Sexy pole dancers at DXO

I don’t have time today to do a full report on the DXO event, so here’s a teaser.

I managed to capture about two minutes of a pole dancing demonstration before my camera’s memory ran out. Haha that was gimped. Anyway, here’s the video:

If I didn’t hear the MC wrongly, the performance was by the dance studio Groove, which offers all kinds of cool dance classes. I’m not sure if the dancers were students or instructors. I think students, because there were some moments they seemed a little unpolished. But it was overall a rather sweet performance.

They could have had better costumes, though, because they looked like they were just wearing plain white bras and panties. But maybe guys like that. Hehe… I don’t know, you tell me.

27 thoughts on “Sexy pole dancers at DXO

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    Hmmm….. I think the white outfit was good, though I heard a lady behind me saying that they shouldn’t wear white. She said it just when 1 of the dancers was bending over and u can see the white shorts turning translucent and…………………….. Not there right? Then u missed out on it, and I will not say what it was. Muahahahahaaaaa…………………

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    they dance to slow music? i thought pole dancers dance to sexy music like Sexy Back or something. lol.

    maybe they are a different genre of pole dancers

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    Hmmm… That lady in the foreground looks rather fleshy. But I like!

    Anyway, does one really need to go to a school to learn pole dancing? That sounds so… so… so… PAP.

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    Slow-paced pole dancing. But not easy nonetheless. In the inverted position, must ‘kiap’ the pole tight enough not to slide down too fast. But also not too tight or else stuck high high up. kekeke…

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    The Goonfather: So you really enjoyed their white “costume”?

    JayWalk: Eh? Kong simi???

    modchip: What?

    Nanny Wen: I asked The Goonfather the same question, lol. And he said they DO have slow pole dancing in the states also.

    alvinaloy: Why not? Pole dancing is a dance form what. People go to a school to learn ballet, salsa, hip hop, etc, so why not pole dancing? Every dance has its rules and techniques so must learn properly mah.

    yuanz: lol… but some guys like them that way. like… alvinaloy. :P

    lancerlord: Yeah I think it looks really hard and you’ve got to have really strong muscles.

    chae.wan: Haha, sorry you didn’t like the dance!

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    i would get it if the slow music was sexy or something.

    but.. it wasn’t! it’s something i listen to when i’m sad. :(
    so their pole dancing made me very sad.

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    Pole dancing has never really done it for me, but they look quite polished… Maybe Singapore is finally opening up? (But then they wouldn’t allow Sir Ian to get naked for King Lear, so maybe not)

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    Nanny Wen: I thought the music made their dance look very sexy leh. Different tastes :P

    abraxis: Haha, I agree they have to practise more. But they didn’t put me to sleep. I was quite impressed with the performance.

    J: I think you’re the only person who thinks they’re polished. Singapore IS opening up, but everything got conditions one. haha.

    Fish: I think pole dancing is more sexy.

    Mother and Goonfather: You two are gross!~!!

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    JayWalk: I know Cirque du Soleil… but what has it to do with this video?

    starmist: Really? I want to watch! I like watching pole dancing. I think it’s sexy!

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    yeah, if it’s done nicely haha…
    whenever Linna from Bodytalks dance, i’ll stare open-mouthed at her. erm. not that i’m swinging that way.

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    starmist: haha, i know what you mean. i’ll probably stare open-mouthed too if they’re really as good as you say! ;)

    JayWalk: There’s only one problem with comparing them with Cirque du Soleil. CdS is a world-renowned class act and you have to pay damn a lot of money to watch them perform. Need I say more? lol.

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    These dance school are starting to pop up all over the US now. it’s starting to be the exercise trend here now. I have family members who have taken classes in pole dancing……..eeewwwwww!!!

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    I just realized that they are dancing to “In The Arms of am Angel”.

    Who pole dances to that?

    Modechip: You gotta see this stuff. It’s the crazy here. Women can go to any mall and pick up a home kit. It’s like an entire generation of pole dancers. What do you want to bet there will be a TV show here called “So You Want to be a Pole Dancer” in a few months??

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    For your info… pole dancers always wear little because then they have more skin contact with their pole. This is especially important when they have to hang on their pole or do invert stunts…. Not becoz guys like it… but of coz there are some guys who love to see pole dancers wearing as little as possible…

    I’m a pole dancer myself so i noe…

    Nanny: pole dance can be to almost any form of music… It’s up to the dancer to decide how to bring the right kind of taste out to those who are viewing the dance… Pole dancing is an art… It’s not entirely just sensuality…

    The dancers in the vidz are likely students… the choreography is great with full of nice sexy moves however… sadly they cannot bring out that flavour in their dance… they in fact look stiff… Perhaps they are either not used to perfoming to an audience or perhaps they are too shy… To me that’s a flop…

    Should watch Linna Tan dance on the pole… go search on youtube for jitterbug 5th birthday bash vid and u noe wad i meant… thats why she’s the pole-fessional…. =)

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