Star treatment in Singapore?

In Singapore, actors (including A-list celebrities) don’t get star treatment like we hear about in Hollywood. Personal trailers, personal assistants, personal stylists, that sort of thing. If we want personal assistants, we have to employ them ourselves. If we want chairs to sit on at location shoots, we have to bring them ourselves.

So, let me illustrate what passes off as “star treatment” in Singapore.

This kid in the tree costume is our lead actress (for the kids’ drama I’m doing):

According to her, being a tree is very hard work and it’s too damn hot in there.

So, during a camera setup break, our sweet producer gave her some windy relief.

Yup. This is as much star treatment as you can get in Singapore.

Not only is star treatment a rarity, sometimes actors have to multi-task.

Here is a boy actor (one of the main characters), receiving instruction from the soundman on recording audio.

Because he has to be soundman for the coming scene!

Okay, I was kidding about that one. Our kids are not being tortured here. The soundman was actually very sweet to let the boy try out his job.

The kids on this drama are very happy kids, indeed, because although they are incorrigibly riotous, the crew takes care of them really well.

To be fair, kids can be really fun to work with… when they’re not being hyperactive.

11 thoughts on “Star treatment in Singapore?

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    Wind: Haha. We were all kids once, and pesky! :P

    Miss Loi: Um… no. I think I look funny. Haha.

    Clarissa: Hi sweetie! :) How did you find my blog?? I really enjoyed doing that particular void deck scene with you cos you’re a good actress! Hope to work with you again too! :)

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    I agree, kids sometimes can be a pain. Once, I had a project (photo shoot) for a poster. We needed kids as models… they were hard to manage and direct. :D

    Anyways, on the last pic, you look really gorgeous.

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    oic… you were on AADB the last time right? that time there was this free trial and i joined and i read everyone’s profile. i read your profile then i saw your website. :)

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    Child actors are hard to work with, but if you have a crew willing to get involved, it can be a pleasant and fun experience.

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