Wii Mario Party 8 for a party of eight

Morte and Wang Wang just bought a plasma TV so we all invited ourselves over to play Wii on their lovely new TV.

Nanny Wen made dumplings for our dinner. (Even though the Dumpling Festival is already over.) You can count on Nanny Wen to do stuff like that.

Quite appropriately, she wore her Little Miss Late t-shirt.

In reponse, I wore my Emily t-shirt.

We decided that it was damn cool, so we camwhored a good while before leaving for Morte’s place.

When we got there, the boys played Bleach on the Wii while the girls heated the dumplings.

The fruits of Nanny Wen’s 4.5-hour labour!

Wang Wang dug out her stylo teapot for us.

Nanny Wen’s dumplings rock! Yum! And then, it was time for Wii!

Mario Party 8 is currently THE best party game because up to eight players can play at one time. Provided, of course, that you actually have eight wiimotes.

We only have four wiimotes collectively, so we had to take turns.

[Edit: I got mixed up with another game. MP8 can only accomodate 4 players at a time. Thanks to Mince Pye for the correction!]

It’s a cute game!

But I’m not going to talk about it because I’ve put it on video.

We spent like three hours playing it because it’s a progressive competitive game that takes quite a while to get to the end, plus we had to do it twice so everyone got a chance to play. But it was so fun I wouldn’t have minded playing again.

But the boys wanted to play Project Gotham Racing 3 on the Xbox 360.

How could that be???

Super zzz.

After MP8, PGR3 is like watching water boil.

30 thoughts on “Wii Mario Party 8 for a party of eight

  1. Avatar

    Think I’d prefer Zelda. Assuming I don’t dislocate my shoulder swinging my “sword” about. lol

  2. Avatar

    ARGH! I was supposed to play Wii yesterday at my friend’s house but I was sick…:( CAN PLAY BLEACH?! YATTA! How many persons can play Bleach at one time?? Is it player vs player or players vs com?

  3. Avatar

    Atcherly, MP8 can only accomodate up to 4 players… the 8 player game that G-papa was talking about is that Bubble Trouble-like game…

  4. Avatar

    I don’t want to play but I want to eat bak chang!!! Goodness, I miss Spore bak chang so so much! The bak chang here is definitely not as yummy as Spore…..Counting down to pigging out at home!

  5. Avatar

    Yep, Wii is fun! I’m a little sad now coz only yesterday, the powersupply of my Wii shorted. I ordered a new one and I don’t know when it will come. :(

    I think I’m gonna buy that Mario Party when I pick-up my power supply. :D

  6. Avatar

    Love the Wii. Played the basic tennis game on it, and my shoulders and arms really ached more than after my usual (real life) tennis games. Felt damn loser, but it’s really fun and wii-listic.

  7. Avatar

    OMG! Mario Party 8 is out already?!?!?! I gotta get it!!!

    Mario Party was, is and will always be the ultimate party game!!!

  8. Avatar

    Derrick: I love Zelda too! But it’s anti-social lah… only one person can play at at time :(

    arachno: Hehe… did you suffer any sore arms? I did right after I got my Wii cos I played too much Wii Sports! What’s the flying game you got?

    desmond: Go get one, I think it’s really worth the money! ;)

    Stan: Aww…. uh… you got no friends who have the Wii?’

    Steffi: So sad! Hope you get another chance to play! Bleach can be played player vs player or player vs com.

    Mince Pye: Thanks. Well, wouldn’t MP8 be a riot to play with 8 players? Hehe.

    Monster: I can’t believe HK doesn’t have yummy bak chang. I thought they have yummy everything!

    modchip: Eeew.. not very reliable is it? I hope it doesn’t happen to mine! If you get MP8, play with more friends, it’s more fun that way~!

    Mother: Huh? My cheapass, badly shot and badly edited video as an advertisement? Haha I think Nintendo will laugh me out of the country.

    The Goonfather: Modchip doesn’t live in Singapore lah.

    Hobbes: Haha… how can that be? I bet real life tennis is more strenuous than Wii tennis. But I can’t tell cos I’ve never played rl tennis. I just imagine it would be tons worse than Wii tennis. O_o

    Wang Wang: Eh… you hardly played anything. The Mario Party mini games are not violent also.. lol

    darkelfin: Wen made 40, maybe she still has, why don’t you ask her? :P

    alvinaloy: Yeah, it’s out, go get it! ;)

  9. Avatar

    The Goonfather: “Ordered?? Can just go to the shop and grab 1 for like $20.”

    Yep, Wii accessories are hard to come by in my city, so I have to order from another city within my country. It cost me about 35 USD… But it’s all worth it. If it bugs down again, for sure I’ll buy another one. :D

  10. Avatar

    Qiaoyun: Got myself Blazing Angels, quite good especially the flying part using the Nunchuk or remote to fly.

  11. Avatar

    Modchip: Ohh… didnt know u are not local. Need 120v adapters? We have tons of them in SG, inside the rubbish bin. lol!! All of us have to buy a 220v adapter, thats why those 120v are going into the trash.

  12. Avatar

    Goonfather: Hehe, yeah, those 110v sucks. The one I ordered is a 220v one. It’s coming tomorrow. Even my DS has the 110v charger, gonna replace that too soon.

    BTW, I never had the chance to thank you for the Wii translation, well… thank you!

  13. Avatar

    Haha.. its looks so cool .. It looks funny on video too.. Haha.. Looking at you all having so much fun.. I am really envious.. Keep having fun.. But please take care.. Esp Wang Wang.. Don’t because you are so “in” the game that you injuried yourself and others.. Haha..

  14. Avatar

    arachno: Ahh… cool. I haven’t tried that. There are simply too many games to try! Too little time! Hehe.

    jeremy: Thanks for watching the video! Haha, sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time spending hours putting a video together if no one is gonna watch my lousy videos! :P

  15. Avatar

    Haha.. Your videos are entertaining.. Especially yr wii one.. Haha.. Do keep it up.. =) Rest assured. I will sure watch the video because I know.. Its ain’t easy doing one.. ;)

  16. Avatar

    Yeah, Wang Wang likes to injure others when playing Wii… instead of pointing the Wiimote at the screen (and sensor bar) to control her character, she’s using it to poke and hit me.

    No wonder she kept losing to me in Bleach.

  17. Avatar

    Haha.. Well.. Sometimes there is a need to “hit” and distract your opponents once in a while to steal a win.. Haha.. ;)

    Of course.. If you master the wii and concentrate enough.. You could always use the free hand to fend her “attacks” while the other hand attack her virtually.. ;)

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