Fashion Diary #10: Bad Bunny

Day 10

Name of outfit: Bad Bunny


Destination: Photoshoot by Justyn Olby

Notes: This is the second outfit I wore for the photoshoot last week. I love the photography! We shot this on the top level of a multi-storey carpark, a section of which had been turned into some dumping ground. Cool!

But I need to get better shoes for this crazy punk-gothic-lolita look. I like the mix in styles because it complements my multiple personality. And it’s fun to wear out because it confuses people, who don’t quite know what to make of you. Hahaha.

34 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #10: Bad Bunny

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    Steffi: Hehe, thanks! Yeah the shoes are stupid, but they’re the best I have for this outfit, lol.

    uglyfatchick: Yeah… same as what I said to Steffi!

    cowgoesmoo: What armored ring and black stone ciggie?? O_o Hmm, never watch Nana. But I think cosplay is fun. But expensive lah, so I can only psuedo cosplay, haha.

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    Wooooooooow! You look so good and tasty! I like the dark look! You really pulled it out this time! Very very nice! This is definitely a face melter!

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    Goth? Heh almost…you missed out the black lipstick, black eyeshadow and of cos black painted nails. Add slim black bangles adorned with little white “ivory” horns to the right hand…for that extra touch perhaps? But then again, you might scare more people than attract them hahaha :P

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    Seems like my pictures are bringing you dinner and marriage proposals… How nice to see my opinion of your looks being validated :oP

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    the first picture is the nicest.
    it accentuate the features of your face.
    although i would prefer that fire extinguisher in the background to go away.

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    Yuwen: Hi cuz! Hehe, I guess you would recognise that place. But then… does that mean you always hang out at the carpark? lol.

    Starstruck: Hi, thanks for the compliment and the offer, but I can’t accept, lol. But thanks anyway.

    Wind: Um… yah, haven’t you been reading my blogs? I’m attached to this fellow called the Goonfather. :P

    Miss Loi: Hah, I guess. But it’s back to kitty colours again the next time, cos I don’t have any more gothic type outfits. :P

    misha: Thanks, babe! ;)

    modchip: Thanks! Didn’t know you like the dark look. Kinda surprising! ;)

    Stan: Haha, nah, I don’t like full Goth. Don’t think I will look good in black lipstick and all that. I prefer the mixed versions, not so scary. :P

    Sicarii: Thanks! Hehe. Glad to hear you like the tartan, cos Justyn (the photographer) didn’t like it! :P

    Jesta: Er… marriage proposals? I don’t think we’re up to that stage yet. lol.

    arachno: Thanks! Yeah, I quite like that picture too!

    Shell: Mmmmm… no idea what to call it, lol.

    Xiriss: Thanks! Bad is nice, sometimes? ;)

    Nanny Wen: Where got? I’m bad, not naughty. So you’re still the only naughty one!

    Miss Loi: LOL… no lah, I don’t think they’re wolves. They’re just my regular supporters, aren’t they? ;)

    Derrick: I hope! I love playing bad roles. ;)

    Jayson: How observant! You know, I never realised the fire extinguisher until you mentioned it! lol.

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    To Everyone: Thank you for your kind comments on my outfit! I must say I’m totally taken by surprise by the positive response on this one. I thought it’s kinda radical and wouldn’t be very well-received (in Singapore context). But I’m glad you all liked it! Thanks for all your encouraging words and support! ;)

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    Hiyo !
    No lah. i dont hang out at the carpark. LOL.
    i was there once at my orientation camp & i recognised it ! LOL.
    update more aite ! :)

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    starmist> aye. i always got an eye for gd stuff..
    qy> see?!?! starmist shares my excellent taste as well…
    the armored ring cheap cheap, selling in shops for ard $12 i think. (abit heavy though cos cheapo 1 mah. the real 1 cost like afew hundred)

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    Starmist: Cool! I think I should watch Nana! If they dress like that, I’d love it! ;)

    Monster: Scary meh? O_o I’m only like 20% goth, lol. Maybe less. I dressed up 80% goth long ago for a halloween party, complete with black eyeshadow and nail polish. THAT was scary. Haha.

    Starstruck: Oooh, I’d love that. But where to get costumes leh? I can’t make my own clothes. And renting is too expensive. And of course buying is even more expensive. :P

    Yuwen: Hahaha. Oic… that’s some great powers of recognitiion you have… after having been to that place once only.

    cowgoesmoo: Ok. But I can’t imagine what an armored ring is…

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    WAH! I likes!

    Five stars!!! :P Hearts. erm… yeah. :P

    Damn now that would be an interesting sight to see you more of in… Punk/GL Shey… *rubs chin*

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