My actor friend in Mr Singapore

If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow night (TGIF!), why not mosey down to Velvet Dragon?

There’s a Mr Singapore pageant and my actor friend, Louis Fong, is a contestant. Hahahahaha.

It’s kinda hilarious having a friend who’s a Mr Singapore finalist, but I totally support him because he is such a great guy and the most dedicated actor I’ve met in person.

Louis getting into character at a camera rehearsal.

I’ve known Louis for only a year or so and our paths have crossed four times. Two shoots and two acting classes. If you count auditions, that’s five times. Well, Singapore entertainment is a very small industry.

Louis and me at our first shoot together. This was actually a prop photo.

In the time I’ve known him, he constantly amazes me with his determination to hone his craft and I’ve seen how he’s gotten better drastically since the first time I met him at an acting class.

There was this time he shaved his head just to audition for an NS recruit role in a short film. How’s that for dedication?

So, enough plugging. If you’re free, do go support Loius on my behalf. Members of the audience will be given stickers to stick on their favourite contestants, and I think the guy who gets the most stickers wins. Haha. Damn funny!

Event: Mr Singapore
Time: 9:30pm
Venue: Velvet Dragon (Merchant Road – previously Club Momo)
Entry: Free before 10:30pm (or is it 11pm?)
Age Limit: 18 years old and above
Vote For: Louis Fong, contestant no. 4

Topless Louis! Wheeeeee!

9 thoughts on “My actor friend in Mr Singapore

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    Imagine my surprise when the “stranger” who brutalised my “wife” in LEONG turned out to be my “son” in RICE BOWL a mere 7 days after and he’s a Mr Singapore contender to boot???? Who the h*ll is this guy???? :P

    Actually Louis told me and the crew about it during our shoot which wrapped just a few hours ago lah. I feel like going to support him (especially after i had to slap him around abit for a scene :P) but dunno if anybody else i know would be there? Skali his is the only friendly face i know there…all the way up on stage…i’ll feel very lonely leh. And wat will people tink of a lone guy, standing 1 corner, watching a bunch of guys parading in their trunks???

    btw, lucky you din show his frontal topless pix. or else you sure get flooded with requests for his number…and i dun mean his contestant #….:)

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    Fish: Hahahaha… you and him 有缘 lah. Come to think of it, me and him too. And me and you! Haha. Looking forward to our next shoot together! ;) So sorry (to you and to Louis) I couldn’t make it tonight!

    SC/modchip: Thank you both on behalf of Louis!

    Alvin: Eh… wasted, that time I never thought of taking his frontal nude shot. Hahaha. My mind is in the right place ok? Ahem.

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    come to think of it…you and me, both times i had to take my shirt off for you….louis and me, both times ended in violence ( though he did alot worse to me/us than i to him). the difference, our second time was a long time coming ( almost a year hor? )…while a mere week seperated my 2 times with louis :P

    i sure hope i won’t have to wait so long for our 3rd time :P

    as for the competition, louis din get any of the 3 “sub” titles..but there’s more to come in subsequent weeks leading up to the finals in early July…so there’s hope yet for our contender :)
    dangest thing was the organisers din give out the stickers for audience-voting to every patron…i din get any…so couldn’t go on stage and stick it to him :(

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    Hmmm…… I wonder if Steven Lim, in only his briefs and a toilet roll stuffed inside, took part in this contest……

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    GoonF: That’s a negative…i tink the last thing anyone wants to see is that guy in his trunks (again)…maybe he applied and kena rejected….maybe he has moved on to other things….better that way lah hor?

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    Fish: Haha. You’re too sexy lah. That’s why directors always asking you to strip. Looking forward to having you strip for me again! Wahahaha. ;)

    The Goonfather: I think he’s too busy “talent”-hunting nowadays to take part in competitions. Check out his “models” for hire in his website.

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