Whee! We got a Wii!

Today is show and tell day. It’s going to be lots of show and little tell because…

Iiiiiiiiiiit’s a Wii…..!


*big smile*

Apparently, the Goonfather had planned to buy me a Wii long ago. He was just being evil by buying his PS3 first. But who cares, I got my Wii! Wheee!

Look how cute it is!

He said it’s my birthday present, even though my birthday is almost three months away. Which is not fair, because then I won’t get anything on my birthday, will I?

Well, we’ll see about it when my birthday arrives. Hah.

Wii gloves!

It’s supposed to say “Wii” on the back of the gloves when you put ’em together, but you have to flip the photo around for it to work. Otherwise it’ll say “iiW”, instead.

[flipped photo]

Pink gloves! OMG OMG OMG. I have white and pink Wii gloves! Wii is soooooo cool I can’t get over it!

See how the gloves says “iiW” when you don’t flip the photo around?

But that smiley thing is cute, anyway.

Here’s me holding the Wii remote (called the Wiimote) and the Nunchuk, pretending to play.

Lastly, irrelevant random picture. The Goonfather bought me some pink candyfloss. I don’t know what for, since I don’t really eat that stuff. He’s weird.

Okay, and now I’m going to hibernate with my Wii until the year 2017. See ya!

Kidding. Probably gonna hibernate until 2008 only, the most.

27 thoughts on “Whee! We got a Wii!

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    Nintendo should seriously consider paying you for all the blatant advertising.

    Anyway, enjoy the good workout. Just strap on the wrist strap at all times unless you are in the generous mood to buy new tv, new lamp, new window, new wii-mote, new…….

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    /stabs shey

    I want my wii…. *sighs* And apologies for not commenting for so so long (I bet it’s been so long you can’t even remember me *sniffles*) congrats!!

    PS: Ding 70 Inquisitor/100AA on my EQ2 character. Cmon little miss fay! Bring it on!!! /shakefist Damned Queynosian/Felwith nutters… kicking me out of your city… :P

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    JayWalk: Haha… don’t I wish? lol. But then I doubt anyone’s gonna go running to buy a Wii just because they see these photos. :P

    Shell: Start saving up for one?

    Ruok: For what??? >_>

    KB: Wahahaha. After such a long time, you greet an old friend by stabbing her? Tsk tsk! :P Anyway ding gratz! Now go buy a Wii, don’t be passe! Kekekeke!

    FBC: I have, actually. lol.

    SC: Awwww. :) Yeah it’s so fun fun fun! :) *smiling like hell*

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    wii is fun :) try the wii sports under training-> bowling got one part u need to knock over 91 pins in one shot :)

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    Goonfather: Don’t bluff. You’ve been playing Wii more than PS3 since buying it. lol.

    Derrick: Haha. Flatterer!

    Chak: Wah, so many? Sounds like a scream! Too many games to play, I don’t have time to play all of them! Heh. But I did enjoy Wii Sports. Played Tennis and Baseball – made my arms hurt like hell the next day. lol.

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    Well, not for me. I’ve never been interested in console gaming and I never touched the PS or Xbox even when they were readily available for me to play. Wii is a totally different gaming experience altogether.

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    i hope you can say the same thing when your birthday come this year.

    I gave my Wii to my sister after one month of playing, i admite it was fun..
    not yet get PS3, but i am sure i will when FFXIII hit the store.

    I think NDSL is even more fun than Wii at the moment.
    But again, nintendo got all of those crazy ideas on good games, maybe latter they’ll have something to win my heart. who know.

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    Every console rocks, there’s no doubt about that, it just happens that the Wii had this unique feature that really sets it apart from its competitors.

    You really get a different experience when playing the Wii… so much fun.

    BTW, do you have a full translation of the Wii menu.. I mean including the other channels? I cannot read Japanese, but I have a Japanese Wii… (The only Wii available in my area).

    Nice job on the menu settings translation guide. :D

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    Sorry, we only have translations for the settings menu. Anyway I’ve been too busy playing the games to bother with the other menus. lol…

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    Thanks for replying… I hope you find time in the other parts too… I’ll be constantly checking this site, i ever. :D

    Ei, what’s your favorite Wii game of the moment?

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    You’re welcome! Thanks for leaving your comments in my blog!

    I really can’t say what’s my favourite game… I play different games depending on my mood, I guess. I have a few favourites, though: Trauma Centre, Raving Rabbits, Zelda, Wario.

    Too many games, too little time!

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    I agree! You can have em all, but you can’t play em all. :D

    Currently, I’m enjoying the Sports pack (that came with it), Paper Mario, Zelda, and Prince of Persia.

    Well anyways, happy gaming!

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    The wii is the best, i’ve just got Mario Kart and it awesome. I have just bought a wii fit as well, have not used it as yet as its the Japanese version and was wondering if anyone has instructions in english as i cant seem to find any on the net. If not would some one be kind enough to translate for me. There are already photo’s of the screen shots on the internet but no translation. Also no-one from the site replies to my emails.

    the photo’s are on http://www.flickr.com/photos/17671865@N00/sets/72057594094476468/

    Thanks in advance

  14. Avatar

    Hey Kev, I’m sorry but we can’t help you with your problem. We neither own a Wii now, nor do we know Japanese! But I hope you find your answers soon!

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