3 times my cashcard got swiped. Also left the key in the ignition lotsa times but hengheng bike never kena ridden off. It pays to not have fancy eyecatching keychains like tigertails, furry dices, “remove before flight” streamers, etc ;P

    Quite unavoidable really…when one’s got so many things on one’s mind…strange new environment and even stranger people we meet…and who can claim to be getting younger right? :)

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    Try playing the “Brain Age: How Old is Your Brain?” and “More Brain Exercises From Dr. [Forgot the name]” for the Nintendo DS. Believe me, after months of using that software, my concentration significantly improved, got better in math (basic operations) and developed new memorization techniques, etc. It also includes graphs about your performance as the days go by. I highly recommend it.

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    File? Pfffft, that’s nothing…

    My colleague (who had just got his car) left his wallet AND HANDPHONE on the roof…

    Someone later found his wallet by the side of an expressway, but the HP MIA… LOL

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    wahahah… handing over a flattened PSD file is as good as passing your printer a JPG liao…

    But names… yeah, that’s one thing i’m having a hard time remembering too!

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    u need Mega Memory! but i think this happens to most ppl, i am forever leaving things in the car, and my worst case of bad memory is.. aftering bathing, i was trying to recall did i shampoo a not? then i end up bathing again cos i cannot remember..

    scratches are expensive eh?

    u really need a good GPS for navigation, something that is mounted inside the car so that u won’t lose it..

    for cheaper alts, get the M1 broadband, and u can access on the road..

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    I am equally forgetful too QY. So i understand ur situation. How I wish we can insert into our brain a 100GB expandable memory chip with multi slot. Den when we need to extract the data, we just flutter our eyes and command our brain wat info we need.

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    Where’re you getting your namecards printed? So cool one, can choose pantone colours some more.

    For memory, nothing beats rote memorisation. =P

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    Alvin: Hahaha. I think I heard you mention before. :P

    KingMeng: Duh. I know, you wanted to talk about snakes? No, wait, I know. You gonna talk about kittens. :P

    JayWalk: NO MONEY LARRRR~~~ T_T

    abraxis: Haha, that’s a good one! Although I don’t think it quite works that way, but that’s a good excuse. Lol.

    fish: You’re as absent-minded as I am. Hehe. Sorry to hear you lost your cashcard 3 times. That’s terrible, man. Hope there wasn’t too much money in them.

    The Goonfather: It’s NOT ME~~~~~~ DON’T HAVE!!!

    modchip: Er… I don’t have Nintendo DS. :(

    Mince Pye: OMG OMG. Ok, I don’t feel so bad about myself anymore. Thanks for sharing that info. lol.

    vinyarb: Arrrghh I know I very dumb lah… don’t laugh at me. T_T I never printed anything before can? :P

    chak: GPRS is expensive lah. And I don’t have laptop or PDA. But I’m glad to hear so many people are as absent-minded as me. Haha.

    Wang Wang: Yeah, yeah! Best if can like Matrix har, just plug into the system and get instant knowledge and skills! lol.

    CrashWire: In this little shop called Visual Hub in Sunshine Plaza. It’s expensive, though, but card is good quality. :P And I thought every printer also let you specify pantone colours one. No meh?

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    The one I use: I upload, they print and deliver. Card quality’s barely satisfactory, but hey, I’m noob in networking. So pantone must pay extra like for other print projects, right?

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    Er… I don’t think pantone need to pay extra. They don’t own pantone copyrights or whatever wat. But my card is good quality and with lamination so it’s like $32 per 100 pieces. Super ex! But I’m happy with it! :)

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    And uh, I know it’s not nice to comment on old, old entries. I’m just bringing this up to your attention, since you said you forgot about it!

    I wanna see your namecards! Blog about them or something. ;)

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    Nothing wrong with commenting on old entries wat. ;)

    Anyway, what a coincidence, huh? You manage to get my namecard on the very day you post this comment!

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    I have to say – there’s only so many ways one can design a namecard, but yours looks scarily similar to mine in layout. o_O

    And now I’ll have to look out for cheap printers for a new batch of mine. Your card quality’s great but I’m sure there’s cheaper ones out there, yeah?

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