Welcome to Singapore. LOL

We are very amused.

Among Singaporeans at least, the tagline for Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End is undoubtedly “Welcome to Singapore”. I suppose it’s kind of nice because it puts Singapore yet again on the world map, but I fear this movie is only going to reinforce the misconception among some Westerners that Singapore is a republic of China.

Anyway, I don’t want to make the usual “OMG it’s such a wonderful show don’t miss it or you’re a goondu” kind of comments because everyone I know is already hyped up about it, anyway.

But I do have a few random other-thoughts.

  1. The first five minutes of the film made me cry because the soundtrack, cinematography and editing are that powerful. That alone is worth the price of Singapore’s exhorbitant movie tickets and popcorn. Moments like that make me want to make my own film because I want to affect audiences the same way.
  2. Everyone already knows part of the movie is set in early Singapore. When the film went there (you’ll know when you see red lanterns and Chinese junks), I was very disturbed. The film’s Singapore didn’t fit any image I ever had of Singapore. Perhaps because it appears too glamorous. I tried to remember my secondary school history lessons but still had a hard time reconciling the film with my vision of early Singapore. I thought it looked more like Hong Kong or China.

  3. Chow Yun Fat’s “Welcome to Singapore” was greeted with a small smattering of twitters and giggles and a few hearty laughs. Honestly, I kept hoping that he wouldn’t say it and that the trailers we’ve been watching were all fake. When he did say it, I rolled my eyes to myself in the dark.
  4. I hate to say this of one of the most respected veteran actors in all of history, but I think big brother Chow kind of overracted in this film. I mean, Pirates is a quite a fantastical film and most of the acting is over the top, but I think Zhou da ge went just a bit over and above the top, especially with the facial twitches.

    I say that because if anyone had done something like that in all the acting class I’ve attended over the past year, my teachers would have pounced on him mercilessly and asked him to stop acting (I mean not stop as in quit forever, but stop “acting” and be natural).

    But I have also learnt through personal experience that, most of the time, when you think an actor is bad, it’s not always his fault. Sometimes the director wants him to act a certain way. Just to let you know.

  5. There were so many twists and double-crossings in the three-hour film that my mind reeled. Didn’t help that I’ve forgotten most of what happened in part 1 and 2. But I still think the script is very, very clever and the dialogue is very, very witty. This is one of those movies that gets better with every sequel.
  6. Johnny Depp is god among all actors. He is so good that my awe-struck mind has yet to recover enough to provide me with apt words to describe just how good I think he is. I am totally, wretchedly, not worthy.
  7. Orlando Bloom sends my heart all aflutter.
  8. Four of the six people in my movie outing group fell asleep at various times during the film. What the fuck is wrong with them?!!
  9. I didn’t want the film to ever end. I hope there’s a fourth.

You know, I’ve never reviewed a movie in my blog. The reason being I hate doing it. I used to get paid for it so writing reviews is work. Well, this isn’t exactly a review, just random thoughts, so it’s a different. But, you know, I try not to talk about movies in my blog.

So I don’t know why I wrote this. I wasn’t planning to. I wasn’t even planning to blog because I have many pages of script to learn and a looming writing assignment deadline.

But here it is. You never know who’s controlling the mind and body you think you own.

26 thoughts on “Welcome to Singapore. LOL

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    I haven’t watched the show yet, but I already expected them portraying Singapore like china. But then, its still a movie. In the first place, there wasn’t even a pirate town to begin with. So I guess I’m quite fine with whatever way they make Singapore look like.

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    I did the review too and I used the same tag line haha! Not suprised by that coz it’s in the trailer!

    Yeah kinda disappointed it’s more like China it was suppose to be a fishing village or somesort more like peacful kampung people and I think this is a fantasy of the writers to potray Singapore as a pirate town! Huh?

    I got lost too somewhere in the movie coz there were so much twist and plots not recommeded to those who forgot about part 1 or 2 for me hehe :)

    Nice review didn’t know u work to write reviews for movies which is cool to me!

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    DK: Yeah, well, I still enjoyed the movie no matter what. :P Just weird to see a totally different Singapore than the country you’ve lived in all your life! :P

    Chenghao: Haha… cool picture with the caption! Personally, I enjoyed 2 better than 1 and 3 better than 2! So to me, they do get better and better! Maybe some people think 3 is too long, I dunno.

    Izarrudin: Haha, cool, I guess the tagline is really popular among Singaporeans. Thanks for your comments!

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    I tried not to sleep le!! but the crab part was too bright and glaring and I had to close my eyes several times until I am in dreamland~~

    1 lesson for me though – cuz the screen at gv vivo’s gv max are so big, best to sit in the middle or back row, tat way, can enjoy the movie and take it all in! front rows induces you to sleep!

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    I haven’t watched it yet, and I’m certainly looking forward to it. I’m 24, hence I’m not too familiar with Chow Yun Fatt’s earlier works. Of late I caught a few of his earlier shows on SCV, in which he was a young actor, and I understood why HK likes him so much. He has a nice wide smile, and was quite a hunk in his younger days. He has a kind of exuberance on screen. I definitely want to see more of his earlier works.

