Cat on the shelf

Mr Cat, Mr Cat, why are you hanging out with the merchandise?

Do you like the feel of the cold, hard steel?

Or are you just trying to make a statement?

I wish I knew what you’re thinking.

Are you dreaming of tuna and parakeets?

Or are you dreaming of ways to bully the neighbourhood dog?

Mr Cat, but Mr Cat…

Why are you sleeping with the merchandise?

20 thoughts on “Cat on the shelf

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    Bee: Heh. :) Do they have cats like that in the US?

    JayWalk: lolol. That’s funny, should have thought of that!

    uncle sha: The Goonfather is gross. I think I like your idea better. Haha.

    cowcow: I don’t find the cat particularly cute.. just run of the mill street cats, but it’s cute because of its chosen sleeping spot. :P The owner told us he loves to sleep there.

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    cats dun need to be cute…though they are…cos they have “character”….

    if buy anything from that shop, better “suey ka cheng ki cheng ki -WASH CLEAN CLEAN”….

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    Compared to some cats I’ve seen, that one isn’t that fat…

    Although it certainly looks lazy. *heh*

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    nadnut: Haha… If you want I’ll give you the address of the shop and you can really go tickle its armpits! :P

    Fish: But cats are supposedly very clean right? So no need to scared lah. :P Not all cats are cute. Personally, I think only kittens are cute. When they’re grown, they just have character and are not cute anymore.

    SC: Ahah.. yeah, that cat has a bit of the Garfield attitude.

    Elyxia: Hmm… no idea. The store a bit rojak, lol.

    uglyfatchick: Uhm…. jump up, I would think. Cats are amazing acrobats.

    Mince Pye: Yeah, I know this cat ain’t fat enough for you and Ely’s liking. Hahaha.

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    i should know…i have a cat. i named him DUKE, after a wrestler called Duke “the dumpster” Drossi

    btw, me thinks Garfield is 1 butt ugly cat….only in a cartoon can you find 1 as ugly as that 1…if i were Jon, i’d abandon him, and Odie…those 2 deserve each other….

    fat cats die young. actually fat anything die young. so if you love your cat, put it on a diet…i did…..

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    Fish: Hmm, you think your cat is dirty ah? I think Garfield is cool and that HE should abandon Jon, not the other way round. Haha.

    uglyfatchick: Eh, what’s so scary about jumping animals? O_o Jumping creepy crawlies I can understand, lol.

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    my Dukester still ok lah…but knowing how they are, those “outdoor” cats can get into some really nasty places….

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    Well, not that we like fat cats, just that the fat ones tend to stick in one’s memory.

    Especially the King Fat Cat at Mas Ayu…

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