When violence is fun

I love, love, love doing short films.

They’re most of the time experimental, usually intense and always very creative. You have to be very creative to tell a good story under 15 minutes.

I almost didn’t accept this particular job because of the script. It was a double-edged sword, actually. I love the script but my role is scary. It involves a lot of violence. And I was afraid I’d get hurt because I have a tendency to throw caution to the wind and neglect my own well-being when filming.

During a shoot, nothing is more important than performance. Injuries can be worried about later. Injuries can heal. Whatever’s captured on screen is forever. You get the picture.

But I decided to accept the role because:

  1. I wanted to be part of this amazing script.
  2. Two of my favourite actor buddies are in it.
  3. Louis (actor) wouldn’t stop raving about Josiah (director).

Josiah preps Louis for a shot:

I’m glad I accepted the role because the shoot was fun despite being very tiring (emotionally demanding) and a little painful (violent scenes). But such an exhilarating experience it gave me.

That’s Louis on picture left and Fish (mosaic-ed to keep the ladies from hyperventilating) on picture right. Looks like a horror film, huh? But it’s not.

To prove it, here’s a happy pose.

Notice how I’ve brightened up the picture to make it look even happier? I’m such a cheat, aren’t I?

Louis “plays cheat” by doing push-ups just before a take to induce panting.

Yes, showbiz is a cheating business. Then again, you probably already know by watching Making Of programmes.

And here’s me pretending again to be in a horror film.

I think I miss being in one. Horror films are so cool to make.

Here, the crew is setting up for the next shot, in which Louis throws me on the floor.

The person on the floor is supposed to be me but, at this moment, someone else is there to test the shot because I’m resting. (Being thrown on the floor is very hard work, you know.)

Actually, I lied. I wasn’t resting. I was busy being the (unofficial) set photographer.

It’s fun taking pictures of men in compromising positions.

The sad thing about short films is that… they’re short. All too soon, production ends and all you’re left with is a memory. A very sweet memory of a talented crew and talented co-actors who gave nothing but their best to bring a vision to life.

Unfortunately, Fish isn’t in this picture because he left early, the bastard.

But he’s a lovable bastard (so don’t kill me).

I’m gonna miss people (once again).

25 thoughts on “When violence is fun

  1. Avatar

    gone are the days when there would have been h*ll to pay for a remark like that….references made to one’s mother were not tolerated (ever), regardless whether in jest amongst friends or otherwise, and often resulted in swift physical retribution.
    a tiny part of me still holds on to those principles…of cos i wouldn’t go so far as to take a life… then again, there ARE worse things than death (i’ve noticed there’s a minor reading your blog, so i shall not go into details)

    if the above sounds like a threat….which it isn’t….then get a load of this:
    i SPECIFICALLY asked you NOT to, but you DID. wat were my words to you? use my picture if you have to, but “mask my face” and “dun mention my name”. which part did you not understand?

    Had you there for a second, din i?

    Eh, but damn malu lor…so many people read your blog…you post a picture with me half-naked in it while you 2 were fully clothed…and masking my torso makes it laggi cheezy…no help at all….wats wrong with cropping me off, the oversized violin would still be intact wat…..haiya! from now on any stranger giggle at me on the street first thing i have to ask is whether they read your blog….somemore you got so many readers…where to hide my face????? i better lay low for the time being……

    and my wife is SO going to kill me when she sees that last pic….”Why is that girl sitting on your lap? Part of the storyline is it?! And you look so happy for what????!!!!!” :P

  2. Avatar

    darkelfin: Yeah, I know, tons of guys queueing up to fulfil that fantasy. I’m sorry you won’t ever get to live that dream. =)

    SC: About 4 years.

    Fish: OMG essay. I don’t know what you’re malu about. I’m more worried about how to fend off my girl friends and readers who are going to ask me for your phone number. And what lap? I don’t see no lap in the picture. HELLO? :P

    uglyfatchick: Acting is a skill just like any other skill. I’m sure you also have skills people don’t have and they admire you for it!

  3. Avatar

    i always make it plenty clear that i’m MARRIED…and have a DAUGHTER who is, in her own words, “4 years old and a half”
    ( see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FUksjRV6yM )
    so i really doubt any ladies out there would want my number…i’m not worth the trouble :P

    my wife (there i go again) has sat on my laps enough times to know….how else would your shoulder manage to touch my chin…riddle me that???

  4. Avatar

    Fish: I’m sure your wife is not as petty as you make her out to be. :P If she was, she couldn’t be married to an actor.

    vinyarb: Haha… go for it!

    chak: Er… it’s a short film lah. Will not be shown anywhere. :P I always get the low profile jobs. Haha.

  5. Avatar

    It was damn fun n memorable loh! SHOIK MAN! U play cheat also loh…Jumping up n down to hav the panting effect! 1-1 :P

  6. Avatar

    Fish looks sexy… heh.

    Anyway thanks Qiao Yun, Fish and Louis for putting your faith in me. You guys (and a girl..) were awesome and it was so much fun having you on shoot!

    We screened the rushes in class today and the lecturers loved it… its looking good!! Yeaa!!!!

    Rock on…

    P.S: Louis… stop lying on men…

  7. Avatar

    i tried using face recognition on the (scary) picture of the 3 of us together at http://www.myheritage.com

    Here’s the best match:

    Louis- Nicholas Tze (58%), Matsumoto Jun (57%),
    Sheylara- Johnny Depp (83%),Mylene Farmer (75%)
    Fish- Michael Kiske (75%), Heidi Klum (72%)


  8. Avatar

    modchip: Yep, that’s the man himself! :)

    Goonfather: Oops! *runs away and hides*

    Derrick: Haha. I dunno, maybe I have a pathetic victim face. *sob*

    starmist: I dunno… maybe he was. But actors are all weird, so don’t mind him. :P

    Louis: Haha. Whatever works for the screen lah. Who cares what we do behind the scenes right? ;)

    Josiah: HAhahaha… I have a picture of Louis lying on you! ;) Anyway, thanks for a fun shoot! I can’t wait to see the finished product!!

    Fish: Right. I can so see the resemblance in me and Johnny Depp. Hahahaha. At least they never compare us to Freddy Krueger or something scary, considering the scary nature of our photo.

    Mince Pye: You tell me.

  9. Avatar

    Edric: Heh. I miss you too… and all the rest of them! But you know, I keep bumping into random Hole crew people in my other jobs? Cool. :P Waiting to bump into you only! ;) Our short film got technical/financial difficulties in post, so have to wait some more… :(

  10. Avatar

    Hey girl,

    Louis showed me your blog. Cool stuff. Heheh… I like the sinister look that you have with all the blood and stuff. Nice. I saw your fashion diary too… Interesting! Good to know you’re having fun shooting and stuff… See you around?

  11. Avatar

    Hi Kate! :) Great to hear from you. Your comment made me remember you commenting on my dressing that day at the audio post. Hehe. Maybe we should meet up for lunch again. With Louis this time? Haha. I told Louis he missed having lunch with us that day and he was, like, AIYAH. lololol.

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