Golden Village customer service… bleah

On Monday night, I was at Golden Village VivoCity to watch Ocean’s Thirteen with my friends.

The Goonfather surprised me with these!

Super cute Mario mushroom bedroom slippers! I was surprised when he turned up with these after disappearing for 10 minutes.

But I wasn’t surprised when I left my present behind at the cinema. I had placed the paper bag under my seat and then forgot about it by the time the movie ended around midnight.

I only realised it when I got home.


So, the next day, I wanted to call GV VivoCity to ask if they have a Lost and Found service. Couldn’t find a phone number. There was only GV’s head office’s number, so I rang that. I kept getting some stupid machine instead of a person, so I emailed them to request for GV VC’s number, stating my problem.

By Wednesday evening, still no reply, so the Goonfather took me back to GV VC to find my lost bedroom slippers. We found the Lost and Found guy, who leafed through his book and made some calls. Five minutes later, he told us that nobody returned the slippers.

Gaaaah. Who would want to steal a pair of cheap pinky mushroom bedroom slippers??

I don’t blame GV for my loss since it was totally due to my own forgetfulness.

I’m just miffed that they didn’t reply my email, causing me to make a wasted trip there. It’s been 48 hours since I emailed them and still no reply! How hard is it to just email me a phone number?

It’s unfortunate that I can’t boycott GV because everyone loves GV. So, unless I want to watch movies alone, or totally stop watching movies at the cinema, I’ll have to continue giving them my money. Eeew.

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    Cathay got the worst locations. Going Cathay to watch movie, is really ONLY watching movies. there is nuttin else to do. Cineleisure has no good food, and nuttin much to see. The Cathay is like DEAD!, other than the cinema.

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    My condolences on the loss of your pink and bulbous footwear. To lessen the sting of handing over hard earned money to GV, consider getting Goonfather to sign up for SAFRA membership so that you pay only 8 dollars on fridays and weekends.

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    It is not surprising that Lost & Found don’t have the slippers.

    Some cleaning auntie is probably wearing them now as we speak.

    As for how difficult is it to email a phone number, it is very easy. The only problem is if there is anybody there at the GV receiving your email?

    For all you know, your email request is at the back of the 1,425,654,122,897,445 unread emails in the inbox.

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    Can’t really blame them about the loss.

    Though sometimes, I notice this bad practice with local establishments — they don’t call to update.

    If they can’t find it because nobody took it to the Lost-and-Found counter, at least have the courtesy to call within 24 hours to update the customer.

    At the end of the day, it’s just plain simple communication and accountability.

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    If you noticed, those who stood by the door holding the garbage bags in GV are youngsters. Probably temp job bah. So cute de slippers! They probably took it for their own use or give it to their GF liao!!

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    I also had a similar experience once at Tampines GV 8-9 years ago. I was at a midnight movie and I left my HP there. When I promptly went there immediately the next morning to find them, the staff was either displaying tremendous ignorance or nonchalance. Mind you, that was the time when a Nokia 3210 cost like $498 with a 2 yr plan. When the manager finally came out, he didn’t seem to be very happy to help me with my problem and only allowed me in after the service ended(apparently they rented out their theaters to Churches). If he was that sincere, he could have jolly well tried to find out who’s on duty that night or who was responsible for cleaning up. Afterall, we were the last ones to leave the cinema.
    I told myself never to go to GV Tampines again, but Alas, judging that my school was near there and whats a better place to go loiter around when you pon school? Trust me, you will end up gg back to GV again after you are less piffed.

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    lol. I’m such a cheapass bastard that I only watch movies on the plane. Only watched 1 movie in the cinemas thus far in the last year or 2.

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    acroamatic: Haha, actually I prefer GV myself. I dunno why. Maybe partly because like what Goonfather said, they are at better locations with more food and shopping options. But maybe mostly because they have the most show options available.

    modchip: What, the slippers? =P

    Hobbes: Hahahah bulbous. I love that. Anyway one of our friends have a Safra membership AND HSBC membership, both of which give discounts on tickets. So, that’s one reason why my friends are not going to boycott GV. lol. Thanks for your sympathies. Well, no biggie… I take it as a lesson learned. :P

    JayWalk: Yeah, it kinda sucks. Companies don’t read and reply emails these days!!! (Oops, actually sometimes I forget to reply emails too, haha)

    Kev: Er… no lah. It’s just a pair of bedroom slippers which cost $12. Plus it’s my own fault for losing it. So I think I’ll look stupid if I blow it up. lol.

    Sicarii: Yeah, problem with them is that they are uncontactable. They list a phone number on their website but they don’t pick up the damn phone. lol.

    nadnut: Yeah, my first thought was that some cleaning guy must have found it and decided to give it to his gf and pretended that he bought it for her. Grrrr…

    An: Yup, exactly what I thought. Well, I’ve only seen guys working at the cinema, doing the cleaning up after each show, so I’ll bet it’s some guy kept it for his gf.

    serene: So sorry to hear that. So you didn’t get your phone back in the end? The manager’s attitude really sucks. But I know what you mean about going back to patronise them again despite them being assholes. Most of the time, us consumers are at the mercy of big corporate players because they have a monopoly on certain kinds of services we seek as consumers. Sigh.

    Alvin: Haha. Sad lah. I hate watching movies in the plane. So many distractions, and they keep interrupting the movie to make their stupid inflight announcements.

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    The lost and found is the worst concept in the word. People are NOT going to turn in cool stuff if they find it. The slippers are very cool!

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    everyone loves gv? i think not. its just that everyone has no choice cause gv has more or less dominated the film market. stupid gv and their 3d movies. they suck.

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    yeah gv suck, not just about the long commercial before the show which viewers need to toil, now they have those ‘ATM’s which they can use to exploit those who doesn’t know how to use them: fyi those with credit card/member privileges or discount, you will now need to know how to use those machines in order to get your discount & privileges, oh btw these machines are often not too functional, they often have either insensitive card reader or some particular mode of discount gone due to technical fault, if anyday you want to happily watch a show and happen to hold that particular type of credit card which the machines can’t process, that’s it! suck thumb for you, no discount, totally sh!t!!! I rather go and watch at other theatres than getting sh!t like this from them!!!

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    and yes regarding their customer service, I got the same problem as well, I emailed them my feedback and all I got is just an empty auto reply, nothing else, don’t be fooled by its auto reply message: respond within five working days, you will just wait to an eternity!!!

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    and yes regarding their customer service, I got the same problem as well, I emailed them my feedback and all I got is just an empty auto reply, nothing else, don’t be fooled by its auto reply message: respond within five working days, you will just wait to an eternity!!!

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