The joy of dressing up

I have created a brand new category in my blog for the sole, encompassing purpose of cam whoring myself to lure more trolls to my blog!

How cool am I?!

(No, I’m kidding. Really. Trolls, keep away. You’re stupid enough already, so don’t make yourself look even more stupid by wasting your time trolling blogs you don’t even like. lol.)

Anyway, my fashion philosophy has taken a drastic turn these days.

In the past, I advocated subtle, understated beauty. I tried to dress to look like I wasn’t trying at all. I wore tame looking clothes from socially approved fashion outlets. My philosophy was: People won’t give me a second look because I’m just another girl next door, but when they do look at me, they won’t think I’m ugly and unfashionable. I want to look good but I also make sure I blend in safely.

Well, I’m sick and tired of that. (And also sick and tired of being oppressed by the need for approval and conformity, forced upon us by our oppressive society.)

I remember once people-watching outside a shopping mall and thinking to myself, “Singaporeans dress so tamely and unimaginatively.” Out of 100 people, I saw maybe one person wearing something bold and exciting. I looked at myself, eew-ed at my own tame dressing, and kind of resolved to dress more creatively the next time.

But the next time never happened because I was always afraid. Afraid to stand out, afraid of disapproving stares. Sometimes it was because I was just plain lazy to dress up. Why go through all the trouble when you can just slap on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and be out of the house in five minutes flat? And sometimes I just plain didn’t have money to buy clothes.

No more of that, though, because it’s annoying the hell out of me to be so conscious of public opinion. Maybe I’m going through a phase, but it’s a fun phase and I’m so totally going to be vain and not apologise for it. I’m tired of denying myself in order to please society.

Today, my philosophy is: I’m going to wear what I want to wear, dammit.

And you’ll get to see me push boundaries in my Fashion Diary as I go on more cheap shopping trips, keeping in mind that I push boundaries not for the sake of pushing boundaries, but purely for the sake of buying and wearing clothes that appeal to me.

Aren’t you so very excited?

13 thoughts on “The joy of dressing up

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    My dearest Monster,

    You always look good no matter what you wear! I on the other hand have a little strange dress sense. My current thing now, I’m trying to hunt down a pair of rubber boots. I want to get Phuah Chu Kang’s boots!!!! But in funky prints…But evil Greyee looked at me and called me mad and so did my mother. She’s visiting with Joanne for the moment…But I don’t care!!! I will find my my pink rubber boots. And if you see them…Tell me!!! Tell me!!!!

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    I have this colleague who dresses differently from typical Singaporean women, but very tastefully. Since she’s in a different department, it’s always a pleasure to go on an internal course and find her there.

    It’s hard for me to describe in words the difference (mainly due to my limited vocabulary on female fashion) but I guess it was no surprise when she told me she’s running a kind of website selling hand-painted shoes, bags, T-shirts and lampshades as a hobby. You can check it out:

    Nope. It’s not my site (thanks for the compliment though). And neither am I receiving a cut for the advertisement ;)

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    Monster dearest: Oh, but I think pink rubber boots would be the cutest thing on earth!! Who cares what the guys or the parents think? Just wear them! You only have one life, and you’re only young once!! Right??? :) Will tell you if I ever see one of those, but so far, I have not. :P

    Alvin: Hehe… so does she wear her own shoes and tshirts and lampshades to work? lol. Her stuff is cool! But not the kind of thing I’m into these days.

    Wang Wang: I love your new hairstyle too. Kawaiiiii! mwak!

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    fashion is subjective … if you’re happy with a turban ard your head, etc, then go for it

    for me, still a student, cannot afford fashionista stuff for now la

    i’ll join u wearing a turban or sari when i in the work force soon site :-)

    go Qiaoyun! jiayouuu

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    Look at Superman and Batman. One wears his underwear outside and the other wears it on his head. There are people still worshipping them. In Singapore, 66.6% are the losers who conforms without a mind of their own.

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    Alvin: Hahaha. Don’t just sit up. Take photos too! :P

    Uncle Sha: Thankies! The clothes I wear all cheap cheap one lah. I also can’t afford high fashion stuff. :P

    Goonfather: …………. your analogy very the dot dot dot.

    Wang Wang: TY TY!

    Ruok: Hahahaha. What I wore today wasn’t goth. I’ll show you goth next time. Ok semi-goth, cos I can’t carry off the panda eyes look. lol.

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    Goonie, how u know batman n superman don’t wear double layer undies? one hidden inside, another hidden outside..

    maybe during fight, need duo protection cuz wait kena kuku or qiuqiu very pain one ^_^

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    I like the new look, suits you really well! I’ve always loved your dress sense (and you look good in almost everything, anyways :p)

    I’m trying out new stuff too but on a smaller extent – seeing that I need to be in “respectable office wear” 4 days a week :(
    (yes, excuses, excuses)

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