Banana tree spirit coming to your screen

Hello. Please camp your TV tomorrow night because Incredible Tales is starting a new season!

And I’m plugging IT because… I’m appearing in the first episode.

And it’s a must-watch because… got lovemaking scene!!

But not involving me. Haha. (Lucky for you.) I play the girl-next-door love interest of the man who makes love with the hawt, sexy banana tree spirit. How cool is that?

Okay, not very. But watch it anyway lah.

So, mark your memory. (No need to mark calendar, it’s like tomorrow.)

Incredible Tales Season 4 – The Banana Tree Spirit
Date: 7 June, 2007 (Thursday)
Time: 10 pm
Dial: MediaCorp Channel 5

Special thanks to Shelly (who just got a new baby, congratulations!) for alerting me a week ago to the fact that Incredible Tales trailers have started showing.

25 thoughts on “Banana tree spirit coming to your screen

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    are u going to be scary?

    because when i watched ur first incredible tales i got so scared of you i didnt dare to talk to you or look you in the eye -.-

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    Ok, 10pm, I will pull alfred together and watch tv, when you appear, I will yelled out “hey! that’s QY!” ^_^

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    DK: Hahaha… I wasn’t voluptuous enough to play the spirit, so I got picked to play the girl next door, lol.

    SC: I don’t think so. But I might try to YouTube some of my shows, so you can watch next time! :)

    modchip: Thank you!!

    Nanny Wen: For the record, I wasn’t scary even as a ghost lah. That episode was so totally unscary. :P

    Monster: Hehehe. no worries. I plan to be acting for as long as possible, so you’ll always have a chance to watch me! ;)

    Wnag Wang: Haha. I’m sure Alfred can recognise me himself! heheh!

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    QY .. that’s a good idea :) DO let me know when you will do it ok? So that I can go and see see :)

    Thank you in advance :)

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    Too bad i got a 7pm calltime tonight. Dun tink i can get back in time to catch you in action.

    so is this “hawt” thingy equivalent to a pontianak…living in trees and all?
    i pee’d on one during a camping trip up north in an earlier season of IT…the pontianak’s tree i mean :P

    this season (4) will see ‘my’ recently deceased ah kong come back and possess me…guess the producers felt sorri for passing me up during the other 2 seasons, so they tot to make-up for it by giving me 2 roles in 1 episode…yeah right! pay 1 fee, get 1 free….dang cheapskates….

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    Err.. that banana spirit dun even look sexy or hot leh.. she look more like a sexually deprived spirit lor.. ‘Come have a piece of me u wanker’ is writen all over her face hahaha!!!!

    I think u look better than her~

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    SC: Sure, I will post on my blog when I do. But not so soon… busy with other things! Hehe.

    Fish: Hey cool, you in IT4 too? Which episode? I read the wiki definition of pontianak, which says it’s a dead pregnant woman. Nothing to do with banana trees leh. But I dunno much about ghostly legends anyway.

    Wang Wang: Haha, you crazy woman.

    uglyfatchick: It’s ok, I don’t think you missed anything at all, honestly. :D

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    What a coincidence. I happened to catch last night’s episode but I only just discovered today that the “boss’s daughter” has been keeping a blog (thanks to Mr Caleb).

    My main objection to the episode was the bizarre portrayal of the (typically malay?) banana tree spirit as a white haired Chinese sexpot but oh well. 50% of the population couldn’t have minded. I think you did a great job with the limited screen time you had. Loved the way you propositioned the onscreen guy by offering to go into business with him. Romance, Chinese -money-face style :)

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    i also dun remember which ep already and i’ll probably miss it when it airs anyways…i’ve not seen most of the TV work i’ve done…but i guess its no big deal cos they’re nothing to brag about lah….murderer, molester, gangster, ah-beng, henchman…..:(

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    Hi QiaoYun,

    I found your website looking for information on the Incredible Tales episode! That was a fun episode wasn’t it? I managed to see it here in the US. Thank goodness for the internet! Best of luck in your career! I’ll be back in SG for Beauty World the musical! Come watch!!

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    Hobbes: Hello! :) So, are you cowboy’s friend or something? Thanks for your comments! Actually, that particular scene, propositioning a man, was rather hard for me to do because I can’t imagine myself doing that sort of thing. :P I also don’t know much about ghostly legends cos I hate listening to ghost stories. Didn’t know banana tree spirits are typically malay.

    Fish: Go check the website for the episode guide lah, then you can find out which episode you’re in.

    Dwayne: HI DWAYNE. OMG I’m so happy to hear from you. :) I kinda lost your contact info. It was a great pleasure working with you! Love your performance in the show! Hmm… how did you watch it in the US? Internet? Satellite? Where? Will try to catch Beauty World if I have the budget then. ;)

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    I watched the series,.. and really impressed with it… at first I thought it’s scary.. in the end, it’s ok… and about you, u r prettier than the banana spirit…

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    I think the banana tree spirit was way way more betta looking than u,i wonder why the guy choose to marry u….*all in reference to the espisode*

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    My kids were watching the repeat telecast of IT on Ch 5 and they were hiding their pale faces behind the cushions. Content was somewhat scary from their expression so I went online to surf what’s all about BTS and here I am. Caught a glimpse of you “lying sick” on the bed. Nothing much about this topic on the web though.

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