Happy Barfday To Me

You know how people like to wish people “Happy Barfday” on their birthdays?

Well, today is my birthday and I am literally barfing. So go ahead and wish me a happy barfday. The irony makes me laugh.

Woke up with gastric pains today. But I had a lunch appointment followed by a work meeting, so I popped two pills and braved the rain to go out.

Was nauseous and didn’t have appetite, but forced myself to eat kaya toast with hot milo.

In the middle of my meeting, I had to run to the toilet to puke my lunch out.

Gritted my teeth and finished the meeting, which took more than an hour, then went to the doctor.

Dr Lee was quite envious that I woke up at 12pm today and that I can do that sort of thing quite regularly.

So he gave me four kinds of tablets and one bottle of chalky white liquid to torture me. Yuck! Disgusting. The diagnosis is gastric flu or intestinal flu, caused by food poisoning.

Yesterday, I had an English high tea at Goodwood Park Hotel with my friends. Today, three of us are sick, including Nanny Wen. Haha. I haven’t had a chance to find out the extent of their condition yet, but I feel a bit better knowing that I’m not alone. LOL.

It’s not that bad. I’ve had worse gastric flu once, when I puked four times in an hour even before eating. So, don’t worry! I will live to blog again!


36 thoughts on “Happy Barfday To Me

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    Happy Bday dear!!!!!

    I didn’t kena gastric flu leh, i heard the rest got LS ar…

    U take care dear ok?

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    Sheng Ri Kuai Le!! Alles Schönes und eine gute Besserung zum Geburtstag von Deutschland!!

    PS: That means: All beautiful things and a speedy recovery for your birthday from Germany!! :D

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    WE share the same birthday ! :D

    wishing u all the best in everything uh ! ur auditions, shootings, ALLLLLL GOOD GOOD GOOOD !

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    hey babe.. happy birthday.. sorry to hear u were ill on ur birthday, and such a terrible illness too! gosh. u shd write to gwp hotel to claim medical fees, and compensation!!

    haha :)

    hope u get well soon, babe. muaks!

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    Happy Birthday (late), although I would tend to wish people “Hippy Bathday” (see Winnie the Pooh)…
    Get well soon.

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    As requested: HAPPY BARFDAY!!

    Had local hi-tea at Goodwood Park recently. All 28 of us came out ok. Just bad luck I guess, or maybe the rest of your posse have iron stomach. LOL!

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    KingMeng / arachno / cowgoesmoo / Ruok / desmond / CrashWire / Steffi / chak: Thanks for taking the time to drop by and wish me happy birthday! ;) Sorry to lump you all together but well, I don’t want to say the same thing like 10 times! Hehe! :)

    nicole: Thank you! I’m feeling better now but I’m starving today! Puked out everything I ate the whole of yesterday, yech.

    Wang Wang: I also got a bit of LS but just a bit. Only the vomitting and nausea was terrible. :P Thank you for the lovely present, babe! I love it! :)

    Nanny Wen: Hope you feeling better now. Stop eating junk food when you’re sick! Aiyo. Thanks for the present and the bday cake! Mwak! Ooh. I think I feel better enough to eat my birthday cake today!

    Angelia: Wah! What a coincidence! :) Happy birthday to you too! :)

    Stan: Heh, thanks for the unique Chinese-cum-German greeting.

    Yuwen: Yeah! Happy birthday, too, cousin! :) May all your wishes come true! :) Hope you had a great birthday!

    Daphne: Thanks, dear! Actually, I asked my doctor whether he thought I could claim against GWP for compensation. He said I can try but no guarantee, cos even a doctor can’t prove that it’s GWP’s food that caused us the food poisoning. lol. Anyway, I can’t be bothered lah. Lazy. Haha.

    Jesta: Hippy Bathday? Heh, not really a Winnie the Pooh fan so I don’t know that one, but I guess it works too. :P Thanks! :)

    modchip: When I went to see the doctor yesterday, he said he thought I was a secondary school student. Hahaha. I’m however old you want me to be lah. ;)

    Derrick: Thanks, lol. It was probably just that particular day. I had high tea there before and it was ok. But Sunday wasn’t a very good day. The fresh cream had a durian taste in it. The waiter said it was because they put the cream in the same fridge as durians. WTF. My favourite thing in the spread is scones with fresh cream and jam so the durian-flavoured fresh cream was just sick!

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    Hey, happy birthday to you. Know how you feel since I once spent 2 weeks with a similar affliction that left me with an intimate familiarity with my toilet bowl contours. Get well soon, and take this chance to catch up on sleep!

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    Hobbes: TWO WEEKS! That’s terrible. I don’t think I can survive that kind of trauma for that long. O_o

    DK: No worries. Better late than never. And thank you! ;)

    jeremy: Thanks for the advice! I have a huge craving for bbq chicken wings now. Hahaha. But shall resist. lol.

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    Opps! I’m even later! I was at your blog but I forgot to leave a Happy Barfday comment! Eh…anyways, Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Anyways the nutritionist says “Go easy on the food u eat for now, take something lite & drink lotsa fluids!”

    PS: Yakult’s not bad too, can try and also up your fibre intake!

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    Jzin: Thanks, hehe. Erm.. you’re a nutritionist ah? I love Yakult! Must go buy some. Hehe… :P

    starmist: No worries, dear. Thanks for the birthday wish! ;)

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