Nanny Wen’s prank backfired (as usual)

Nanny Wen is always playing silly pranks, but they always backfire.

The other day, we were meeting the rest of our friends for a movie. I picked her up from her home, then we drove on to pick The Goonfather up from work.

While waiting for the Goonfather to come down from his office, Nanny Wen decided to hide on the floor of the backseat to surprise the Goonfather.

I said, “Oh yeah. He totally won’t be able to see you, like that.”

“Eeeeeee!” she yelped, “Hide me, hide me! Use your jacket!”

So I threw my windbreaker over her body.

“Can see me now? Can see me now???”

“Yes, I can see your head.”

“Cover meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

So I sat Mushroom on her head.

“Can see me now? Can see me now???”



“Yup, it’s perfect. The Goonfather is not going to notice a strange heap on his backseat.”

Then the Goonfather came. I got off the driver’s seat to let him take the wheel. Now, his habit is to toss his PSP on the backseat the moment he gets into the car.

He turned and looked at the backseat for two seconds, expressionless, and then he gently placed his PSP on top of the windbreaker covering Nanny Wen.

Nanny Wen was keeping very still and quiet at this moment. Her plan was to hide throughout the entire ride and then only spring out when we reach VivoCity to give the Goonfather a great big shock.

After placing his PSP, he turned back to the front and started to adjust the mirror and seat.

And then, he said to no one in particular, “Just make sure my PSP doesn’t fall off.”

With that, Nanny Wen burst out of the windbreaker, red-faced and giggling like there was no tomorrow.

“How come you know I’m there!!!!!” she shrieked, all the while laughing like a maniac.

“Got a funny pile on my backseat, who else could it be?”

“Booooooooo!” said Nanny Wen.

The Goonfather never falls for her silly pranks. But I’ll bet she’s already dreaming up the next prank.

Stay tuned!

16 thoughts on “Nanny Wen’s prank backfired (as usual)

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    haha… i’m surprised that Nanny Wen managed the squeeze into that area, knowing that the space for the backseat of the 8 is pretty small! With my passenger seat moved slightly back, my passengers sometime need quite a bit of adjustment just to get in……

    BTW, did you guys go for the road trip? i had to give it a miss… :(

  2. Avatar

    lol. I like the exchange.

    “Can see me now? Can see me now???”

    “Yes, I can see your head.”

    “Cover meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

    “Can see me now? Can see me now???”



    And it just took 1 sentence for the plan to fall apart. Maybe it’s time to get a different person to jump out from the backseat.

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    diuuuuuu….. considering the cram nature of the back of ah goon’s ride, she really siao on lor. hahahaa…

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    No offense, but I just realised that your friend looks like she is hiding from the police in one of her photos… lol… :))

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    Rykarx: No, we had to give the road trip a miss, too. Sad! :( I think the backseat is not that bad lah. So far all the feedback I get from people is that the back is quite comfortable.

    modchip: Heh.

    Alvin: Ehh…. don’t make it into something naughty. LOL.

    SC: Yeah… she’s totally lovable!

    Wang Wang: Haha… has Wen tried to play pranks on you before?

    cow: Yup, she’s my one big source of entertainment. lolol.

    darkelfin: Haha.. I know. I tried talking her out of it but she wouldn’t hear of it.

    Justyn: Yes, you included. LOL.

    Mother: Yeah! They give me lots of laughs all the time! Can die laughing from their nonsense, honestly.

    modchip: LOL! Poor Wen…

    Starmist: Hah, yeah. I think you all will be hearing a lot more about her. Will post more stories when they happen!

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    How come we haven’t heard much of Nannywen these days? I seem to remember her being a regular in your blog.

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