Fashion Diary #4: Strawberry Milk

Day 4

Name of outfit: Strawberry Milk


Destination: Velvet Dragon

Notes: First of all, the top is white, and not that deathly shade of blue-gray as it appears in the picture. You can thank my bad photography and photoshopping skills for that.

For the longest time, my wardrobe was dominated by blue. Now, it’s white (and a bit of pink). I’m in love with white. I decided recently that I like white more than blue now so my wardrobe is now 70% white.

Lastly, white with pink is totally yummy! I’m in love with white and pink. You can probably tell.

18 thoughts on “Fashion Diary #4: Strawberry Milk

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    since you like pink so much….then you’ll probably be able to “tahan” all the red around your abdomen tomorrow…hammer time!

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    Very cute! I like it! Sense of style is unparalleled.

    Hmmm… I wonder who is taking your photos… very lucky! :D

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    Wind: Er… don’t like that leh. Like this also can nose bleed? lol.

    Monster: Cool! It’s nice that you’ve remained loyal to pink all this while. You pinky monster! Haha.

    Fish: Excuse me. Pink and red are VERY different hor.

    SC: Awww, thanks! *blush* I think your daughter is the cute one! She’s adorable!

    modchip: I take my own photos lah. Nanny Wen helped me once, but most of the time, I just mount my camera on some boxes and turn on the self-timer! lol.

    Katzluva: Yeah, my favourite boots! I got them from Hong Kong a year ago. ;)

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    uglyfatchick: Thanks! :) I’d be happy to exchange pointers with you. I’m sure we have stuff to learn from each other!

    Derrick: Hello Kitty?? Erm…. as much as I like Hello Kitty, I’m not so sure about looking like her! lol.

    starmist: Thanks dear! Hehehe.

    modchip: Nothing to it lol. My self taken photos suck. :P Always underlit because I take in a dim dim room.

    uncle sha: Hahaha. Imagine going out with a whole group of girls all wearing pink. Would that last you the rest of your life? lol.

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    you look like an ah lian in this one. look much decent and better dressed, in the latest shoots.

    this looks so bugis street, (referring to the top!)

    just my heart-felt comments.

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    xiaomin: Haha, then maybe I’m an ah lian at heart. I love Bugis Street clothes! I’ve never bought anything from there, though. Most of the stuff in my fashion diary are from HK and KL, where stuff are cheaper. ;)

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