    I’m happy that he’s made it big in Hollywood, but he’s not really good when it comes to conveying serious emotions. His acting in Crouching Tiger was okay enough, but for Curse of the Golden Flower I found myself giggling at his exagerrated actions.

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    i haven’t watched it yet too.. heh.. can’t wait to watch it.. (and observe the twitches. ahem)
    lurve johnny depp! i think he’s a fabulous actor..

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    I’m not a movie-goer me…and one of the things that puts me off going to the movies is the giggling & laughing from the audience, especially when its not all that funny…worse yet, not funny at all. (to whoever reading this: Come on…you know you’re one of them…”)
    The more down-to-earth reason is….no dough to spare.
    Jonny Depp is definitely in my A-list….he was fanatastic as Ed Wood, the crossdressing B-movie director….
    Mr ‘Fatt’…best remembered as ‘Mak Kor’ or ‘Xiao Mah Ge’…, toothpick-crunching, trenchcoat wearing, ambidexterous gun fighter, goodguy of the badguys in A BETTER TOMORROW. Resurrected as his character’s twin brother in part 2…..
    It’s a crying shame…i tell ya…when people pay good hard cash to go to the movies and…FALL ASLEEP!

  8. Avatar


    well, it WAS 2.30am… little girl needs her beauty sleep right? Plus, I did wake up to catch up after a few minutes of snoozing what, hehe..

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    Depp’s into Method as well I hear *koff koff*

    Why does the “be natural” line sound so familiar … wait, its “be yourself” :P

    Anyway its true, for screen, we usually do what the directors want. If they want over-the-top, then that’s what they get. *shrug*

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    Wang Wang: Yah lah, I dunno which idiot would buy front row tickets when middle or back rows are still available. I always go for back row (or middle row in big cinemas) so you can catch all the action on the big screen more comfortably.

    shu: Haha, thanks for enlightening me on how Chow Yun Fat acted on COTGF. I haven’t watch that but now I’m curious to! But honestly, I have watched many of his HK movies and I do very much admire him in those.

    starmist: yeah! tell me your thoughts after you watch the show!

    SC: Woot! hope you enjoy it!

    Fish: LOL. Actually, I have fallen asleep in cinemas before. Sometimes the show is really bad and sometimes I’m just too tired… cannot help it. lol.

    Nanny Wen: WHO was the one who chose the movie’s time slot? Not me hor. :P Happy posting more comments~!

    Ruok: I think the Method is probably the best bet for creating the kind of weird characters that Johnny Depp plays. So, yeah, I hope one day I’ll have the chance to do something really creative like that!

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    It’s obviously a big budget firm, so the good soundtrack, editing and cinematography aren’t really a surprise, and in fact, are probably the only good things about the show.

    Unlike you, I felt that the script was very very bad. As individual one-liners, they worked very well, but as an entire script, it failed miserably. It had far too many embellishments and was entirely unfocused that there was no thrust to the storyline at all. Keira Knightley was a complete joke when she tried to portray some leadership as she is completely devoid of charisma and presence.

    But it’s a typical big budget Hollywood type of movie too in love with its big money and good looking actors and actresses to pay any attention to what is equally or if not most important to a movie, the script.

  12. Avatar

    Lucky for me and paul…. We smart enough to go dragonfly instead of falling asleep in the cinema… Muahahahaaaa……

  13. Avatar

    Harro: I wouldn’t mind if westerners thought we were all pirates. haha. the pirates in POTC are pretty cool. would be glamorous if we had a pirate lord in our midst! :P

    Shae: I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like the script. Well, since I forgot most of what happened in part 1 and 2 and kept getting lost by the plot, I concentrated on enjoying the one-liners and it worked well in my favour. I think Keira Knightley does have charisma but she’s not pretty at all angles so that’s a bit of a shame.

    Goonfather: …

  14. Avatar

    No, I missed it, sadly. :( Because all my friends are the kan chiong type… once the credits start rolling must leave liao! Sianz…

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    They made Singapore a glamorous pirates’ village, which never had happened in reality. Why didn’t the director just name it Hongkong! I guess they didn’t expect that this little effort for Singapore wouldn’t be appreciated by poreans.

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    Madly agree with Shae, that the script was terriblly done.
    The 1st part is the worst part, which showed loose or even no connection with subsequent happenings, followed by the part where Jack was alone mumbling to himself at the so-called end of the world.
    But I feel Elizabeth looks veli veli cantic when she is in the costume prepared by Shao Feng.

  17. Avatar

    Ethan: Haha… yeah, I think it would have been better to name it Hong Kong. But then again, I think during those days, Singapore was a more popular port, therefore attracted more pirates, so it’s at least a bit historically accurate?

    I think ang mohs look very cute in Chinese costumes. ;)

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    In fact, standing at a foreigner’s point of view, I feel that “welcome to Singapore” is indeed a credit to Singapore. We all know it’s just a fake story, so let’s put aside the history. It’s a miracle that Singapore developed from maybe a fishing village to an amazing modern city, for which, she deserves a fancy story.

  19. Avatar

    I take it from all the other women I know that you are a Jack lover? I mean, come on. What woman wouldn’t love him?

    As for the film not depicting Singapore correctly. I agree. It had more of a Hong Kong feel than a Singapore feel.

    And I also agree the music, the cinematography and the editing was very powerful and what makes these film so grand.

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