The actor who won’t listen

Something funny happened at my shoot today.

There was this part in a scene where the leading boy actor asks a bit player, “Uncle, how’s your hand?” (in reference to an earlier accident.)

And the uncle is supposed to hold up his hand, look at it and say, “Oh.”

For a few takes, the uncle looked at his hand and “oh-ed” before the boy even finished asking his question. (A pretty common mistake inexperienced actors make in their hurry to get their lines over and done with.)

So the director told him, “You must listen to the boy. Hear his words, then respond. Don’t just say your line without thinking.”

Uncle said ok, but he did the same mistake again.

So, director whispered something in boy’s ear and they redid the take.

This time, the boy said, “Uncle, how’s your leg?”

Uncle held up his hand and said, “Oh.”

Director said, “Cut!

“Why are you holding up your hand? You were asked about your leg.”

Uncle said, “I think the boy said wrongly. He’s supposed to ask about my hand.”

Director said, “I asked him to change his line because I want you to listen to his question before you respond. I’m going to change a body part with every take now. If he says leg, you touch your leg. If he says head, you touch your head. Ok?”

After that, the uncle finally responded at the right time to the right body part, although he took a few takes to get used to the idea that he had to listen before reacting.

Coolness. I love this director (incidentally the same director who made us do 40 takes of the same scene on Monday).

Okay, that’s all for today. Super tired after 12 hours of shoot and 2 hours of acting class (with only three hours’ sleep last night).

But I have photos.

Martin, the project manager, has been fiddling with my camera the past few shoots and he’s taken some cool shots. So I have appointed him official photographer for the duration of the shoot! Heheh.

9 thoughts on “The actor who won’t listen

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    hehehe good one!
    i was just reading your last post (most tiding, tedious shoot… ^^) and then i went back and you had wrotten a new one! :P
    i discovered your blog 10 minutes ago, looking for ‘brown eyes’ on google ^_^ pretty ones, your eyes! you are cool! n.n i’ll look for some of your films (will be hard cause i’m spanish and we don’t see much chinese films here – but i’ll try)
    so here you have a fan

  2. Avatar

    Nayra, thanks for reading! :) I’m happy to have a spanish supporter. How cool is that!! Well, I don’t think you’ll be able to find a film of me because I do mostly local stuff that don’t go anywhere. I’ll be posting videos in the future though… when I have more time. ;)

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    Ahhh… so you’re an actress… I though you were just a little cute girl gamer…

    Is there a possibility that your “movies” leak to nearby asian countries? I’m dying to watch one of them… :D

    BTW: I discovered your blog through searching for a Wii translation guide. Thanks for that.

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    People have issues with listening, isn’t it? We listen to what we want to hear, selective listening, that’s what it’s called. Or also known as selective deafness.

    Actually, looking at your pics, makes me a little schoolsick….I do miss teaching in Spore at times. I do miss teaching a class of kids that I can call them my own. Kids that I can build relationships with….But I guess, this is life, you can’t win it all….

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    modchip: Hmm… I don’t think so, because I don’t do many movies. They don’t do many movies in Singapore.

    Monster: Awww… you’re such a wonder. When I was filming in school, I kept wondering how primary teachers deal with nonstop loud noise from hundreds of screaming children every single day. How can you people not go crazy?? LOL.

    nadnut: Yeah! Cute kitty! :)

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