Just pictures from today’s shoot

Super busy! Full day shoot today with a persistent headache that started the moment I woke up in the morning and refused to go away until after dinner.

So I’m not going to write anything interesting or entertaining or funny or controversial or whatever. Just going to post pictures from today’s shoot.

My teacher’s costume today is pretty cute. I like!

Time to do hair.

I don’t really like this hair. I feel very nerdy. But I guess it goes with the role.

Me and my main kids.

Reading to the class.

Cute Scotty being lazy.

Cute Benji being an imp.

Cute teacher being silly with a PSP.

P.E. teacher!

Eek, my face looks fat on screen.

Today was very tiring. And very hot. Another full day shoot tomorrow. Zzz… no energy to write anymore so, bye!

17 thoughts on “Just pictures from today’s shoot

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    Charles also in the cast of kids ah? was his mum on set? did she talk to you…she sure likes to talk…and talk….and talk….:P

    Coincidentally, i was at XXX3 today for a 2nd audition…hopefully can get the role and not like last time, called me back for 2nd audition but i still didn’t get to be your “boyfriend” :(

    btw, i got thru the first round L***T**D***M tonight. 2moro round2. Lets u and me both have a good day tomorrow. :)

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    Fish: Haha, yeah, have talked to Charles mum before. But she’s ok lah. Didn’t really get a chance to talk too much also cos I don’t have much free time in this shoot. You mean you got called back for SNAP? Anyway, good luck for LTD and XXX3!! ;)

    Monster: Haha, thanks! It’s just a stereotype, I think. I have a feeling that most real teachers don’t look like the typical stereotyped teacher they have in MediaCorp dramas, lol. Am I right?

    arachno: Hehe. Thanks. Dunno why lah, I just feel nerdy in it. :P

    starmist: Thank you babe. ;) But my face looks so round in TV close ups! lol.

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    Hi Qiaoyun:)

    that’s a winning smile in the first photo! Me thinks you look so much better when you smile with your teeth:P Also, you resemble a famous chinese/hong kong singer in that shot…but peiseh leh, i can’t recall her name liao. Tell u later k? :P

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    I agree with Stan, that first picture is a winner in my book. I love how your smile translated into the camera. So peaceful and serene, I can’t get the image of my mind. :D

    That shot in the last pic, you look so cute. :D

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    Stan: Thanks! When I have short, cropped hair, people say I look like Gigi Leung. When I have long, straight hair, people say I look like Kelly Chen. I wonder who I look like with my shoulder length hair now. :P

    SC: I will. Thanks for your concern! ;)

    Steffi: Haha… you want… your own?

    The Goonfather: As a matter of fact, YES I DO!!! Haha. I like long slim face. Like Liv Tyler. Tell me she’s not gorgeous!!

    modchip: Thank you. ;) Actually, I prefer my no-teeth smiley look. I find it really strange when people like pictures of me which I think are ugly! :P

    Mother: Aiyah… this one say before already wat. The boy is a Eurasian lah. Naturally brown hair! lol.

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    Thank you. ;) Actually, I prefer my no-teeth smiley look. I find it really strange when people like pictures of me which I think are ugly! :P

    Hmmmm… maybe different people, different tastes? But really, I was not joking when I posted that. :D

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    I know you meant what you said! I just feel it’s funny how different people have different tastes! It makes it very hard for me to choose photographs to send to casting places cos I never know what the person in charge likes. Hehe. :P

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