Fashion Diary #7: Miss Muffet

Day 7

Name of outfit: Miss Muffet


Destination: An audition

Notes: I don’t dress like that to go out, normally. It’s the blouse. I bought it for audition purposes and that’s what I wore it for today. I think it’s a really sweet blouse, but it’s not very me.

I had to look a bit more mature today, but I wanted to look cute and fun at the same time. So I threw in the short denim skirt to tone the maturity down. Well, I don’t know if the outfit worked but I seemed to have made an impression at the audition. ;)

14 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #7: Miss Muffet

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    Well Qiaoyun, looking fantastic as usual….but you already know what kind of comments will be heading your way….and towards your-you-know-where. Hahaha….!!

    Shall just sit back and enjoy the comments that follow.:P

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    I like the top…very sweet. Haha, I acted as Little Miss Muffet when I was 4 yrs old for the kindergarten’s concert…I don’t think my costume was as nice…:P

    Anyway, all the best!

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    Miccheng: I’m sorry but I don’t get you. What is superficial?

    cowgoesmoo: That thought did cross my mind. But I don’t have a knee length skirt leh. I look like kok in knee length skirts. Haha.

    Stan: lol, thanks. All these comments are a little disconcerting. I’m hoping for more comments on how nice my clothes are, can? lol.

    SC: Thank you. ;)

    modchip: Thanks!

    Steffi: I’m sure you looked very cute!!! Actually my outfit doesn’t really look like any Miss Muffet dress, so I dunno why I named it that. Haha. Maybe the ruffles just made me think of Little Miss Muffet. :P

    Derrick: Huh? =)

    Starmist: Thank you very much!!

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    QY> that’s what u think lah.
    do try on 1 next time when u go shop, and take a foto in the dressing room for review later on lor.
    No offence lah, but usually only *cough SHORT cough* gals look kok in long skirts.
    u tall enough wat.
    Besides i tot awhile ago u just acted as a teacher?
    cher cannot wear mini-skirts 1 leh.
    will be damn machiam GTQY, Great Teacher Qiao Yun.

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    cowcow: I have bought knee length skirts before lah. And tried on many in dressing rooms. But buy already end up not wearing cos I can’t find anything to wear with that doesn’t make me look nerdy. Haha. I’m still doing the teacher role. Yah lah, gotta wear long skirts in that show. Some look ok, some look …. eew.

    Miccheng: I see what you mean. But I think even if one can’t form an opinion on fashion, one can sometimes feel it intuitively. Like for instance, if I look at abstract art, I can’t tell if it’s good or bad or what it means, but it might evoke negative or positive vibes in me. Most of the time, when we people watch, we don’t really analyse their fashion anyway, we just know one thing: whether it looks good or not, and that’s what’s important, right? :P

    uglyfatchick: lol, thanks! My ruffles were meant to do exactly that, anyway, i.e., make me look old! :P

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