Pretty Nanny Wen is my new ambassador!

Nanny Wen strikes again with more of her cute nonsense.

We were having a 4-way MSN conversation when I got busy and went quiet for a while…

Wang Wang says:
     qy dear wat u doing
QY says:
     i am trying to memorise my monologue
Nanny Wen says:
     dun disturb QY
Nanny Wen says:
     hey hey!!
Nanny Wen says:
     i just nominate myself as ambassador of QY
Goonfather says:
     self nominate?
Goonfather says:
     not valid leh
QY says:
     yay! i got ambassador!! mwak my pretty ambassador!
Goonfather says:
Goonfather says:
     u just kena endorsed by QY
Goonfather says:
     Mei mei is now officially my QY’s ambassador
Wang Wang says:
     den den, wat is my role?!?
Nanny Wen says:
     u are pom pom girl

And that was that. So, pretty Nanny Wen is now officially my ambassador! She decided to kickstart her new job by running off to nominate me for some silly blog awards thingy.

I am now in the running for Best Celebrity Blog in Blogger’s Choice Awards. Hahahahahaha.

“Since when am I a celebrity blogger?” I asked Nanny Wen when she came running back to tell me what she had done.

“You don’t fit into any other categories leh,” she said.

“Thanks hor,” I said.

At this point of time, I have 5 votes (woohoo!), which is only 7,844 votes fewer than the leading nominee. Wow! I am so going to win this award!

Would you, my dear reader, like to help me out of this embarrassing status quo by voting for me?

According to Nuffnang statistics, I have an average of 330 unique blog readers a day. But Nuffnang doesn’t take into account feed readers and readers who disable ads, so, who knows, I could even have double that number of readers!

But let’s just be modest and put it at 300. Now, if all 300 of you were to VOTE FOR ME, I can get into the first page of ranking! I am currently on page 8. Eeek!

I don’t want to win, really. (Can’t even if I wanted to.) But I want to get into the first page! Will you help me? Please? I will post more pictures of pretty Wen. Haha.

Thank you for your support and readership! ;) And don’t forget to watch Incredible Tales tonight!

29 thoughts on “Pretty Nanny Wen is my new ambassador!

  1. Avatar

    NannyW: a fellow-embarassee! be thankful you neither got “Ma Sai Ke’d” nor were you topless :P

  2. Avatar

    Too bad can only vote once.. but can create multiple accounts!!!

    Seriously, i rather see topless guys muahahahahahaha..

    Fish, I recognized you from AXN Asia Macau!!!!

  3. Avatar

    You got my precious ONE vote!!

    I didn’t know it is so troublesome.. need to sign up, log in and blah blah blah… but but hor, you still have my vote…



  4. Avatar

    Ya ya! V troublesome… I agree!!!

    Wen.. u muz design banner and flags, we go charter a bus,den drive around singapore, swing the banner n flags and yell :

    “Vote for QY in the upcoming Blogger Award! For each vote, I (Wen) will give you a peck on your cheeks! Hurry, while stocks last!!!”


  5. Avatar

    Fish – lol, thanks for making feel better. but at least she censored your nekkid half body away eh …

    Wang2 – Charter a BUS? O_o You taking your pom pom girl job too seriously lahh.. =D

  6. Avatar

    Fish: which one is you? is that a new show in Singapore? AXN Macau Extreme?

    oh last check.. (haha, skiving at work now), QY has 10 Votes. Another 7,870 more to go… U can do it

    Have Faith


  7. Avatar

    NannyW: everyone needs some comforting now and then…even a “comforter” :P…why u hold the title of Nanny huh? i used to tink you must be an “auntie” type…skali turns out you’re this sweet young thang :P

    Wind: AXN Macau Xtreme has re-run’d at least once on AXN. its televised throughout asia, not just SG. if you’ve seen the excerpts i put up on youtube, then u can’t NOT know which one i am :P so mai tu liao, check it out lah :)

  8. Avatar

    Wen: Hide what lah? Got pretty face must show. QY ambassador perks is that you get to mess up my room and lose all my hair bands and hairclips without getting murdered by me. :P

    Fish: Haha… no worries, you can plug away. And thanks for the vote! And I don’t see what you have to be embarrassed about. You have a good body wat. Tsk tsk.

    Wang Wang: Er… ok, I try to persuade Fish to let me post his topless body photos? Hahaha.

    Wind: Thanks for taking the trouble, man. ;) Much appreciated!

    chak: Whee! 5 pages more to swim across! hahah.

  9. Avatar

    QY .. that’s not a perk ok! because i’m like a moving tornado. wherever i go, i mess up what’s within my radius mwahaha.

    Fish – Mince Pye and Goonfather says i’m auntie because i get high when “I Eat Cannibals” or “Dying Inside To Hold You” comes on.

  10. Avatar

    QY: dun thank me just yet…vote hasn’t been cast. :P thank you very much but it’s not about good or bad lah…i’m the conservative type u see…anyway, no point of me crying over spilt milk…might as well make the best of it…KIA WA LAI KWA, AH HRR BO CHENG SA!!! (come closer and see, ah fish no wear clothes) :P

    NannyW: there’s no school, like the old school

  11. Avatar

    Haha, ambassador got “diplomatic immunity”, so won’t get murdered by QY :p

    Hey, if got ambassador means must also have embassy, flag, etc. Let’s create an official “QY flag” and plant it in front of their car … like a real diplomatic vehicle!! Cool right?? :D

    Goonfather: no such person!

  12. Avatar

    Wen: Of course it’s a perk. You know how many people I’ve murdered already?

    Fish: Wah lau, you bluff my feelings. *sobs*

    Elyxia: Ack… no more rubbish on makkuro please. Makkuro just got pimped today… will do a blog about it soon, so watch out for it. :P

  13. Avatar

    There’s so many colours I want to try. But I’m scared of spoiling my eyes since I don’t wear contact lens in the first place. :P

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