Fashion Diary #8: Street Sweet

Day 8

Name of outfit: Street Sweet


Destination: Golden Village VivoCity (Yeah I know I go there a lot)

Notes: Nothing much to say about today’s outfit because it’s just something casual I threw on in a hurry because I was, well, in a hurry. No “legs” today. Hahaha.

9 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #8: Street Sweet

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    Ohhh Kawaiiiiiiii..naa….!! *becomes all big-eyed sparkling like Keitaro Urashima(from Love Hina) and nostrils inflates and twitches like Ippo(from Hajime no Ippo) and prances around on toes with hands clasped behind back*


    Stop laughing, I know I *look* idiotic.

    I’m already dying from your cuteness….~__~

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    Wooo… if this is done in a hurry I can’t image when you’re all dress up… O_O

    Without the legs it’s ok, it’s the complete package. :)

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    Stan: Hahaha. I love Love Hina! Cute cute anime! :) You raised very funny images in my mind! LOL. I love it when anime characters do the idiotic look when they tease each other!

    modchip: lol… that’s really weird lah.. to have someone missing my legs. Hahaha.

    Steffi: I’m sure you won’t!! But thanks! :P

    arachno: I don’t think I look very much different when I’m all dressed up, either. lol.

    SC: Muaks! :)

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