Ice cream heaven

The Goonfather just discovered the coolest ice cream place!

Okay, he didn’t discover it. A friend MSN’ed him the link and he took me and Nanny Wen to try it out the very night.

The place is called Ice Cream Chefs and it has a cute purple signboard. The moment we stepped in, we saw this guy “cooking” a blob of ice cream.

Hahaha. Interesting.

The idea of this place is to mix ice cream with your choice of fillings. It’s way better than Ben & Jerry’s because you get to create your own recipe, the fillings are fresh and the “chefs” mix ’em up so that every bite has an even spread of ice cream and filling. Coolness!

They have interesting flavours such as Nutella, Lychee, Peanut Butter, Horlicks and Granny Smith. There are 18 flavours in all but the sad thing is that they don’t carry all on any given day. Because the ice cream is homemade and handmade, they only serve maybe eight flavours a day. I can’t remember the exact number but it’s about there.

Anyway, the highlight of this place is the mix-ins. I was very attracted to the pretty jars with colourful yummies inside.

All my favourite snacks! Wow.

It was harder choosing a mix-in than choosing an ice cream flavour!

But I finally made my choice. Horlicks ice cream with rice krispies!

First, a lump of Horlicks ice cream was flattened on the, um, icy cooking thing (like a reverse temperature teppanyaki stove). And then rice krispies poured onto it.

The nice fellow making my ice cream even asked if I wanted more krispies. How sweet!

He also suggested that I add some Hersheys chocolate sauce to make it more yummy. It looks yummier already!

And then the mixing.

And… ta dah!


Smooth, creamy ice cream with just the right amount of sweetness and crispy crunchy rice krispies. I wish I’d ordered the large one. Hahaha.

The Goonfather loved his peanut butter ice cream with nutella spread. I prefered mine.

Nanny Wen chose Hersheys chocolate ice cream with marshmallows, which I thought was too sweet.

I think she also preferred mine, so she kept stealing from my cup!

See her scheming look?

The place has about three tables in it, so it can’t accomodate many people. But we were there at a weird hour (dinner time) so it was relatively empty and we enjoyed hanging out there for a while, stealing each other’s ice cream. We were also served water while the two (I think) owners chatted with us about the business of ice cream. I love the service!

We finished our ice cream all too soon but I’m definitely going back there again.

In case you’re interested, the address is 520 East Coast Road (Ocean Park – Besides St. Patricks School) #01-06. Here’s a cute little map from their blog.

26 thoughts on “Ice cream heaven

  1. Avatar

    Hmmm… “cooking” icecream? Weird.

    Those shots look delicious! So how was the texture of the ice cream?

  2. Avatar

    yeah she’s right, i loved hers more than mine.

    i think particularly because of the texture – crunchy bits seem to taste better than soft squishy ones.

    next time i’ll try rice krispies with chocolate.

  3. Avatar

    can’t rem when sg had this but this idea has been ard awhile. i first tried in at one of the hotels in jkt a few yrs back.

  4. Avatar

    Ice-kimo at Sin Ming is pretty nice for local flavours. The nutella blew though. Earl grey, jasmine & bandung were good.

  5. Avatar

    It’s got a similar concept to Cold Rock – An ice cream chain in oz that’s well loved and recognised for its array of mix-ins. Heard they’ve brought it to sg recently, with the first store located in Holland V. Do check it out! =)

  6. Avatar

    cowgoesmoo: I dunno. Damn busy now, hehe… :P How’s the queue at Donut Factory now that school holidays are over?

    modchip: To be honest, I was so impressed by the taste that I quite forgot to think much about the texture of the ice cream. But I think it was smooth and creamy enough, otherwise I wouldn’t have liked it! :P

    Nanny Wen: Next time I’m trying Vanilla Bean with Maltesers! Sounds yummy ah?? AHHH AHH When shall we go again??

    darkelfin: Nice or not?

    starmist: I don’t know. I don’t hang out at the bar every day so never read all the threads. :P

    SC: Umm… ice cream send to Hong Kong will become spoilt milkshake!

    Derrick: Cool. Got address?

    vinyarb: Hope you choose the right flavours and enjoy your ice cream! ;)

    yh: Nice, shall try when I’m around there!

    micque: Hmm… the last time I went to Holland V was maybe 3 months ago. Didn’t see any Cold Rock there. I only know there’s Haagen Dazs!

    Steffi: Yeah, horlicks is yummy! Have always liked it. :)

    chak: Hahaha. I will try.

  7. Avatar

    wait confirm den queue…
    haha…this week jc kids exam week, so after papers very free they’ll go queue 1.
    i see a blardy JC class outing to watch transformers today.
    annoying kids…

  8. Avatar

    QY> i think their exam ended today.
    anyway next thurs free? u ok with next thurs, den we go queue lor. =)
    me class on thurs end at 12.15, so can hop over go queue, den u come ard 12.30~1 and join in, though i got feeling queue time from then onwards at least 1~2 hrs. =D
    [hopefully not too many sch kids go queue too]

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