Comedy in haunted hospital

Here’s taking a look behind the scenes of a segment in World of Laughs (搞笑至尊), the Jack Neo comedy variety programme showing 8pm on Monday nights.

Part of this segment was filmed at the old and allegedly haunted Changi General Hospital.

Every other person I know has a personal scary tale to tell about it, but it doesn’t look all that scary in the day.

Perhaps the colourful graffiti liberally sprayed on the walls serve as a foil to the gloom and doom of the crumbling rooms.

It’s a perfect setting for fight scenes in gangster movies.

Hui Ge wears a fake nose and a wig for his Jackie Chan spoof.

I don’t have many scenes in this show because it’s mostly about the men and their fighting.

So I wandered around to take photos of the graffiti.

And the giant ants. Which I think are the scariest things in the place.

Eek. Even looking at the picture gives me the creeps.

One of the actors advised us not to take any photographs in this place because, you never know, something unexpected might appear in the picture later.

Another actor said, “But what about the crew? They’re filming in here. They have cameras all over.”

“That’s their problem. Hahaha,” said the first actor.

And then everyone rolled around laughing.

But I didn’t want scary things to appear in my photographs, so I stopped taking so many pictures.

Final photo: JTeam artiste Andy Wong and me.

Working on this show was a barrel of laughs. I have not encountered such an amazing level of cohesion between cast and crew. Jokes fly fast and furious. Every minute was full of laughs as cast and crew make fun of one another mercilessly through light-hearted bantering.

It was my first time working on the World of Laughs set, so I didn’t know anyone, but it was very easy to feel right at home because every member of the cast and crew were so genuinely funny and personable.

One of the most enjoyable shoots I’ve ever done.

21 thoughts on “Comedy in haunted hospital

  1. Avatar

    I went there at night once… and was scared more by the guard dogs than anything unearthly…

    And then there were other groups of thrill seekers playing with their flashlights that kinda spoiled the spooky atmosphere.

  2. Avatar

    DK: Er…. don’t want. I scared. O_o Have you been there at night before?

    misha: Haha… will you dare to visit the hospital at night? :)

    vinyarb: Haha, is it? I guess that place is damn popular. Seems like a favourite hangout joint. But I still won’t go there at night, whether or not there are other groups of people around.

    Miss Loi: Eek… don’t make me imagine things! Haha. I didn’t even look at the picture that closely. :P

  3. Avatar

    Holy cow! Those ants are huge! I really hate to be the one to kena bite by one of these bugs.

    HuiGe with the nose does look a bit like Jacky Chan. LOL!

  4. Avatar

    I think they have the morphology of termites.. never seen this species of ants before. By their look of the mandibles, i think I do not want to be bitten by them lah.. yikes

  5. Avatar

    The ants…terrible. The nose…hilarious! Really does look a bit like him! Howcome you don’t have fighting scene, ah? Haih, hot chicks fighting is in the in thing now mah…

  6. Avatar

    misha: Haha, it’s ok, my dear *hugs*

    JayWalk: Yeah, they really make my hair stand. Hui Ge’s makeup was really quite good that day. His acting, too. Some moments, watching him, you could really see Jackie Chan!

    Starstruck: Termites, really? I’ve never seen a termite up close so I don’t know what they look like. But all kinds of bugs freak me out. Eeek. Hmm, I look mature in this photo? Maybe. lol, I dunno.

    chak: Yeah I believe they’re ants. What else could they be? Don’t remember if there were mosquitoes. Don’t think so. I didn’t get bitten. :P

    modchip: Haha… It’s really big huh?

    Kay: Heh, I know what you mean. I was like itching all over just processing the photo to be posted in here. lol.

    mervkwok: Hmm. Never heard of such a case. That’d be really freaky. I think they will just try their best to ignore it. Haha.

    Steffi: Uh, I don’t know. I only had one scene in the hospital, of me running away from baddies. Haha.

    HORNY ANG MOH: Yay, thanks for being a “person”! :D

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    Ah ok, I NEVER KNEW TERMITES COULD BE THIS BIG!! I always thought termites were those white little bugs that eat your furniture and you can hardly see them because they’re so tiny, that’s why your furniture will one day disappear without you ever knowing about it.

  8. Avatar

    Scary thing did appear at the last picture though. Look closely, you see some weird clown smiling at you ! Isn’t that scary than changi hospital ?

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