Meet Singapore’s only female drifter

Here’s another part of the DXO 2nd Anniversary celebration: Drift demos by members of Ris Culture. It was such a cool event that Channel NewsAsia was there to cover it.

The main interviewees of the day were Crist and Faith.

Faith is Crist’s wife and also the only woman drifter in Singapore. If anyone can set a man’s heart racing, it has to be a pretty female drifter!

These people are crazy. They burn the threads right off their tires and they leave permanent marks on the road. But, oh, how fun!

I was offered a ride by one of The Goonfather’s friend, who drives a Fairlady and just started drifting this year. (Which made The Goonfather super worried when I was in the car! Hahaha.) But, MAN, it was outrageously fun! Feels like you’re floating when the car is in a drifting state. Wheeeeee!

I also took some videos of the drift demos, so feast your eyes!

28 thoughts on “Meet Singapore’s only female drifter

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    I was disappointed…..when that last driver was taking off his helmet….I almost thought it was Goonfather!! I R SAD :(

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    singapore only female drifter . .. good good

    so .. when is ur turn .. to be the 2nd singapore female drifter ?

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    heh! Cant deny that Amanda’s drifting skill is improving. But i think that day she felt too tired and couldnt drift much. Even my hubby think so.

    and yup yup, hope to see you again at the next event. and then we can snap2 some peektures together.

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    but how come the CNA and NewPaper took such a long time to update the events eh? Boring siahh…

    Check out the Ris Culture website soon. Perhaps next week. They gonna update the latest and hot pics from both events. Cant wait!

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    pardon my ignorance…do all drifters bring their steering wheels with them or is she just especially attached to her’s? :P

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    Hey eveyone,

    thanks for everyone’s support for Sat and Sun, if not for ALL the drifters around, the show will not be possible. And, thanks Miss Muffet.. for ALL your effort to take those nice pictures and the write ups on behalf of Ris Culture….. yar Sat I was too tired, hopefully can do more drifts the next round! Any females who are keen to learn drifting, do feel free to contact me at 98460004 or you can go to for more information….

    Ris Culture

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    kriscell: Haha, yeah, really cool. I also want, but I don’t think I can… it takes a lot of skill to drift well. I can’t even drive well, haha.

    Mother: Hahaha…. fooled you for a minute cos they have the same “hairstyle”? :P

    SC: Hah… I don’t know. Maybe I will try if the Goonfather buys a drift car. His current car a bit hard to drift in.

    Steffi: Hehe! I had the same thought while watching Initial D. I thought the female racers were so cool!

    modchip: Yeah, she’s really hot! ;)

    Alvin: Hmm, I think the video would be too shaky to show you anything. Haha. Anyway, by the time I got to take a ride, my camera ran out of memory already. I really need to get more memory cards!

    n@tyler: Yeah I heard her say it’s takes a lot of strength to drift and her hands were tired that day. :P So CNA and TNP haven’t reported the events yet? Haha… wonder what they’re waiting for.

    Fish: Hahaha… no lah. That was because she share car with her hubby. If you watch the video, towards the end, her hubby removed the steering wheel while drifting (to show how he drifts without steering). After that, when it was her turn to use the car, she had to fix it back. lol.

    femaleDrifter: Hi hi! Erm… is your name Faith or Amanda? Do I need to change your name in my blog post? Anyway, thanks to you guys for organising the event. It was really cool! Hope to get to see more of your drifting in future, and maybe get a ride, too! ;)

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    i hate it when ppl can’t spell. wot the heck is a crist? why ppl like to give themselves funny names. :P

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    hey darkelfin,

    Crist without the “h” is still Chris, unless u don’t know how to pronounce it :) Miss Muffet is too smart t spell it wrongly… and its not funny.. its just personal… must thank Miss Muffet for spelling it right on the dote! :)

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    DF: Don’t be nasty *smack* :P Names evolve just like people and languages and everything else. There’s nothing wrong with having variations of the same name.

    Faith: I just saw the online article in TNP… no pictures :(

    For people who are interested, click here to read.

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    Hmm cool…

    Website (RisCulture) not working :S

    Anyone know where to really learn to drift in singapore?

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    faith , :D may i ask question. u still teaching ppl how to drift?
    nw i 17, nxt yr . i will taking a car license. i really want learn
    drift in singaporean btw :D reply a.s.a.p :D

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