Fashion Diary #9: Lollipop Stop

Day 9

Name of outfit: Lollipop Stop


Destination: Photoshoot

Notes: My good friend, Justyn Olby, decided one day that he was tired of seeing the same ol’ boring backgrounds in my hastily self-taken photographs, so he dragged me out for a proper photoshoot.

I had to cough out four outfits in a day! Outfits I’ve never published in this Fashion Diary! It was quite a tall order but I managed to accomplish it by pulling out some old things and doing lots of mixing and matching.

So, here’s the first one. I’m not sure where I’d wear it to, though. Maybe to a party.

23 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #9: Lollipop Stop

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    Sugoi kawaii! Although, I still like the close-up headshots :o)
    “Lollipop Stop” is the perfect name for the outfit too.

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    Grrrrr…Sexy! Mamaaaaamia!! La bonita!! Lahahaha…here we come again, the “legs” comments will be drifitng in soon…just another usual day of blogging at,eh? Thanks for rocking my tuesday QY!!;)

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    Yeah, legs! It is one of her strongest assets.

    You’re really hot! I have said this to many times already, but I can’t stop posting it. Are all singaporeans as hot as you?

    More photos please! (Or maybe some video of you in that outfit!) :D

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    Forgot to mention… your outfit ‘almost’ resembles Sakuras (SF). I like it! I’ll give it a 5 out of 5.

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    It seems like people like my work, or, possibly, your legs and see-through blouse… :o)
    Always nice to feel appreciated… Although I can’t claim any credit for the clothes *sigh*

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    J/Jesta: Cool, you really think so? :) I mean about the name being perfect. I wonder if I should even name my outfits because I sometimes come up with totally stupid, random names that I can’t even explain.

    And, hey, you’re very welcome to sponsor my wardrobe, then you can claim credit for my clothes AND the beautiful photography! :P

    arachno: Haha… thanks :P

    uglyfatchick: Um… maybe to compensate for my lack of other more important assets. :P

    Stan: lol… your comments are very cute. Thanks for making me smile!

    modchip: Hmm. I think I am just average. Many Singaporean girls are much much hotter than me. Who’s Sakura?

    SC: Sometimes it’s just the outfit that enhances certain body parts. My legs aren’t as long compared to models in fashion magazines. :(

    Alvin: WHERE GOT SEE THROUGH!! *piak* :P

    Steffi: Hehe… should I start a personal shopper service? :P But you don’t even live in Singapore, do you? lol

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    Whaaattt!!! More hotter than you! You’re just average? Singapore must be heaven. :D

    Sakura from street fighter. You reminded me of her when I saw your pictures.

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    Daphne: Hahaha. Maybe I’m an alien. :P

    SC: :) :)

    modchip: lol… you’ve not been to Singapore before? Anyway thanks for the compliment! It’s cool to be compared to an anime character because they’re all so cute! Hehe.

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    If u are going to the anniversary this sat, WEAR THIS OUTFIT!!!

    Like everyone else (connected to or veron) is saying, u will be ULTRA HAWT!

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    Ooh I notice some of your photoshoots are taken at Republic Poly or somewhere near the vicinity. You stay in woodlands or something? :D

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