Fashion Diary #5: Party Kid

Day 5

Name of outfit: Party Kid


Destinations: Birthday party and dinner party

Notes: I was going to my two-year-old niece’s birthday party, so I wanted to wear my new heart-shaped hairclips (one pink, shown in picture, and another white, which I wore on the other side.) And I thought the hairclips would go well with my pinky flowery socks.

The rest of the outfit was thrown in to match those two items. Wanted to wear my white bubble-sleeved blouse but it’s still in the wash. The shorts and birkies were for comfort because I was going to be out all day/night attending parties and doing errands.

Public Reaction #1: You look like you’re going rollerblading.
Public Reaction #2: Wah… so sporty today!
Public Reaction #3: What is this? (Asked by the 2-year-old birthday girl, pointing at my socks.)

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