DXO 2nd Anniversary Party (The Goonfather pimps his ride)

Meet Makkuro Kurosuke.

I named the Goonfather’s car after the cute sooty dust bunnies invented by Hayao Miyazaki. These cuties can be seen in My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away.

We had racked our brains for weeks trying to come up with a nice name for the car when I jokingly suggested “makkuro kurosuke” because I have a makkuro dangly dangling on the rearview mirror. The name stuck and we started calling him Makkuro for short. (Makkuro’s a he and not a she because I think he looks cheeky, which reminds me of boys.)

Anyway, Makkuro looks like this right now.

Ahhhhhhhhh~~! Poor Makkuro.

He’s been pimped up for this coming Saturday’s DXO 2nd Anniversary party.

Part of the celebration involves a drift car convoy starting from Pasir Ris and culminating at DXO where a “top secret” drift car from Japan will be unveiled. Here’s more information about the party if you’re interested.

I’m more interested in talking about how Makkuro got pimped.

He was invited to be part of the 35-car convoy organised by RIS Culture, a drift car club, to celebrate DXO’s birthday. In exchange for free entry and free drinks, Makkuro has to wear sponsor logos for two weeks.

It hurts my eyes to look at him now because I think the colours of the sponsor logos clash and the decal placement is messy.

But some of the pimped cars actually look quite nice. A few cars out of the 35 have giant DXO decals on them.

Makkuro is jealous because he wants to be covered in DXO, too, but the people at the decal workshop gave him a windscreen DXO, instead.

The workshop people wear orange and use little pink hairdryers. Cute!

Makkuro is really charmed to be blown by a cutie pink hairdryer.

A Takumi (Initial D) wannabe is also part of the convoy.

Recognise the tofu shop sign? I like when Trueno owners put that sign on their cars. It’s funny and makes me smile.

I took a photo of myself with the cute tofu car in the background because the Goonfather is a lazy ass who hates taking photos for me.

We spent like two hours at the workshop waiting for Makkuro to finish getting pimped, so what else was there to do but take pictures?

Anyway, I hope the DXO party will be fun and worth two weeks of eyesoreness. There will be a drift performance event a day after the party but I can’t go because I have a shoot! Duh. I hate when bad timing happens.

16 thoughts on “DXO 2nd Anniversary Party (The Goonfather pimps his ride)

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    No offence but I don’t like any of the decals at all. Maciam like got space just put. Like what you said the colours clash and the placement is messy – looks like one of those ad boards. Prefer your RX8 ‘naked’ – tint all the glass for that VIP look :)

    At least the DXO logo looks much better on your windscreen compared to that Fairlady!

    Goonfather is a drifter?

  2. Avatar

    I wan to go to the party! Can we go can we go? ^_^

    Even though I dun like the decal placement but being invited to be part of the 35-car convoy is so cool! Juz ren ren a bit and have fun on that day! ^_^

  3. Avatar

    Miss Loi: Haha guess what, the Goonfather’s previous car was very heavily tinted. One day, we got stopped in JB by a traffic policeman and were “forced” to pay a RM50 fine. O_o To answer your second question, he used to be a drifter. Retired already. Haha.

    Wang Wang: I think you need to ask the Goonfather that, cos he’s the one who knows the arrangements. I just tag along only. :P

    Wen: Heh. I think he’ll get used to it soon. :P Poor US, having to be seen in it for two weeks! lol.

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    Like this we’ll have to wonder how those irritating MY protons constantly get away with their almost opaque windows and growling exhausts :(.

    My partner is very interested in drifting but the only occasions he ever ‘drifted’ was in computer games and another time when he nearly wrecked my car on a track. Haha.

  5. Avatar

    Miss Loi:

    They are MY cars. Need more explanation? ;)

    Just for reference, what car do you own? Not all cars can be drifted.

  6. Avatar


    Then MY cars are so fortunate, can get away in BOTH Sin and MY.

    My car? If you’ve seen my contact page it’s just a tame lil’ run-of-the-mill grocery-getter, nothing ‘fierce’ like yours lah.

    And thanks to my partner’s constant extolment on the virtues of stuffs like RWDs and LSDs, I’m sort of aware that not all cars are driftable :)

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    mr goon, why u let them do tat to ur ride. damn uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. =p on a sadder note, i came back tis wk frm biz trip to find my scratched! those bastards!!

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    Sigh! Just for 2 weeks. A promise is a promise. Cant wait to get rid of those ugly decals. When they first told me about the event, I was thinking they will decal my car up like some Fast and Furious look. A macho man with full body tatoo…. Now… It seems like a beaten loser with bandages. KNN! Anyway…. the decal company name is on the car….. so much to say about their designs!

    Who scratched your car? Go apply WD40 on the bastards rotors.

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    Hello there, That’s a nice AE86 replica there, if I may ask, Do you have an idea where they got those Fujiwara-Tofu shop sticker on that door of that Trueno in SG? was it at the same shop as posted? My friend is from SG. And I have been there as well. Thanks in advance!

  10. Avatar

    Hi Junnie,

    I’m not sure if the tofu shop sticker was gotten at the same shop, but I’m quite sure most decent decal garages in SG would be able to reproduce the sticker. It’s just a matter of getting the image and printing it out.

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