Squeezing for a group photo

On the last day of my Method acting class, people wanted to take a group photo. So I set my camera on a speaker and got everyone to get into position while I set the timer.

I said, “Mike’s in the right spot, everyone gather around him, please.”

Everyone gamely squeezed around Mike.

I said, “There’s lots of space, don’t have to squeeze together.”

Everyone continued squeezing, anyway.

And then someone suggested having the ladies seated in front so they didn’t have to squeeze as much, all the while I was trying to tell people that we could line all eight of us in a row without squeezing.

Haha. People never believe the photographer.

So, here’s the picture. I didn’t crop off the sides to show what I mean.

Well, I guess people just like to be close to one another. Can’t fault anyone for that!

I love my class. I wish it didn’t have to end.

14 thoughts on “Squeezing for a group photo

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    Wah!! Who is that girl, 2nd from the left? Damn chio lor!! How come you never ask me to give her a ride home when I go pick you up?? :P

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    Wor, Goonfather asked the same question I want to ask! :D

    Ruok seems to have the same idea as well, as he smiles sinisterly..

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    i do believe that ‘s the same Mike who got roped in last minute to do a role for a half-hr musical showcase of ESTHER at esplanade concourse some weeks back…i was the narrator for that play….small world huh?
    So i know all the guys in your class….worked with them b4…i know you…worked with you b4….STOP THE PRESS! Who’s that girl???? i wanna know too :P

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    The Goonfather: Because you always complain that when Makkuro has backseat passengers, he scrapes the ground. :P

    Mother: Eh? you want to ask me why I never ask you to give her a ride home? *scratch head* Haha, don’t pretend. I know you still like guys. :P I think you prefer to date Ruok than her. Wahahahaha.

    Fish: Hey, that’s really cool. Actually, our industry is super small lah. Nowadays, in every production I’m in, I’m SURE to meet at least one person I know, either in the cast or crew.

    uglyfatchick: Awww :( Yeah, I hate the missing feeling.

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    I was waiting for Nicole to email us so I can email everyone the pics in one shot lah. :P Why don’t you call her and ask her to send you pics? Cos she took tons of photos of everyone’s performance so I’m sure she has *ahem* much nicer photos. ;)

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    Nice pic!

    I guess people are pre-conditioned to “squeeze” up when taking group photos from young (remember those awkward class photos starting from primary school?).

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    Haha…this post brings back memories of an anecdote back in secondary school days…

    It was among the guys and we were discussing about taking class photos and what kind of last minute poses to “sabo” the shots. A few of the brothers were in NCC or NPCC(a uniformed grp) and they suggested taking the shots in formation style – lining up arm-width apart.

    Then one of the guys rebutted: Aiyo why apart like that, so stupid you all? Should gather close close to the girls, then can smell their perfume mah!

    The rest: Hahahaha….-___-

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    Wow! That chick 2nd from the right… nice! What is her name? I somewhat agree with the Goonfather and Mother. :D

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    Sicarii: Haha, that’s what I thought. It’s a really amusing phenomenon. I found myself doing that some time back, and then when I look at the photos, I think I look silly, squeezing into a friend’s space while there’s so much more space on the other side of me. After realising that one day, I stopped squeezing in photos thereafter. LOL.

    Stan: Hahahaa. That’s a good one. Your classmate is a natural comedian!

    modchip: Her name is Debbie Wong. She’s a model/actress/host. Yep, I agree with everyone. She’s totally beautiful! ;) I’ll post a bigger picture of her next time! ;)

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