My blog got nominated in! Whee!

Hey, cool. I just realised my blog has been nominated for Most Entertaining Blog in the 1st Anniversary Blog Awards.

Most Entertaining Blog

Haha. Thanks, whoever nominated me.

Well, I’m not going to ask people to vote for me because my last experiment was a raging failure. I asked my supposedly hundreds of blog readers to kindly vote for me to bump me to the first page of ranking. But, to date, I have 13 votes. Yippee.

I understand it’s a pain having to register at the website in order to vote, so I’m not really complaining. It’s fine. But I sincerely thank all 13 of you who voted for me. I know who you are! ;)

Anyway, back to

I got to know about when I attended BlogOut 2007. It’s a nice site with a friendly growing community. I don’t really hang out there since I don’t really know them, but it’s great receiving a nomination, anyway.

Only members can vote, so, yes, you have to register in order to vote for me. So, don’t vote if you hate registering. Vote if you really find my blog entertaining and feel compelled to +1 me.

Click here to vote if you feel like it. Mine is the 4th blog in the Most Entertaining category.

Whether you vote or not is not important. What’s important is that I appreciate you reading my blog and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog because I like writing stuff for people.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! =)

18 thoughts on “My blog got nominated in! Whee!

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    uzyn: Well, I hope to. But I might have a shoot on that day, so I don’t want to commit myself until I know for sure. They’re taking a long time to work out the filming schedule. :(

    arachno, SC, yh: Thank you dears! You’re simply the best! :)

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